Marvel Fans To Boycott Sony After Spider-Man Leaves MCU

Sony and Disney failed to agree on continuing their joint production for future Spider-Man movies in the MCU - and some fans are boycotting.

Fans of Tom Holland's Spider-Man received some terrible news on Tuesday after it was announced that Sony and Disney failed to agree on continuing their joint production for future Spider-Man movies in the MCU - and some fans seem to be taking it a bit harder than others.

After Disney reportedly asked for a bigger piece of the Spidey pie, Sony backed out of the deal and negotiations ended. In reaction to the news, many people took to Twitter to claim that they would boycott Sony products, with some going as far as to say they'll stop playing their PS4.

Boycotting Sony might be difficult for some Spider-Man fans, especially considering the fact that the company recently purchased Insomniac Games, the developer behind 2018's smash hit Spider-Man for the PS4. Spider-Man is still the best selling superhero game of all-time and has received praise from both fans and critics alike. A sequel is surely in the works, and it'll be difficult for these protestors to boycott the title once it's released.

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Although boycotting Sony might be a bit unreasonable, fans' frustration is surely understandable. After all, Spider-Man had become an integral part of the MCU and has been established as a key hero in the franchise's next phase. The departure of Peter Parker will certainly leave more than a spider-sized hole in Marvel's cinematic world, calling into question how it will be able to live up to the reputation it set with the Infinity Saga. This year's Spider-Man: Far From Home proved to be Sony's best-selling movie of all time. So it seems like nobody wins - not Disney, Sony, and definitely not the fans.

While Sony will be able to release future Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland, the company's bumpy track record doesn't give fans a lot of confidence. On the same note, a massive piece of Peter Parker's MCU story involved Tony Stark's Iron Man, calling into question how Sony will be able to move on.

Overall, the situation isn't making anybody happy, and we'd all just appreciate it if Sony and Disney could work through this and give the fans what they want to see.

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