Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Detroit: Become Human Characters

I watched a ‘Let’s Play’ of Detroit: Become Human on YouTube for an hour and was instantly hooked and knew I had to buy it. The game is so ridiculously good; the characters are well thought-out, your moral choices actually matter, and the story has a million different paths and endings that make the experience unique for each player.

Oh, and there’s also a pretty adorable dog. Important.

Although many of the characters are man-created androids, even of them still presents a unique personality that means we can definitely pinpoint their Myers-Briggs® types. Let us know if you match any of these characters!

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8 Connor: INTP, The Logician

Connor seems like a villain at the start of the series. An android created to hunt down other rogue androids and ensure everyone is in line, he seems ruthless and as if he has no emotion at all. And you can go down that route with him, if you choose to keep him in that void of truly believing he’s doing the right thing.

But in my opinion, the more interesting path is when he deviates, when he craves enough knowledge and truth to find out that androids may have feelings and that what he’s doing is wrong. Overall, he seems like an INTP—someone who craves knowledge, and is willing to adjust their beliefs when they have enough of it.

7 Markus: INFJ, The Advocate

Markus is a very interesting character because he ends up being… pretty much the savior of androids even though he doesn’t want to be. He starts out owned by an artist and seems quiet and unremarkable, but when he’s put into a position when he ends up in the android scrapyard and manages to escape, people come to him looking for a rebellion leader—and he fits the part, even though he’s not super enthusiastic about doing it.

He’s an idealist, he’s an INFJ. He wants the best for androids and hates the idea that the world will never have equal rights between them and humans. He refuses to give up on his dreams.

6 Kara: INFP, The Mediator

Kara is another privately owned android, but she’s owned by a guy and his daughter, Alice. The guy abuses his daughter after his wife seems to have left him and Kara can’t stand by and watch this for too long, even though she’s putting herself at risk by intervening. She runs off with Alice, trying to make it to Canada where they could both live in peace and she could look after the young girl.

She’s clearly an INFP - she saw Alice in trouble and couldn’t resist helping. She’s an altruist, who was unable to just run off and leave when she saw a little girl being abused. I’ll be honest - I didn’t get the best ending for Kara, and I cried. Hard.

5 Hank: ISTP, The Virtuoso

Hank is a detective who’s assigned to work with Connor and oh boy, is he unhappy about it. Hank doesn’t particularly like the androids due to an incident with his son that he keeps alluding to throughout the story. He’s private, resentful that he has to share any information with Connor; he’s stubborn and insensitive; he seems to dislike commitment. But he’s also great under pressure and seems to be a genuinely together person (aside from the, uh, alcohol issues), and all of this makes him a classic ISTP.

His and Connor’s budding friendship is one of the best aspects of the entire game, to be honest. He also has an amazing dog, Sumo, who deserves all the pets.

4 Amanda: ENTJ, The Commander

Amanda is another android - or well, she exists in some virtual universe. It’s actually unclear if she has her own corporeal body. But she’s Connor’s handler, and the one he reports to. And oh boy, is she frightening.

She gets annoyed when Connor asks her questions. She’s responsible for investigating deviancy and doesn’t seem to have the time or patience for any of Connor’s doubts (if you take him down the path of having them). She’s someone who’s focused on her goal, who is happy being in charge of Connor and probably others, and for all of those reasons, she makes a pretty great ENTJ.

3 Elijah: INTJ, The Architect

We meet Elijah when Connor and Hank go to interview him about the deviancy. Elijah Kamski is the inventor of androids, but he resigned from the position of CEO of CyberLife before the beginning of the game. The fact he’s a very private person who’s hard to contact is the first clue about his personality, and provides us with the first letter of his type - he’s an introvert, obviously.

After meeting him, INTJ seems obvious. He thinks hard and deep about things, considering every possibility, and is clearly very intelligent. He’s very careful about both sides of the conflict and seems unsure of which to join, weighing up his options. He is definitely not fuelled by emotion.

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2 Luther: ISFJ, The Defender

Luther was an android serving as Zlatko’s personal assistant, mostly used as his muscle. Zlatko was not a nice guy and, upon meeting Luther, it’s easy to think the same about him; he seems to be obeying his master without question, even when the whims of said master are… pretty horrific. This game goes pretty hard on villains.

But eventually, he helps Kara and Alice escape when they’re unfortunate enough to end up in Zlatko’s home, and he joins them on their journey. He seems much more dedicated to protecting them than he was Zlatko since he actually believes in their case, and this makes him an ISFJ - the defender.

1 Chloe: ENFP, The Campaigner

Chloe is the first android we meet in the game and is therefore worth typing, hard as it is to do so. She appears in the game’s menu and settings to guide the player through and provide an almost-tutorial on how to play. She can also ask the player to take a short survey about the game and is, generally, the most familiar close-up face.

We also actually meet her in-game when visiting Elijah, as she is with him—as sociable and eager to please as ever.

Although I would have liked to get to know her more, she seems to be an ENFP from what we do know.

What do you think of these types? Can androids even be typed?

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