Gone For Good: 15 Characters The MCU Forgot About (And 15 We Never Want To See Again)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most impressive film franchises not only in recent memory, but of all time. And there are great deal of aspects that have made it so from the interconnected story-lines to the jaw-dropping special effects. But the backbone of the entire series, and no doubt the most important facet, are the characters we have all come to know and love.

Tony Stark’s rebellious and snarky attitude; Steve Rogers’s uncompromising values; Peter Parker’s relatable hopes and dreams; Carol Danvers’ strong desire to stand up for those who can’t. There are so many strong characters spread across the forefront of the franchise but the MCU is also host to great supporting characters and villains. But there are so many of them that it’s understandable if a few have fallen through the cracks over the years.

For the most part, Marvel has been able to tie up every storyline they’ve introduced and we’ve seen each character’s journey continue onward. But there are still a few characters who have been missing as of late. While some of these deserve to be shown again, there are others that are best forgotten. And others who may not be forgotten necessarily but should perhaps be left out in order for others to grow more strongly. Here are 15 characters the MCU forgot about and 15 we never want to see again.

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30 Forgotten: The Mandarin

via thecomicsbolt.com

Retconning the Mandarin to be a fake puppet used by Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3 made us all believe that the real Mandarin never would appear in the MCU. But then, the one shot All Hail The King was released.

This showed the actor, Trevor Slattery, in prison for his involvement. And after being confronted by a follower of the real Mandarin, he was seemingly broken out to atone for stealing that name. Many probably thought this meant Marvel would be bringing Iron Man’s arch-nemesis to the big screen, yet he still has never appeared.

29 Never Want To See Again: Trevor Slattery

via unleashthefanboy.com

You’d be hard pressed to find an Iron Man fan who wasn’t upset by the ridiculous twist surrounding this character in Iron Man 3. It took what many believe to be one of Tony’s greatest foes and turned him into a bumbling joke.

It’s true that if Marvel were ever to revisit the Mandarin, which All Hail The King showed they could, this character could possibly reappear. But the reveal that he was really an actor left such a bad taste in everyone’s mouths, it would be in their best interest to never show him again.

28 Forgotten: The Leader

via Screenrant.com

When people talk about dropped plot-lines in the MCU, this character is usually at the forefront. Dr. Samuel Sterns appeared in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk and was allies with Bruce Banner before he was forced to turn Emil Blonsky into the Abomination.

After that disaster, some of Bruce Banner’s tainted blood leaked into an open cut on his head, hinting at his transformation into the villainous Leader. A prelude comic to The Avengers showed that Black Widow had apprehended Sterns after this incident caused him to go insane. But S.H.I.E.L.D. has since fallen and his whereabouts are unknown.

27 Never Want To See Again: Darcy Lewis

via marvel-movies.fandom.com

The first two entries in the Thor franchise are not exactly held in the highest regard. And that’s due to a lot of different factors. But when Thor: Ragnarok was released, I for one was quite happy when it turned out this supporting character wouldn’t be returning.

As the seemingly ditsy intern to Dr. Jane Foster, this character had little to offer in terms of plot development and was mostly there for comic relief. But her constantly not understanding anything going on around her just came off as annoying.

26 Forgotten: Jane Foster

via geektyrant.com

It’s true that the romance between Jane Foster and the God of Thunder was a bit forced and Ragnarok was better for introducing new and unique characters. But it’s what could come with Jane’s return that would be the most exciting.

In the comics, Jane became the new Thor after he became unworthy of wielding Mjolnir. But she had also been diagnosed with cancer. The struggle of being addicted to power even though it caused too much strain on her body made for an excellent character arc. Portman has stated that she would be open to returning, so there’s hope.

25 Never Want To See Again: Justin Hammer

via marvelcinematicuniverse.com

The reasoning behind never wanting to see this character again is simple: there’s simply no place in the MCU for him. First appearing in the mediocre Iron Man 2, the last time he was shown was in the one shot All Hail The King. So, he is most likely still locked away in prison (if he survived the snap, that is.)

His whole vendetta was against Tony Stark, and with Robert Downey, Jr. exiting the franchise after Avengers: Endgame, bringing him back would mean shoehorning him in somewhere else. And the talented Sam Rockwell deserves better than that.

24 Forgotten: Lady Sif

via thenerdy.com

There were a lot of characters in Thor and its sequel that felt a bit underdeveloped, including his Asgardian warrior companions. Lady Sif, however, was different. She was shown to be capable, clever, and a fierce fighter. So why has she been forgotten?

We only have off screen explanations as answers. Actress Jaimie Alexander had scheduling conflicts with her TV show, Blindspot, and couldn’t appear in Ragnarok. The Russo Brothers also stated she was one of the casualties when Thanos wiped out half of existence. But within the actual MCU, no one has mentioned her in quite some time.

23 Never Want To See Again: Abomination

via comicvine.gamespot.com

One flaw that many MCU films have suffered from is that heroes face off against villains with the same abilities as them. Iron Man, Ant-Man, Black Panther, and many others have featured heroes fight against evil versions of themselves. The Abomination is basically an evil version of the Hulk.

While last we heard of him he’s still alive, him returning would make no sense. For one, the franchise looks to be moving in exciting and broader directions. For another, with Universal still holding the distribution rights for solo Hulk films, we probably won’t be getting any of his villains again.

22 Forgotten: Dr. Erik Selvig

via aux.avclub.com

Not only did this scientist play a key role in the first two Thor movies, but he was also brought into The Avengers and its sequel to help S.H.I.E.L.D. His bright mind and his desire to explore unexplained phenomena made him a strong asset and character.

However, his last appearance was in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. He became a consultant for the super team and was last seen working at their new facility in upstate New York. He hasn’t been seen or mentioned since, even in Captain America: Civil War which had many scenes set at that very facility.

21 Never Want To See Again: Christine Everhart

via imagozone.com

There are some small characters within the MCU that really are just best forgotten. Not because of weak performances, but because the character doesn’t offer anything to the story line. Christine Everhart falls into this category.

She appeared in the first two Iron Man films as a reporter for Vanity Fair. And her sole purpose in these movies was to butt heads with Tony Stark. While she also appeared in a promotional video for Ant-Man where she interviewed Scott Lang, there’s no reason to bring her back with the direction the MCU is heading.

20 Forgotten: Adam Warlock

via geektyrant.com

To be fair, this character may not be forgotten for long. But given his importance in the comics as a force against Thanos and that he isn’t appearing in the cinematic counterpart, we’re still going to count him. He was first teased in the first Guardians of the Galaxy as an Easter Egg with his cocoon being seen in the Collector’s shop.

It wasn’t until a post-credits scene in the sequel when it was revealed he would be appearing. Many may have thought his name drop from Ayesha meant he would be in Infinity War, but this wasn’t the case.

19 Never Want To See Again: Betty Ross

via transparent-aluminium.net

While some love stories in the MCU have fared better, like Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, there are so many others that have fallen a bit flat. The Incredible Hulk is seen by most to be an all-around weaker entry and the love interest is included in the mediocrity.

The MCU as a whole has almost entirely ignored the events in the movie, the exception being Thaddeus Ross’s appearances in Civil War and Infinity War. His daughter, however, has never been mentioned again. She didn’t survive the snap, but there’s no reason to see her return anyway.

18 Forgotten: Elektra

via tvguide.com

The third season of Netflix’s Daredevil was regarded as one of the best in the streaming service’s partnership with Marvel and it’s easy to see why. But one plot-line that was left hanging was Elektra, the hero turned villain from The Defenders.

Matt Murdock was shown to survive a building crumbling on top of him, and last time we saw Elektra she was right next to him. So if he survived, it’s possible that she could have as well. Unfortunately, the third season never addressed her. And even more unfortunately, Netflix cancelled Daredevil along with all other Marvel properties.

17 Never Want To See Again: Dormammu

via imgur.com

Kaecilius was already one of the weakest villains in the MCU before Dormammu was tacked on at the end of Doctor Strange despite the tremendous talent of Mads Mikkelsen. But it’s this precise nature of how he was revealed and how underdeveloped he was that has landed him on this list.

He’s an evil being that wants to take over other universes simply because he’s evil. There’s not much depth behind his motivation. He probably will show up again but Baron Mordo seems like a much more layered villain for the sorcerer supreme to face.

16 Forgotten: Aaron Davis

via marvel-cineverse.fr

Donald Glover, with his acting, writing, and music, is immensely talented. And fans of his and Spider-Man alike were probably ecstatic to see him appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming. But it’s who he played that was most interesting.

Glover played Aaron Davis, uncle to one Miles Morales. And if you’ve seen Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, you know just what kind of dynamic the two have. His role was small and really only served to hint at a possible future appearance of Miles. Apparently that won’t be any time soon though, as Glover isn’t listed as appearing in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

15 Never Want To See Again: Sharon Carter

via io9.gizmodo.com

Another romance that felt a bit flat is that of Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter. For one, she’s the great niece of his long lost love, Peggy, and that’s a tad creepy. But for another, there was never going to be enough time to develop anything solid between the two.

Too much was happening during The Winter Soldier and Civil War for it to evolve beyond flirting. Not much time was spent devoting her character beyond this either. An appearance on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. could’ve done more for her, but she’s no longer a part of that organization.

14 Forgotten: Mockingbird

via pinterest.com

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., while not having the strongest start, did eventually become a series that showcased dynamic characters tying in with big events of the larger MCU. One of the strongest additions to the cast came in Season 2 with Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird.

Through various unfortunate events, however, Morse along with her husband Lance Hunter had to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. A spin-off was planned around the two characters but the pilot was never picked up. Lance has since returned for a cameo appearance in Season 5, but nothing is known about one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most skilled agents.

13 Never Want To See Again: The Hand

via thenerdsofcolor.org

While the Defenders seemingly dealt with the leaders of The Hand, it was a centuries old crime organization with members throughout the world. If Marvel wanted to see The Hand return, they could make it so. Even after Netflix has cancelled all their shows.

But with how disappointed fans were with Iron Fist and The Defenders, both of which dealt heavily with The Hand, it would probably be best if they left them out of future shows for a while. They’ve also shown, with Spider-Man at the very least, that they don’t want to retell old stories.

12 Forgotten: Mitchell Carson

via ultimate-marvel-cinematic-universe.fandom.com

If Mitchell Carson doesn’t ring a bell, it’s because he was a minor character only seen in one MCU film: 2015’s Ant-Man. Once a higher up member of S.H.I.E.L.D., but really a Hydra insider, Carson attempted to buy Yellow Jacket suits from Darren Cross.

Luckily, Ant-Man and company were there to put an end to Cross’s dealings for good. But not before Carson made off with a suitcase of Pym particles. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since even though that film got a sequel in 2018.

11 Never Want To See Again: Sonny Burch

via YouTube.com (NowCentric)

Almost brand new to the MCU and I already would be totally fine if he never appeared again. Ant-Man and the Wasp had a lot of good going for it, but Sonny Burch wasn’t one of those things. He was a secondary villain the duo had to deal with. But as he didn’t have any powers or any serious resources other than a few goons, he was more of a minor nuisance than a real threat.

It also didn’t help being compared to Ghost, the film’s chief and much more dangerous antagonist.

10 Forgotten: Ghost Rider

via screenrant.com

The Ghost Rider movies starring Nicolas Cage weren’t the best, so when Marvel got the film rights back, fans were wondering how the anti-hero would be brought into the MCU. Enter Robbie Reyes, the newest character to take up the mantle in the comics.

He appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and gave the show one of the strongest arcs it has ever had. Gabriel Luna played the tortured Reyes perfectly, but the Spirit of Vengeance within him was also expertly realized. He was only seen in a handful of Season 4 episodes and has only been fleetingly mentioned since.

9 Never Want To See Again: Dr. Christine Palmer

via digitalspy.com

Here we have another love interest that was seemingly only included because most movies feel they have to. What hurt most about Dr. Christine Palmer’s characterization, however, was that Rachel McAdams is one of the most talented actors of her generation and wasn’t given much to do.

The majority of Doctor Strange’s run-time was devoted to the protagonist training in Kamar-Taj and learning the ways of magic, which is understandable. The character hasn’t been seen or talked about since, not there would be time for it, and I don’t think too many fans would be upset if she didn’t reappear.

8 Forgotten: Cosmo

via YouTube.com (rektangular)

I, probably like many other moviegoers, assumed that the astronaut dog seen in the Collector’s shop in Guardians of the Galaxy was simply a fun inclusion to highlight the character’s eccentricity. But this is actually a legitimate Marvel character from the comics.

His appearance was more of an Easter Egg than anything, though his strained relationship with Rocket means he could make future appearances. With Marvel desiring to move towards more cosmic stories, now would be a great time for Cosmo to be more than a reference. Plus, he’s a telepathic space dog and who doesn’t want to see that?

7 Never Want To See Again: Agent Felix Blake

via marvelcinematicuniverse.com

Appearing in the one shot Item 47 and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Felix Blake was a dedicated member of the organization until an injury put him in a wheelchair during the show’s first season. He wasn’t seen much after that until he popped back up in Season 3.

He led the anti-Inhuman group known as Watchdogs which the heroes then had to deal with. And while they did deal with the group, Blake avoided capture and is still out there in the MCU somewhere. But as that show has moved onto other story-lines, there’s really no reason to see him again.

6 Forgotten: David Lieberman

via inverse.com

The case of David Lieberman is an interesting one as he was forgotten before Netflix started cancelling their shows. He was featured in The Punisher as Frank’s all-around tech guy and helped the vigilante put an end to some seriously bad men.

But when the show returned for a second season, Lieberman was nowhere to be seen. Every other character left alive at the end of Season 1 came back, but Frank never called upon this ally. He was also name-dropped in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. before The Punisher was released, so there is room for him to come back.

5 Never Want To See Again: Dr. Helen Cho

via disney.fandom.com

Dr. Helen Cho’s first and only appearance was in Age of Ultron. She healed Hawkeye after the opening sequence, stuck around to party with the Avengers, and was used by Ultron to create his new body that would become Vision.

She was last seen working at the new facility of the group, though she hasn’t been seen since. While she did serve a purpose in the movie, there wasn’t much there in terms of personality so she’s easily forgotten. Her appearance could hint towards Amadeus Cho aka the Totally Awesome Hulk, but the addition of She-Hulk is much more desirable.

4 Forgotten: Damage Control

via comicbook.com

Damage Control, a branch of S.H.I.E.L.D. used to clean up super hero messes, has been in the MCU since it was first mentioned by Agent Coulson at the end of Iron Man. Tony Stark eventually bought them for clean up at the end of The Avengers and members of the group were even shown in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

But other than that, the group has largely remained unseen. There was a comedy series planned for them, though it never got past the planning stages, making them forgotten in a different sense.

3 Never Want To See Again: Deathlok

via ew.com

In the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the series followed the ragtag group of agents as they dealt with various super-powered threats. And one of the earliest problems they had to face was Mike Peterson, the subject of an experiment gone awry.

The special effects weren’t the strongest when it came to Mike’s cybernetic enhancements as Deathlok. He was eventually allowed to be a hero, but was absent from the third and fourth season. His story was taken about as far as it could go and he only made one appearance in Season 5.

2 Forgotten: Howard the Duck

via syfy.com

Similar to Cosmo, Howard the Duck was shown in the first Guardians of the Galaxy but also showed up in the sequel. He’s one of Marvel’s lesser known characters and many casual moviegoers may have not known him to be other than just an odd inclusion.

Apparently, a cameo for Howard was planned for Infinity War but was cut from the script. Given this, his obscure status, and how abysmal the 1986 Howard the Duck movie is, he’s easily forgotten by most audience members. But that doesn’t mean he should be.

1 Never Want To See Again: Any of the Royal Inhumans

via inverse.com

Marvel have made a few missteps along the way of building up the MCU, but none as severe as their Inhumans series. Everything from the acting to the special effects to the writing was thought of as sub-par, though that’s putting it lightly.

Which is why Marvel cancelled the show just after one season.

It’s a shame, given how strong the characters from the comics are. But with how poorly received the series was and how relatively unknown the team is compared to others, I doubt anyone at all would be upset if we never saw this Royal Family again.

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