Mega Man 11: What Is The Best Order To Face The Bosses In?

There's no getting around it: Mega Man is one of the hardest video game franchises out there. Mega Man 11 is no different, having a high level of difficulty. Part of that difficulty is the boss battles, once again featuring eight Robot Masters to conquer. The bosses have weaknesses Mega Man can exploit. You may guess that Tundra Man's icy Special Weapon will be invaluable against Torch Man. However, you wouldn't expect Impact Man's ability to be Bounce Man's weakness. You would discover that by sheer luck, or reading an online guide such as this one.

It can be brutal on Normal Mode to make it through an entire stage, only to die at the boss fight because you only had one life left to analyze the patterns and weakness. The purpose of this guide is to provide a boss order to make the experience more enjoyable. We'll start with the first boss you should face, and make our way down.

Block Man

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Block Man's stage serves as a solid introductory level, featuring some great platforming. The boss fight is challenging. Despite his name, Block Man is no blockhead. The first phase of this fight is easy: blast him and avoid getting crushed by his blocks. It's the second phase that will give you trouble. Block Man transforms into a giant, and you have to carefully avoid his fists and blocks.

Block Man is not the easiest boss in the game. So, why should you battle him first? Besides the fact that his stage is pretty good to start with, you want to get Block Man's Special Weapon as soon as possible. Block Dropper is probably the best Special Weapon in the game for stages, as it can knock off enemies Mega Man might have trouble reaching without taking damage. (It is also excellent for mini-bosses.) If you're battling Block Man during the Boss Rush, be sure to use Chain Blast.

Acid Man

Here's the thing about Acid Man: the second act of his stage is brutal for newcomers. But, assuming you are playing on Normal Mode or above, you're probably willing to work through his stage if his boss battle is easy. Equipped with Block Dropper, the battle will be a cakewalk.

Acid Man's attacks are not the hardest to dodge (Speed Gear will come in handy), and with the Block Dropper, it will be over very quickly. Just combine the Power Gear with Block Dropper, and you're good to go.

Impact Man

Impact Man's stage has the look of a classic Mega Man level. But, you will find the latter parts with the objects constantly in Mega Man's way very annoying. The boss battle is challenging, but Impact Man's moves are some of the more predictable of the bosses. You just have to be wary of his jumping, and powerful downward stab. The Speed Gear will be invaluable.

His weakness is Acid Barrier, so fire it up, jump over him, and blast away. Here's an interesting fun fact: in addition to Acid Barrier being his weakness, using Acid Barrier enables Mega Man to walk over the sharp objects Impact Man puts in the ground.

Bounce Man

Bounce Man's stage will go down as particularly memorable (or infamous) for its bouncy platforms throughout. Bounce Man himself is tricky, but his patterns can be outmaneuvered with the Speed Gear. Interestingly, his weakness is Impact Man's Pile Driver.

Combining the Power Gear with Pile Driver will yield fast results in this match.

Fuse Man

Fuse Man's stage is actually one of the more enjoyable stages in the game. As for the boss fight, Fuse Man can be annoying to deal with, as he has electricity running around the arena. However, this fight becomes the easiest in the entire game if you have Bounce Man's Bounce Balls.

Combine the Power Gear with Bounce Balls, and you can unleash an onslaught. The Bouncy Balls are typically on the weaker side, but not in this battle. Honestly, using this attack feels like a cheat code because the battle can be over in seconds.

Tundra Man

Ice stages are some of the most notorious in side-scrollers, as the frosty floors can make controlling the character difficult. You'll find that in Tundra Man's stage and boss battle. The fight can be hard thanks to the floor, but with Tundra Man's weakness on hand, the battle won't be difficult.

For some reason, Scramble Thunder, an electricity-based weapon, is super effective against Tundra Man. In fact, just shooting the electric bolts normally does massive damage, so imagine how easy the match will be when you combine it with the Power Gear?

Torch Man

Fire-based characters are a staple in the Mega Man series. Torch Man's stage does have its fun moments, but the wall of fire sections are brutal... if you don't have Tundra Man's ability. One might not think to do this, but you can actually freeze the fire wall for a few seconds using Tundra Storm, making these sections incredibly easy.

As for the boss battle, there isn't much to say because it will be over in a flash with Tundra Storm. Combine that with the Power Gear, and Torch Man will barely be able to land any damage.

Blast Man

Blast Man's stage is one of the more enjoyable levels. With all the Special Weapons at your disposal, getting through it won't be too bad. Likewise, the battle won't be awful either.

Blazing Torch is Blast Man's weakness, so combine that with the Power Gear to do big damage. If you lose Blazing Torch in mid-battle, Acid Barrier will be invaluable as it can protect Mega Man from Blast Man's explosives.

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Mega Man 11 is available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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