Meet Sword & Shield's Baby Pokémon, Toxel

Baby Toxel is an adorable grump of a toddler that has a unique evolution.

Fans were introduced to baby Pokémon way back in the Johto region when Misty came into possession of the adorable Egg Pokémon, Togepi. In Pokémon Sword & Shield, the Galar region has introduced its own baby pokémon, Toxel and it is every bit endearing as its predecessor, though filled with a lot more spunk.

Baby Toxel is an adorable grump of a toddler and is prone to toxic tantrums capable of debilitating opponents. Its Poison and Electric dual-type makes it versatile and a strong addition to the team right from the start. Players can claim their first Toxel inside the Nursery on Route 5. The lady standing in the lobby is more than happy to send it along with a trainer who's sure to take it on loads of adventures. However, after raising it up trainers might consider leaving it off at the Nursery again for a while, accompanied by another Pokémon, of course, to try their luck at receiving a second Toxel. This is because of Toxel's evolution. Toxtricity has the ability to take on two different forms. Trainers who shy away from breeding can also find more Toxel roaming the Wild Area or along Route 7.

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Toxricity's Dual Forms

Toxel evolves into Toxtricity at level 30, but depending on its disposition it will evolve into either a Low-Key or Amped form. Toxels with subdued or laidback demeanors will evolve into a Low-Key Toxtricity, while more excitable ones develop the Amped form. Below is a list of possible natures under the Toxtricity form they produce.


  • Bashful
  • Bold
  • Calm
  • Careful
  • Gentle
  • Lonely
  • Mild
  • Modest
  • Quiet
  • Relaxed
  • Serious
  • Timid


  • Adamant
  • Brave
  • Docile
  • Hardy
  • Hasty
  • Impish
  • Jolly
  • Lax
  • Naive
  • Naughty
  • Quirky
  • Rash
  • Sassy
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There are a couple of inconsistencies between the two forms. The first being the Low-Key form takes on a purple and blue color pattern while the Amped form manifests a yellow and purple theme. Secondly, at level 52 Toxtricity learns its final move, although both forms learn a different move respectively. Amped Toxtricity learns Shift Gear, a Steel-type move that boosts its attack and speed stats. The Low-Key Toxtricity, on the other hand, learns a supportive move called Magnetic Flux. This is an Electric-type move boosting the defense and special defense of a partnered ally, as long as that Pokémon has the Plus or Minus ability.

Toxel is an enigmatic little ball of fury, so it is only fitting that its evolution would prove even more boisterous and loud. Toxtricity fits right in with the underlying rebellious theme set by Team Yell, being classified as a "Punk Pokémon". Whether Low-Key or Amped, Toxtricity is full of spunk, wreaking havoc on opponents and making easy work of battles for its trainer.

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