The 20 Worst Disney McDonald's Toys (And 10 That Are Worth A Fortune)

Disney toys being placed in the ever-classic McDonald's’ Happy Meals seems nothing short of a dream come true for your younger child. Even as an adult with a knack for collecting items that may one day be extremely valuable, you might be jumping up and down by the idea of starting a new collection. We totally get it; there’s something appealing and exciting when you have no idea what you’re going to get. That’s part of the surprise element McDonald's has utilized in its children’s meals for years now. Plus, that feeling you get when you’ve finally received the toy you needed to complete your collection? Utter bliss.

However, not every McDonald's toy is a treasure. Unfortunately, there are plenty of series the fast food restaurant made that clearly flopped, especially when it came to some of their Disney brands. These toys had a lot of issues, most of which can be attributed to poor quality or lack of detail. It often resulted in some of these products looking anywhere between strange and outright creepy. Thankfully, there are still some McDonald's series that left us with the happily ever after we’ve always dreamed of; an aging product that’s accumulated worth over time. If you still have your toy box full of these small collectibles, we highly suggest you start digging through it and take a look at what their value may be today! We’ve found some of the Disney McDonald's toys that have flopped horribly and others that may be worth a small fortune!

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This Alice in Wonderland doll was simply awful! While it isn’t entirely unheard of for McDonald's to have really bland designs for their toys, this one just seems to take the cake. I mean, what even is this hairstyle?

Alice was never one to wear very flashy clothes, but it looks like she couldn’t even be bothered with her hair today. Was it really that hard to make it lay a little more naturally? She looks like Jesse from Pokémon with this look. It’s pretty unfortunate to see her like this.


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These movies have always been an adorable classic, so it’s no wonder that it’s being sold today as a very expensive toy. There really isn’t anything special about the toys themselves; just like with any other McDonald’s specialty, there looks to be minimum effort into their production.

The value lies in nostalgia and love for the movie alone. Individually sold and open, it’s no surprising to find one of these toys going for cheap. However, if you have a complete set that’s still sealed, you could easily make a $100.


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Everyone loves The Lion King as a brand, but the second movie didn’t seem to do quite as hot. This didn’t stop McDonald's from making a series of plushies that you could easily collect with the purchase of any happy meal. Maybe the child in us can find the appeal?

Any stuffed animal can be considered cute, in its own way, but these little guys didn’t seem to print very well when it came to their faces. Despite having little value at the moment, the new movie may be able to bring up their price!


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The Hunchback of Notre Dame is certainly one of the freakier Disney movies to ever hit the screen and claim itself a children’s movie. However, it still holds value as a classic, and that doesn’t seem to diminish in its fast food form either.

While plenty of people sell the individual, opened figures for a dirt-cheap price, if you have the entire showcase display, it can cost close to $300! That’s pretty incredible, but it does make sense considering how rare it is to own it in the first place.


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It would normally be pretty impossible to find Mickey Mouse creepy. The cute and lovable cartoon mouse has always been a fan favorite, and his friends always follow right behind in fan appreciation. Unfortunately, this looks like a horrible party that no one really wanted to go to.

That being said, it’s very clear that McDonald's didn’t do them justice in this particular series. While there have been plenty of other great Happy Meal toys that include the famous mouse, this just doesn’t seem to be one of them; the outfits are strange and the facial expressions seem even stranger.


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As you can imagine, 100 years of Disney is a lot of characters to go through, so McDonald's had quite a few interesting toys to hand out. Surprisingly, these are some of the nicest McDonald's toys we’ve ever seen, Disney related or not.

It’s no wonder why these would be going for so much. Even if you only had a handful of opened figures, you could easily sell it for a quick $30 bucks. Selling the complete set can go for over $400!


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Marvel did have their own McDonald's’ toy at one point, and since they’re owned by Disney it’s only fair to include it. What’s not fair is just how bad these designs came out in the end. Of course, McDonald's’ toys don’t exactly have to be all that exciting, but these certainly seem blander than usual.

Seriously, are these guys really trying to look like our heroes? Especially when you consider the Human Torch looks like he’s just literally just a red blob. Certainly, this isn’t their best work, but at least Spider-Man and Captain America turned out okay!


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We can’t have a Disney themed list without bringing up Star Wars every once and a while. While its McDonald's’ toy isn’t extremely expensive, an easy $30 bucks has never gone unappreciated, has it? O course, if there aren’t many sales listed, you could probably sell a sealed complete series for a little extra cash.

Mint condition figures are always much more valuable, after all! While the Clone Wars animated wasn’t nearly as popular as the original movies, dedicated fans will always love the merchandise this franchise comes out with.


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Look, we know everyone was really looking forward to the second movie, but you have to admit that the McDonald's’ toys that came out with it wasn’t exactly the best. It looks like the larger Jack-Jack toy came out relatively adorable, but everything else was a little strange looking to say the least.

Particularly in the faces, it looks like the paint didn’t really match up to create a feel that matches the movie’s art style. Also, Mr. Incredible’s and Elastigirl both seem to have strange poses.


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When you think of high-end McDonald's’ toys, it’s a little hard to really pick a specific set that comes to mind; very rarely do these toys look like quality playthings. However, Madame Alexander has always had incredibly gorgeous toys, no matter what fast food restaurant they might be sold at.

Some of the single, sealed toys can go for over $500 on their own! It’s pretty incredible, considering that there are plenty of complete sets that would go for less than that.


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Does anyone even remember the Disney film, The Wild? It certainly wasn’t a hit because the following never really got that big; plus, it’s almost impossible to find any merchandise to go along with it. However, if you thought the movie was bad, just wait until you see the McDonald's series!

These toys just look so effortless in their production, it’s actually a little sad. Certainly, the paint is off and it’s definitely not a great selling point, even though it is a Disney product. What even is with his hands and pose?

19 EXPENSIVE: CHIP AND DALE ($17 Per Figure, Non-Mint)

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Honestly, these two deserve to be expensive toys, regardless of whether or not they’re at McDonald's. As classic, adorable characters, there’s no way they couldn’t be lovable! For just the one figure alone, they can go up to $17 unsealed, which is a lot for one McDonald's toy.

Of course, there are always more generous sellers that will low-ball the price in order to get rid of them faster, but should you have ones that are still packaged, they’ll certainly be worth more!


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We’re really trying hard not to laugh at these awful figures, but for such an epic Disney movie, it almost seems unfair that they’re so underdone and awkward looking. Even just looking at the horrific monster, Nessus, it’s surprising that they couldn’t even give him a little more of a paint job.

Right now, he only looks like a hunk of plastic with really strange shapes to make out. However, if you were to have the full set of these strange toys, you might actually have something very valuable, as it could go for a bit of money!


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Worth around $100 as a complete set filled with unopened figures, this set is one of the pricier McDonald's’ toys out there. As a beloved Disney movie, Toy Story is always going to be one of those classics that you just can’t help but fall in love with again and again.

We can certainly see how the toys would go for a pretty high price, especially since they include such a wide variety of the characters from the original film.


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Do we really even need to explain why this was a bad Disney themed McDonald's’ toy? For starters, we’re not even sure that Country Bears was all that big a deal when it came to their movies. It certainly was one of those awkward throwaways that never really did all that great.

But this stuffed animal with a plush body certainly looks like the stuff of nightmares with its hard, oddly detailed face. Certainly, someone must have thought this was a bad idea?


If you need some quick cash, consider finding a mint-condition Millennium Collection of Disney McDonald's’ toys. These adorable plush friends feature a variety of beloved Disney characters and, despite all the strange luck McDonald's seems to have with its plush series, they seem genuinely cute!

Keep in mind that, should these plush toys be opened, they’ll lose a significant amount of value; this is why you might see a few singles being sold at a very low price. The complete set is certainly where the money is!


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It’s always heartbreaking when you find out that a classic movie has been turned into something akin to a meme. Of course, when it comes to McDonald's toys, that almost always seems to be the case.

After all, it’s rare they ever look good. While this series of toys from The Jungle Book isn’t exceptionally bad, it’s not very good either. The toys are pretty bland and don’t really seem to capture what made that movie so great. What’s Mowgli even doing, and why does Bagheera look like a house cat?


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Even if you didn’t think much of these pups when it came to their second film, the 102 Dalmatians McDonald's’ toys are actually worth quite a bit of money.

The total worth of it’s complete box set is close to $70, which is quite a bit considering there’s only a few of these figures in the set. Despite having so many puppies to choose from, it looks like only a select few were able to make the cut. Their still pretty cute if you ask us!


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With how cute Bambi is naturally, the McDonald's version is sure to disappoint. As expected, these toys just don’t make the cut for us. While completely restored or unopened figures do have the potential to be more attractive, the facial expressions they chose for some of these characters just aren't all that great.

Just look at the owl; he looks like he knows some serious dirt on you. Also, Bambi’s legs look a little more awkward than normal, which is a little off-putting for the toy.


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It should be obvious that one of the hardest McDonald's’ toys to collect would be the most valuable. With so many adorable puppies to collect, it would be impossible for any one child to actually succeed in getting them all.

This makes it less appealing as your average toy from a fast food restaurant and more a toy marketed to big collectors willing to buy as many Happy Meals as it takes. These complete sets, unboxed, can actually go for around $150 on their own.


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Everyone remembers the classic film Hook, which brought back the beloved character Peter Pan as an older man who was ready to do whatever it took to save his children and regain a sense of self.

The movie was certainly different for a Disney film, but it turned into a classic nonetheless. The McDonald's’ toys, however, seem to have taken a different approach. Everyone looks extremely strange or out of place, such as the mermaid who looks more like a barbie and Captain Hook who may have belonged to the original animation.


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There’s just something wrong about seeing a grasshopper with shoelace string for antennas. In fact, most of these toys seem to have something strange about them, whether that’s randomly using string for their thinner attributes, or having odd facial expressions painted on.

That caterpillar just doesn’t look all that appealing when his expression seems exceptionally nervous for some reason. We’re not entirely sure why both Disney and McDonald's decided this was a good idea, but it’s too late now, these toys are out there!


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The Disney Video Favorites sets is certainly creative when it comes to the concept but seems to have a poor execution when it comes to the actual product itself. Each figure is sitting on the VHS of their respective movies.

This would have worked out if not for one major problem; not all of these figures look right. While the miniature VHS tapes look great, some of the characters just don’t make sense; such as the penguin on Marry Poppins.


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Is there a person out there who didn’t like The Mighty Ducks? Even if you didn’t really appreciate the movie, you have to admit that it certainly didn’t deserve for its name to be attached to these toys.

With a cool concept to include pucks as the base for the toy and half a figure on top, these toys could have been incredible! Instead, it takes a while to realize what the ducks are really perched on. Their pose is also a little weird; they look as though they’re holding an important conference.


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We talked a little bit about the second installment of The Lion King, which featured some relatively creepy looking plushies, but it doesn’t look like the first movie fared that well either with their McDonald's toys.

What makes these toys look so creepy is their mouths; there’s just something about it that seems incredibly uneasy. Mufasa also looks like he’s about to laugh at your pain while Rafiki remains way more crazy than usual. Ed, well he’s just downright frightening either way.


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We’re not even really sure why these toys were even thought of in the first place. When it comes to the toys where characters ride on something, it usually sees to correlate with a theme of some sort; like the VHS series or even the one where the Mighty Ducks sit atop pucks.

But these little airplanes just make no sense and most of the characters aren’t even properly fitting inside their aircraft, which makes it even worse. Everything about these just seem weird.


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If it weren’t for the fact that these keychains are just heads, they might have actually been a little cute. Unfortunately, it’s a little concerning that these Winnie the Pooh keychains are only the head and nothing else.

They just seem a little strange, if not a testament to how lazy the producers of this product were. If they were going to create plush keychains, they may as well have gone all the way and included a full body while keeping it relatively small.


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When you hear the term “golden figures,” you might find the concept appealing. Anyone would, but it looks like McDonald's just has a special way of turning all our hopes and dreams into odd collectibles no one would really want. These Little Mermaid toys they came out with were anything but nice.

The gold pain should have made them look like treasures to be plundered from the deep, but instead they look tacky. In addition, the toys don’t really feel connected to the movie at all; why make them gold in the first place?


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Snow White is practically the most classic of classic animated films when it comes to the magical world of Disney. If you loved this movie, we highly suggest you never buy these toys; regardless of how big a fan you may be.

They’re incredibly awkward looking and many of the dwarves don’t even match their original design. Not even the accessories you could get with these characters looks appealing. It’s pretty disheartening because this would have been a great opportunity for some great collectibles.


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If you thought the golden Little Mermaid figures were bad, just take a look at some of these mixed-matched toys that came out of the McDonald's tragedy!

For one, the taller Ariel looks like she’s really been through something and her smaller counterpart looks like she might be fleeing for her life. And what even is Eric doing? He looks like he might be holding the heart of his enemies, or coral, who can really say when a toy looks that bad?

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