MBTI® Of Animal Crossing Characters

The Animal Crossing villagers and characters all have unique personalities... which fit neatly into Myers-Briggs® categories.

Animal Crossing is one of gaming's favorite series of all time and the community needs something to get to through this game-less period, before the next incarnation of the game comes to the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Of course, replays are always an option (for any game), but there are some others ways to pass the time... like looking at the Myers-Briggs® test, which has become popular over the last few years. It is essentially a long and in-depth personality test with varying mileage of accuracy. Some people are super into it and others completely disregard it as a baseless waste of time. It is fun to listen to people talk about; they have even started assigning personality types to fictional characters. Whether you believe there is something to this whole MBTI thing or not, let's take a look at the types of the villagers in Animal Crossing.

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8 Tom Nook - ENTP

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Ah, Tom Nook; a character just as polarising within the Animal Crossing community as the Myers-Briggs® test is amongst psychologists. Tom Nook is a man who is out to make some bells and grow his business. He is a businessman who helps anyone out in their lowest moment... for a price.


Tom is honestly pretty reasonable (unless someone knocks on his door after closing time, which is just rude) and is not as bad as some folks say. He lets you pay off your loans whenever you want with no pressure. Do you see why he is probably an ENTP?

7 Blathers - INTP

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Blathers is a total INTP. INTPs seem daydreamy but are always buzzing with ideas. They rush to discuss their theories and ideas so fast that sometimes it is hard to keep up. When Balthers gets excited about his fossils or fish facts, he reveals his INTP side to the fullest as he bursts with energy and ideas. Being a museum curator is a perfect job for INTPs and Blathers does a wonderful job. It's a shame that he is on the clock 24 hours a day, but he doesn't seem to mind.

6 Celeste - INFP

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Of course, Celeste has a very similar personality type to her brother! Celeste's love and knowledge of constellations rivals Blathers' knowledge of fossils. The big difference between the two is Celeste's emotional capacity.


If you become friends with Celeste and call her adorable, she will call you cute if you are a girl and get flustered if you are a guy. Become a good enough friend with her and she will even reveal her little crush on Tom Nook, which is crazy. Celeste is such an INFP that it is almost too perfect.

5 Crazy Redd - ENTP

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Obviously, the skeevy businessman is that same personality type as Tom Nook. Crazy Redd is a less-than-trustworthy art dealer that sells forgeries for high profits. He's very much not to be trusted, and will also lie to customers, something Tom Nook would not do. It is fun to interact with Crazy Redd in his little tent or alley store but keep your wits and purse about you when you do. Tom Nook is looking real good in comparison to Crazy Redd now. If you fancy some cool fake art in your house, this guy is the go-to.

4 Isabelle - ESFJ

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As the Mayor's assistant, it totally makes sense that Isabelle is an ESFJ. It is easy to see that she is considered best girl by much of the Animal Crossing community, which makes sense as ESFJs are popular. ESFJs are kind and supportive, thriving off of their loved ones' success and happiness.


They are the cheerleaders and the quarterbacks, and Isabelle is always helping you and cheering you on as a player. ESFJs are also practical and fashionable, and Isabelle absolutely ticks both of those boxes.

3 KK Slider - ESTP

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ESTPs are all about being the center of attention and making their dreams happen; KK Slider absolutely did this with his career. No matter what, you never see KK Slider alone anymore. He went out and made a career in entertainment and is never seen without his guitar and a gaggle of fans around him - the perfect match for any ESTP. He is a chill guy who just wants to play his music and live in the moment; total ESTP vibes. KK Slider is a popular musician but did not let that get to him at all. He still just wants to play.

2 Pavé - ENTP

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Pavé is an absolutely fabulous peacock who appears during Festivale and demands candy in exchange for Pavé furniture. This guy loves being the center of attention and does not care to conform - 'there is no right or wrong... there is only Pavé' is one of his most iconic lines.


There is a fair argument for Pavé being an ESTP like KK Slider, but he leans a little more toward ENTP. He's more concerned with being unique, and with keeping the spotlight on him (even without a specific talent to keep it there). Do you feel the same way? Pavé is a wonderful additional special character in the series and he shouldn't change.

1 Villager - ENFP

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Yes, it's time to analyse you! Just kidding, this is Villager as a character's personality. ENFPs are campaigners who love to revel in the emotional connections they make with others. They are independent, compassionate, and creative, ready to connect with others. What is the biggest reason people keep playing Animal Crossing? They like talking to the other villagers and helping them out every day. Animal Crossing does a great job of making the player connect with their town and even enjoying doing 'chores' that are actually fun to do. People often even have some favourite villagers that they become BFFs with.


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