10 Infinity War Sequel Theories We Don't Want To Happen (And 10 That We Do)

Thanos succeeds and, with a literal snap of his fingers, half of the whole universe turns to dust... but what will they do next?

Everyone who has gone to go see Infinity War probably needs therapy by now. After over a decade of getting to know and love the superheroes of Marvel, we got to watch them get ripped away from us in a devastating finger snap during the latest Avengers installment. Whereas superhero movies have a hallmark of always having at least a somewhat upbeat ending, where the heroes win and the bad guys face defeat and justice, Infinity War  decided to break this notion entirely with the sudden and traumatic ends of fan favorites during an extended terrifying scene.

Ever since he was revealed during the post credits scene of The Avengers, Thanos has been a looming threat in the background of all Marvel films. Anyone who knows anything about the Marvel Universe and has heard of Thanos already had an idea of what was coming, but Infinity War finally showed us the mad Titan in all is awful glory, played by the amazing Josh Brolin. In the Marvel comic book Universe, Thanos sought out the Infinity Stones in order to destroy every living thing in the Universe in a bid to please the mysterious Mistress Death. Mistress Death is essentially the embodiment of death in the Marvel Universe, and as one can imagine, is not exactly easily impressed.

In the cinematic version, Thanos witnessed his world end in a war that fought over the dwindling resources of the area. This lea Thanos to come to the conclusion that the only way to save the universe from doing the same was to wipe out half of all sentient life in order to slow down the consumption of resources. After a harrowing journey to gain all of the Infinity Stones, Thanos succeeds, and with a literal snap of his fingers, half of the whole universe turns to dust. Viewers were forced to watch as their beloved heroes literally disappeared before their eyes in a puff of smoke, including the frightened teenage Peter Parker. Of course, this same movie has gone out of its way in order to set itself up for an amazing come back by the remaining superheroes of the series. So of course, fans have come up with all sorts of ideas on what might happen in the sequel they know is to come.

20 What We Want: The Wasp To Make An Appearance

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With Ant-Man and the Wasp coming hot on the heels of Infinity War, Marvel fans are finally going to be able to see the awesome Hope van Dyne dawn the legendary super suit of The Wasp. The Wasp, being Ant-Man’s counterpart, is equipped with the same shrinking technology that Ant-Man has. Her suit is a touch more advanced than his, however. The Wasp, as her name suggests, has wings built into her suit which allows her to fly. Unlike her namesake however, she also has blasters attached to her suit which gives her an advanced range.

The Ant-Man movie already made a point in showing that Hope was by and large more competent than Scott Lang. So the idea of finally being able to see her in action has fans extremely excited to watch her kick butt alongside Ant-Man. The trailer for the upcoming movie has a short scene where Scott asks her if she would have come with him when he went toe to toe with the other Marvel heroes in Civil War. This question has had fans wondering if Scott will do the smart thing during the sequel to Infinity War and ask her to come along. Frankly, he’d better, because she clearly knows what she’s doing than most of the actual Avengers team.

19 What We Don't Want: Baby Gamora Is The New Mistress Death

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The Thanos we got to meet in Infinity War is quite different from the one we meet in the comics. The comic book version of Thanos is a diabolical, evil being who has no other goal than to end all life in the universe in order to impress his crush, a being known as Mistress Death. However, as hard as he tries, Death is entirely indifferent to him, which only drives him to even greater horrible acts. Rather hilariously, the reason why Mistress Death doesn’t care at all for the Mad Titan is because she happens to love another, a certain “Merc With A Mouth”. We are of course talking about Deadpool. Thanos isn’t exactly thrilled, so he curses Deadpool with immortality in order to ensure that he would never be able to be with Mistress Death for good.

Movie Thanos is still recognizable, but there are some notable differences. Josh Brolin’s portrayal shows a Thanos who believes that he is in fact saving the universe from itself by taking away exactly half its population. Part of the process of doing that involved him sacrificing his adopted daughter Gamora, who turns out to be the only thing that he’s ever loved. After Thanos snaps his fingers to begin his destruction, we get a brief reunion between him and a young Gamora, which is quite emotional. This has led to fans wondering if this young Gamora will in fact become like Mistress Death for Thanos, who he will forever be trying to please to no avail. It’s safe to say that no fan will want this heartbreaking theory to happen, at least to avoid spending a fortune in tissues when they go the theatre.

18 What We Want: Doctor Strange Letting Thanos Win Is Part Of An Ultimate Plan

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Steven Strange isn’t exactly a likable person. He’s hyper intelligent, but arrogant. He has improved and saved lives on a regular basis during his original career as a neurosurgeon, but his ego and ambitious nature have caused him to pass up even trying to help or save others in case he fails. The doctor we meet at the beginning of Doctor Strange is, in a word, selfish. When he is in a car accident caused by his own extremely foolish decision to look at pictures on his cellphone while driving at high speeds on a curvy mountain road at night, his hands are ruined forever. After some time of his hands making no more improvement towards recovery, he becomes desperate and visits a mysterious Ancient One. One thing leads to another, and by the end of the movie, a skeptical doctor becomes Sorcerer Supreme of Earth and learns a lesson or two in humility.

Fast forward to Infinity War, and Stephen has been a master of the mystical arts for quite some time when Thanos’ minions show up.

After being captured and arriving on Thanos’ home planet, Doctor Strange uses the Time Stone to browse every possible outcome that could happen when they finally confront Thanos. After viewing over 14 million of these scenarios, Strange claims that he has only found one where the Avengers ultimately succeed against Thanos. At the end of the movie, it looks like they failed to make that possibility true when Steven hands over the Time Stone in exchange fore his friends, and Thanos wipes out half of the universe. It’s only when Tony goes to Strange as the doctor is turning into dust that we are gifted with the vague last words of Doctor Strange: It was the only way.

Of course, audiences latched onto this tiny bit of hope, and feel that even Thanos achieving his goal was all part of Strange’s “one good outcome”. There is some argument on whether Doctor Strange actually shared this plan, and if the group on Titan which confronted Thanos might have been aware of their impending “failure” and disappearance. We can only hope that this is all just one mighty gambit to ultimately stop Thanos.

17 What We Don't Want: Those Who Disappeared Being Really Gone For Good

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Infinity War has broken hearts around the world with the awful ends of so many favorite super heroes and characters. When Thano sfinally obtained all the Infinity Stones in his gauntlet, with a snap of his fingers he caused literally half of the entire universe to become dust. The entire scene we get to watch about this happening is beautifully done and truly terrifying. As Thanos always believed that there should be no bias at all in the selection of who stays and who goes, we watched as the Falcon, Black Panther, the White Wolf, Scarlett Witch, Groot, and several more characters simply disappear into thin air during an extended scene filled with horror and confusion.

Perhaps most heartbreaking of all was the end of Peter Parker, a teenage super hero with a heart of gold and the unofficial nephew and protégé of Tony Stark. His terrified “I don’t want to go!” had the waterworks start in every theatre. Even that isn’t the worst of it however. The worst of it is is that the creators of the movie have repeated several times that those who are lost in Infinity War are gone for good. The only reason why it is still considered a theory here is because everyone knows that directors and producers love to say things like these in order to up the stakes and the hype for their movies, but don’t necessarily mean it to be true. If there ever was anything that fans have direly hoped to be wrong, it’s the statement that their beloved characters aren’t ever coming back.

16 What We Want: Captain Marvel Will Defeat Thanos

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Marvel is famous for its post credit scenes. It’s also famous for showing multiple post credits scenes, each with its own individual hint on what is to come for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever since they’ve started, movie theatres are often still packed with fans long after curtain call in order for them to have a glimpse of either a simple resolution to a running gag, a joke in and of itself, or to see who to look forward to in the future instalments. It’s also a running joke among fans to secretly laugh at people who simply get up and leave after the movie ends, which in turn was hilariously countered and parodied by Marvel movies as well. Deadpool had the famous Merc show up in a bathrobe after the credits and outright tell the viewers to go home, that there was not going to be a surprise reveal, and to make sure that they clean up their garbage when they leave.

Infinity War wasn’t so kind as to add just a little humor to lighten up the dark ending of the movie. Instead, we got to watch people turn to dust from the perspective of Nick Fury and Agent Hill, who at this point have no clue about what’s going on before they too disappear. Fury only has seconds to activate a device that, when zoomed in, flashes the logo of Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is an extremely powerful superhero who is more or less Marvel Comic’s answer to DC’s Superman. She can fly, has superhuman strength and durability, and can shoot energy blasts from her hands as well as absorb incoming energy like lightning. Compared to the superheroes that we’ve seen so far, she is on a tier above the rest, except maybe Scarlett Witch. Clearly she is meant to show up, but no one is quite sure yet what her role is meant to be at this point. Is she supposed to be just another powerful support for the team or is she meant to defeat Thanos himself? At the very least, the fight that would go down between them would be awesome to watch.

15 What We Don't Want: Hela Making A Comeback

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Hela is Thor and Loki’s terrifying sister that they finally learn about in Thor: Ragnarok. Played by the legendary Cate Blanchett, Hela has actually created jokes around the idea that Thor is in fact the adopted one, considering that both his adopted brother and his sister are very much alike. Both Hela and Loki have black hair, dress in dark colours, and both have the ambition to rule the universe. Thor on the other hand is essentially a golden retriever in comparison. He’s blonde, wears bright colours, has the heart of a true hero, and is a very open and friendly God of Thunder. Despite that, Helaw as by far the most powerful adversary that Thor or Loki had ever had to face. Even when Thor gains his full powers of weather, and most importantly electricity, Hela can still hold her own relatively easily against them. It’s only when Surtur, a legendary fire giant that is destined to destroy the home of the Norse Gods, appears that Hela is well and truly defeated. Or so we hope.

Ever since the end of Ragnarok, fans of the movie have done a lot of speculating, especially since Hela is the most interesting and powerful foe that Thor has ever faced.

It’s the experience of many comic book fans that characters like that aren’t defeated so easily, even if they’ve been struck point blank by a gigantic fire sword. Viewers point out that we technically never received full confirmation that Hela was ever truly destroyed. One could argue that the giant sword strike isn’t exactly going to leave a whole lot of evidence of a human sized victim after hitting them. Then again, comic books are extremely well known for making up the craziest excuses for a popular character or villain to come back after they have very definitely been ended. If Hela was to come back with no fire giant to defeat her again, at that point Thor should just say “game over!” and just flee with everyone else to somewhere safe.

14 What We Want: Everyone Who Disappeared Are Just Stuck Inside The Soul Stone

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At the end of Infinity War, viewers were suddenly forced to say goodbye to roughly half the cast of superheroes that they’ve come to love and admire. The scene we watch is gorgeously done, instead of showing some epic, thunderously loud scene filled with hammed up despair, instead we are treated to a quieter and calmer sequence of events that are simply chilling. We watch as suddenly people simply disappear in a cloud of dust with no warning whatsoever. Black Panther is in the middle of helping up Okoye with some wise words when he simply becomes dust, much to Okoye’s shock. There’s a sense of silent horror and uncertainty as everyone isn’t ended at once, so viewers are on the edges of their seats waiting for the next character to vanish.

Audiences left the theatres feeling devastated, as for the first time they watched their characters lose and in a bad way. Marvel comic book fans have claimed that not all has been lost however. One of the Infinity Stones that Thanos uses is called the Soul Stone. This stone has a unique trait in which it houses the souls of those that it has ended. This realm is simply called Soulworld and, according to fans, the people we saw vanish aren’t actually gone, just inside an idyllic realm inside the Stone itself. Should the Avengers be able to retrieve the Infinity Gauntlet, there is a very real chance that all the people we saw go can be restored as easily as they were taken away. Considering how many hearts were broken over the end of Infinity War, there’s no doubt that fans are going to be hoping for this to be the case the most.

13 What We Don't Want: The Remaining Avengers Will Just Shift Into Another Universe

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Comic books are infamous for constantly changing, retconning, making something a dream/hallucination/simulation, or even full on rebooting their stories and their characters whenever it suits them. This does have the benefit of allowing the writers a tremendous range of writing material. If they want to destroy their character or villain, but change their minds later, they can bring them back. If they want to write from the perspective of their character having both their parents or their uncle, they can do that. If they want to suddenly make a beloved character a member of Hydra, they’ll be booed off the stage, but they can do that. This is simply because if they really, really want to, they can simply make up a plot that involves bringing in a character from an alternative reality or timeline that is essentially the same person and can continue where they left off.

There are fans who believe that this might be the approach the Infinity War sequel will take. Specifically that the Avengers will just shift into another universe where they didn’t fail but they could replace their alternate counterparts. Frankly there are a ton of problems with that approach however. First and foremost, an ending like that wouldn’t solve a single problem created by the last movie. Thanos will still have won and everyone lost will truly be gone for good. Another problem is the simple fact that something like that is entirely lazy writing. Not to mention the fact that the Avengers would be abandoning their world to deal with the aftermath of their failure. Lets hope that they find a better way to deal with their problems.

12 What We Want: Thanos Regretting His Finger Snap

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Thanos isn’t exactly the type of person to regret his actions. In the comics, Thanos is evil through and through and deluded. He also wants to impress the mysterious Mistress Death, an entity that is essentially the Marvel Universe’s version of the Grim Reaper. His crush has caused him to commit countless horrific atrocities across space, but as she has no interest whatsoever in the Mad Titan, she only just barely acknowledges his existence. The comic books have Thanos out to destroy the entire universe with the Infinity Stones, and there even is a short series that explores the idea of what would happen if Thanos was to actually succeed. In the end, all that is left in an empty universe is the Titan on his throne, a feral Hulk as a pet, and an incarnation of the Ghost Rider to keep him company. Still, Mistress Death couldn’t care less about Thanos.

Movie Thanos, as we’ve already mentioned, has more depth than just trying to impress a crush. In this case, he believes that the universe’s resources are being used up too quickly, and the only way to slow it down is to take away half of the population using those resources, which is to say half of the universe. Infinity War shows us that Thanos actually did love his adopted daughter Gamora, but chose to sacrifice her in order to gain access to the Soul Stone. He is genuinely heartbroken by his actions, but by the end of the movie claims that it was all worth it. Fans aren’t too sure that this confidence will stick however. By his own admission, achieving his goal cost Thanos everything. Now that Thanos has time to sit back and think, it certainly opens up the door for him beginning to regret what he’d done, at least in the fact that he would regret sacrificing Gamora. Who knows though, maybe it will suddenly occur to him that he should have just wished more resources into existence rather than just end half of life in the universe.

11 What We Don't Want: The Avengers Use Time Travel To Defeat Thanos Before He Has The Infinity Stones

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Like we said, comic books love to find any excuse to change the plot to how they want it, no matter how off the rails it is even in a multiverse filled with magic and extremely advanced technology. One of the tricks that writers seem to love in order to reset a storyline or otherwise retcon some details about characters is time travel. Don’t get us wrong: time travel is cool. It can be used to actually fix things such as in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Time travel in that instance completely fixed what was at the time a terrible franchise that was only just starting to find its stride again. Lots of other media loves to use this trick either for humor or to explore different story arcs, such as in Futurama when Fry is taken back to the moment just before he tumbled into the cryotube, which he stops and viewers find out what happens when he isn’t sent a thousand years into the future.

In this case, using time travel in order to fix what happened during Infinity War seems like a case of lazy writing.

Unfortunately, according to stills taken from the set of the sequel, it looks like the Avengers will be revisiting the Battle for New York. The theory goes that the team is attempting to defeat Thanos long before he gets his hands on the Infinity Stones, maybe even before he ever receives his gauntlet. This seems like a solid plan at first glance, however considering how often comic books love to use time travel as a way to easily fix an obstacle, it just seems too cliché at this point. Who knows, perhaps we’ve gotten the wrong idea from those pictures. Honestly, we hope so.

10 What We Want: Hela Becomes Mistress Death

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Cate Blanchett’s Hela left a mark on audiences ever since the very first trailer for Ragnarok. A black haired woman smiling as she effortlessly destroys one of the most powerful objects in the universe, which is Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, is bound to get the attention of anyone who managed to catch the trailer. When Ragnarok came out, her fan base only grew exponentially as it was revealed just what it means to be the Goddess of Death in Asgard. Able to summon deadly weapons at will and an unstoppable fighter in her own right, Hela doesn’t even break a sweat as she defeats Thor and Loki, and then proceeds to take down the entire Asgardian army like they’re made of paper. In the end, it isn’t Thor who defeats her, but Surtur, the fire giant that is deliberately unleashed to end Hela and then Asgard in its entirety.

Of course fans are hoping that this is not the last time we meet with such a powerful and interesting villain. As the imprisoned firstborn of Odin, she helped bring nine worlds under Asgardian rule before her father decided that enough was enough and put her away until his passing. One way that fans theorize and hope that she comes back is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Mistress Death. Everything fits her entirely: Hela is the actual Goddess of Death in Asgard, but losing that fight with Surtur so badly would likely change her forever. Who isn’t to say that she comes back as a silent and mysterious figure who seems to love to end everything she meets. The fact that Cate Blanchett stars in the role would certainly cement the idea of Thanos doing everything in his power to please her.

9 What We Don't Want: Shuri Rebuilding Vision By Making A Copy Of The Mind Stone

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Black Panther is a celebration of African culture placed inside a futuristic setting. As the hidden nation of Wakanda has been sitting on tonnes and tonnes of vibranium for centuries, they’ve been able to mine and use it to fast track the technology of their nation to the point where they are a good few decades ahead of the curve. Essentially, the kind of technology that Tony currently employs for himself that has always seemed so ahead is essentially obsolete in a place like Wakanda. They likely have the kind of labs that Tony is used to in every elementary school. So it is no surprising at all that this nation would produce a young genius that is more than Tony’s match. That young genius would be the Black Panther’s sister, Shuri. During the movie, we witness T’Challa’s sister prove again and again that she and she alone is the world’s best inventor.

During the events of Infinity War, it comes to pass that Vision’s Mind Stone must be removed and destroyed. Because it is so intricately attached to Vision’s robot body, the only way to remove it is to carefully sever the connections almost one at a time. Considering that there are trillions of these, even doing the removal at a high speed is bound to take a while. Unfortunately, Shuri is unable to remove the stone in time, and Vision decides to abort the removal in order to join the battlefield and let Scarlett Witch destroy him and the stone. Due to how long Shuri must have been at looking at the Mind Stone, fans wonder if her technology was able to record all the connections and the very makeup of the Mind Stone itself. If she did, then perhaps she would be able to rebuild Vision with his own Mind Stone. As much as we all love Shuri though, we’ll have to pass on this plot point as it swings to close to the realm of using time travel and universe shifting for our liking.

8 What We Want: Loki Comes Back

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Loki’s end was possibly one of the most awful scenes in the entirety of Infinity War. Fans knew full well that there were going to be casualties in this installment, but no one expected someone so high profile to be destroyed so early in the movie, and in such an awful way. Due to his massive fan base, it’s no surprise that Loki tops the lists in characters audiences hope will return in the sequel. Considering some of the theories of how Thanos will be dealt with, this isn’t exactly an impossible outcome. There is some evidence that Marvel may go for a time travel plot back to the Battle for New York, which is a time where Loki is very definitely alive. If this is the case, then it's likely that Thor will find some way to save his brother from himself and to keep him from being ended in the future.

What else could happen is that if the Avengers manage to retrieve the Gauntlet and make it work for themselves, they could not only restore the people who were destroyed the finger snap, but also likely people before it. It’s constantly reiterated that with the Infinity Gauntlet, anyone could do anything with just a snap of their fingers. Even if Loki isn’t trapped in Soulworld like some fans believe where everyone else ended up, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that his body could be restored as well as his soul. A lot of characters who were destroyed before Infinity War could come back this way, including the Asgardians, Heimdall, and possibly even Asgard itself. If there is anything that is constantly reiterated by fans and Thanos’ minions, it’s the fact that the Infinity Gauntlet grants the user limitless power. Even if the team doesn’t go back in time to fix things, there’s little doubt that Thor will find some way to bring back his adopted brother, even after all the trouble he’s given him.

7 What We Don't Want: Ant-Man And The Wasp Having To Remind Everyone Of Who They Lost When They Return From The Quantum Realm

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Marvel fans everywhere are pumped for the new Ant-Man and the Wasp movie to finally hit theaters. Finally, we’ll be able to watch Hope show Ant-Man how things are done in the line of superhero work. While not a whole lot is entirely known about the plot of the movie, the only thing we do know is that it does take place just before the events of Infinity War. We also know that Scott, Hope, and Hank must go on the run, and there’s a good chance that Ant-Man and the Wasp will venture into the Quantum Realm. The Quantum Realm is essentially the point of no return for anyone who likes becomes small. If they remove their regulators, they can in fact keep shrinking indefinitely until reality becomes a place that no longer makes any sense.

Scott briefly visits this Realm and is just about lost until he realizes that he still has a gadget that allows anything it touches to become big. It saves him from an eternity of shrinking and it's implied that this Realm is technically now of our own. In tandem with this theory is the idea the survivors of Thanos’ finger snap will start to lose the memories of the ones that they lost, which is already heartbreaking enough. The thought of Aunt May forgetting Peter, or Okoye and Shuri forgetting T’Challa is a painful idea. Well, adding to that horror is the idea that if Scott and Hope happen to be in the Quantum Realm during this event, they may be ultimately unaffected by the Infinity Stones erasing people, and would have to remind the heroes of who they lost. The very thought is enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes. If this is the case, you should start stocking up on tissues now.

6 What We Want: Gamora Is The Key To Defeating Thanos

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Thanos is one of those beings that's hard to imagine loving anybody or anything. For someone who is bent on ending half the universe, the idea that he would become attached to somebody at all seems like someone’s fanfiction. The closest thing that Thanos in the comics ever came to truly loving someone is a perpetual crush on Mistress Death. Even that however is proven to be more or less the pining of a “nice guy”. Mistress Death is just someone that Thanos wants to be with in a physical manner, to more or less have her as a kind of trophy companion for him to lavish his affections on but never have a truly deep connection. He even has the trademark “nice guy” view where he thinks he’s entitled to Mistress Death’s attention even if she’s done nothing at all to even indicate any kind of interest. So Thanos continues on causing atrocity after atrocity entirely in vain.

Infinity War on the other hand presents a different narrative. Instead of doing terrible things in order to impress an implacable person, Thanos is instead trying to bring what he thinks is balance to the universe by taking away half of it. Over the course of the movie, we get a both creepy and oddly sweet scene of Thanos meeting Gamora for the first time when she is a child. Thanos is startlingly tender with the child, making sure that she doesn’t see any more of the destruction going on around her as he teaches her to balance a knife on her finger. This cements the sort of fatherly love that Thanos has for Gamora, even if she hates him in return. When he decides to sacrifice her for the Soul Stone, he is genuinely heartbroken about it. Because of this, fans wonder if using Gamora as an emotional weapon against Thanos will be the ultimate key to him reversing his actions. If he restores Gamora, the Soul Stone might then free the rest of the people trapped there.

5 What We Don't Want: Captain America Sacrifices Himself To Save Everyone

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A classic plot line in any major franchise movie is a character sacrificing themselves to save lives. Steve Rogers has already proven his propensity towards letting himself be destroyed in order to save the lives of others, so its not a stretch. For those who have forgotten, the first Captain America movie ended with Steve downing a plane full of bombs into the icy ocean. Since then, lots of viewers have questioned if this action was really necessary, considering that the plane wasn’t damaged, the bombs were meant to be deployed from the air, and there was otherwise no reason for him not to make it to land in order to land safely and let the bomb squad take care of the explosives. We digress, however. If Steve hadn’t nosedived into the ocean, he wouldn’t have been a Cap-sicle for a few decades and been around for the Avengers movie.

There are a few theories as to why Steve would feel the need to sacrifice himself during the sequel. The first and most obvious one would be the idea that he would be saving lives again.

Maybe he goes toe to toe with Thanos once again and ends up distracting him just long enough to let someone else (Captain Marvel?) take him out, which would result in his end. The other theory lies in the fact that the Soul Stone requires a potential wielder to sacrifice someone they love in order to use it. Considering that Tony and Steve care for each other quite a lot, it’s possible that it turns out the only way to use the Infinity Gauntlet to restore the Universe would be for Steve to decide to sacrifice himself so that that Tony could use the Gauntlet. Excuse us, there’s something in our eyes.

4 What We Want: Iron Man Becomes A Temporary Sorcerer Supreme

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The technology oriented Tony Stark is the last person in the universe to start believing in magic. While he may be aware of its existence through Thor, he might draw the same conclusion that Thor’s former girlfriend Jane Foster did about what magic really is: science that just hasn’t been explained yet. Now that magic as a universal force has finally been revealed in full in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we get to see how Tony reacts to meeting the magical version of himself in Doctor Strange. Strange, like Tony, is a super genius. He masters just about anything he touches with ease, and can pick apart anything thrown in his way with enough time. Also like Tony, Strange is a prodigy in his field, both in being a neurosurgeon and now a powerful sorcerer after what seems like only months of training after finding out that magic is indeed real.

Some stills of the Infinity War sequel in the behind-the-scenes portion seem to show a rather interesting turn of events. Now that Doctor Strange is gone, Earth once again doesn’t have a Sorcerer Supreme to defend it from magical threats. Someone now has to step up to the plate, but it’s been pointed out that not just anyone can become the head magical defender of Earth. Stills show what appears to be Tony Stark donning a more magical geared outfit that looks suspiciously like Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation. While we do know that Strange along with his cloak are gone, if the rumours about the Avengers going back in time are true, then Tony will return to a time before Stephen becomes a sorcerer and will be able to don the cloak for himself. Now that will be an interesting sight to see.

3 What We Don't Want: Superhero Wedding Between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

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Tony Stark and Pepper Potts have been #RelationshipGoals for fans ever since the first Iron Man movie came out. Tony has essentially been taken care of by Pepper for years as her job as his personal assistant and occasional housekeeper. It’s obvious from the get go that Tony and Pepper clearly have feelings towards each other, even if one of them has a hard time showing it. As the Marvel franchise has gone on, we’ve witnessed their relationship change and grow, and even suffer through some seriously bumpy rides. Pepper goes from being Tony’s assistant to being the new CEO of his company, which elevates her status to a more equal state than before. While she does love Tony, Pepper is very uncomfortable with Tony being Iron Man due to her worrying that he’ll do something reckless, which he often does.

At a certain point, it even looks like their relationship would even end, much to the horror of viewers. Instead, Tony and Pepper are finally able to patch up their relationship and, at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony proposes to Pepper, even if we don’t see it directed. What that means is that a superhero wedding is coming and while for many that sounds like an adorable idea, there is one main reason why it is not. The sequel to Infinity War is going to have a tremendous amount of ground to cover. There is going to be a lot of plot going on at once and there is no doubt at all that this movie is going to be a long one if they want to cover all their bases and tie up loose ends, or even leave a few still untied for another movie. An entire wedding scene between Tony and Pepper, even if done as celebration for winning, will not only become extremely saccharine, it will also needlessly drag out the movie even longer. At worst, just have a short moment that more or less show Tony and Pepper saying “I do,” pull some kind of a joke, and move on.

2 What We Want: Ant-Man And Hawkeye Go MultiVerse Hopping

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Ant-Man was a tremendous success with fans. Filled with hilarious and awesome action with Paul Rudd taking the lead as engineer Scott Lang, we watched what was frankly a laughed at movie before it came out turn into a thrilling and self aware superhero movie. Ant-Man has no qualms in constantly making fun of itself, considering that the entire story hinges around a guy who can become the size of an ant and even control them to complete missions. Marvel had no problems at all playing around with the fact that the supervillain and superhero are fighting epic battles among completely normal objects. Everyone laughed as the villain screamed in terror as Thomas the Toy Train looked about to run him over just like a real one, only to have it hilariously be knocked off the track because its still just a toy train.

In Captain America: Civil War, we received a surprise visit from Ant-Man when Hawkeye shows up with him just before the climactic battle. Hawkeye has already had a history among the Avengers for recruiting new members. This includes Black Widow and Scarlett Witch. So it’s really no surprise that Clint wouldn’t go find back up just before the fight. So now that audiences see that Hawkeye and Ant-Man have some history together, plenty of fans have wondered if the Infinity War sequel will include the duo hopping through the multiverse and experiencing all the adventures that would come with that. The idea of two snarky, self aware heroes having no clue about how to handle each new obstacle and having to work it out between them just seems like a dream come true.

1 What We Don't Want: Tony Will Lose His Life In The Sequel

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Tony Stark was Marvel’s first real step back onto the big screen. Robert Downey Jr. was clearly born for the role, and has been a staple of the franchise ever since. As a series favourite and constant, Tony has had many brushes with oblivion, but has always managed to find his way out every time. There are fans who surmise that that might not be the case this time around however. With Tony being such a longstanding character, it would seem only logical that if someone was to be lost at the end of the arc of movies, it would make the most sense for him to go. The emotional impact would stay with audiences for years to come, but it would also allow for new characters to start to take the stage. As much as we all love our superheroes, the fact is that they won’t last forever.

You know what? No. This is not cool. Whoever came up with this just wants to hit us all where it hurts.

Tony has been the Avengers rich, crazy, genius uncle since the beginning. The very thought of losing him is almost too much to bear. A fake out would be tolerable, even something more heart pounding than at the end of Avengers. A full on loss of Tony Stark’s trademark fast-talking, hyper intelligent snarkiness is unthinkable. In fact, even if Tony passes on in the sequel, we’ll be fine just as long as they time travel to save him, or bring over another one from another dimension who is exactly the same but just needs to move. Under no circumstances will the fandom just sit back and accept that Tony is gone. Do you hear us Marvel! Tony had better live!

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