MBTI® Of Kingdom Hearts 3 Characters

The beautiful thing about video game characters it that each one is inherently unique. Much like people IRL, the characters in a video game must overcome challenges, survive with the fittest, make decisions, and preserve... The variable factor in all of that, however, is always their personalities. Will they fall to darkness? Will they sacrifice anything necessary to save the light? Will they remain loyal to their friends or betray their closest confidants?

Within these choices and their outcomes lies the trick to personality typing and believe it or not, every character from Kingdom Hearts fits into one.

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10 Sora As An ISFP

It's not difficult to believe that Sora could pass as an ISFP, or the 'Adventurer'. These personality types often live for the journey, as Sora does in every game. His ultimate goal is to save his friends' hearts, which eventually turns into saving the worlds from Xehanort (each version of him) but when it comes down to it, adventuring is his true calling. He can't walk away from a problem to conquer and his true sense of adventure-spirit is what calls his own heart to so many worlds in order to take on every challenge that lies in wait. His zest for life and fearlessness is what makes him everyone's favorite protag... along with his child-like innocence that he never truly loses.

9 Kairi As An INFP

Kairi is undoubtedly an INFP, otherwise known as the 'Mediator'. As one of the diplomatic profile types, she's prone to be far more peaceful and much more of an emotion-based personality type, which suits her well. These personality types are known for their kind-hearted intentions and truly altruistic nature, something that sets Kairi apart from many other characters. A common complaint about her character is that she's not the most useful of the mains, which is true -- then again, she does represent a softness that balances Sora's personality quite well, another thing that INFP are good at.

8 Riku As An ENTJ

Riku's strong personality -- which only grows in strength as the games progress -- matches well with the ENTJ personality type. Known as the 'Commander', an ENTJ will be known for taking charge and making paths where previously, there were only roadblocks. They're known for their willpower and determination, something that serious Riku has in spades. While he does dabble in the darkness a bit himself, he ultimately learns to control both the light and dark parts of him, thus turning him into a true keyblade wielder. It's only fair that he earns the title of an ENTJ, as his inner strength demands.

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7 Xehanort As An INTJ

Xehanort is a bit tougher to profile, especially since so many of him exist in several different timelines. Ultimately, he would likely coincide best with an INTJ, otherwise known as the 'Architect' (so apropos). Since there is no personality type that is inherently 'bad', we must focus on the traits Xehanort possesses without focusing on whether he uses them for positive or negative intentions. Architects are known for their willpower and determination to succeed, often becoming impatient or bored with those who don't understand their mission or can't keep up. They're natural-born success stories, usually achieving what it is they've set out to do... or, if nothing else, finding a solid plan B.

6 Mickey As An ENFJ

It's only fair that Mickey assumes a leadership role, as the keyblade wielders would not be able to save the worlds without him. While Sora and his friends are the true heroes, it's Mickey who stands in the front as their leader, guiding them every step of the way. It's because of these qualities that he earns the personality type of the 'Protagonist', one who is charismatic and exudes motivation. His inspirational speeches, ability to talk each character through what it is they need to face, and the attention he commands, an ENFJ personality type is the only thing that would suit him.

5 Donald As An ENTP

Everyone's least favorite main is undoubtedly Donald, who does nothing in the way of healing and becomes quite a headache after some time. It seems that Square Enix finally got it right in Kingdom Hearts III, but it doesn't change the fact that he's still rather annoying. Fortunately for him, 'annoying' does not fall under the attributes of an ENTP. The qualities that do, however, include intelligence, true thinkers, and, of course, a tendency to debate. It's said that someone who challenges a tried and true method of thought is the sign of someone with high intelligence, which would make sense... considering how many times he's constantly correcting Sora and Goofy.

4 Goofy As An ESFP

Speaking of which, we couldn't have a complete list without talking about this loveable guy. Goofy is pretty useful during gameplay, but he's also pretty smart in his own way. As an ESFP, or 'Entertainer', Goofy's intelligence isn't necessarily why everyone loves him. Rather, it's due to his ability to cheer up those around him. He gets Sora to smile more than once throughout the game and always manages to look at the bright side of every situation. This is a true quality of an ESFP, as they're naturally inclined to entertain and delight others.

3 Terra As An INFJ

Terra is an interesting character. He spends much of his time being controlled by Xehanort, which makes it that much tougher when trying to profile him. In all likelihood, Terra would probably fall under the rarest types of personalities: the INFJ. Also known as the 'Advocate', INFJs are always prone to do what is right, and they'll fight with everything they have for it. Their tendency to care so much for others (sometimes, too much) can leave them vulnerable and open, and they often need time to themselves to recharge and reset. This could easily be a Terra trait, as he often feels more than those around him and enjoys his alone time.

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2 Aqua As An ESFJ

While Aqua could also be viewed as a defender, it's more likely that her kind heart and strong desire to save others would make her an ESFJ, or 'Consul'. While she is a fighter and will never walk away from a chance to defend her friends, it's her drive to save the world that makes her more of an ESFJ. Her ability to easily connect with NPCs throughout the game only echoes the traits of an ESFJ, as these personality types tend to be naturally social, enabling them to help others without a second thought.

1 Ventus As An ENFP

Ventus is an easy one to match with a personality. His free-spirited nature and tremendous social presence easily make him an ENFP, otherwise known as the 'Campaigner'. These personality types are known for being easy to get along with while always maintaining their positive and willful nature. His ability to find the light in the darkness (quite literally) makes him a true ENFP, as he not only finds the light in his own life but becomes the light for those he loves, too.

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