Mega Man 11 Release Date May Have Just Been Leaked By PlayStation

The release date for the 11th installment in the classic Mega Man series may have been leaked. The Singapore PlayStation Store apparently listed Mega Man 11 as coming out on October 3rd, 2018. Although the listing has been removed, Twitter user yesubaybee took a screenshot, shown below, which was picked up by popular Twitter user Wario64.

Via @yesubaybee

Wario64 also tweeted the Mega Man 11 page from the removed PSN listing, featuring a full description of the game and even a new gameplay mechanic.

Mega Man 11's announcement trailer teased a late 2018 release, so October would line up with that. The fact that it appears the PlayStation Store page was taken down after the alleged release date leak gained traction adds to its legitimacy. One can imagine that we'll hear an official confirmation at E3.

Mega Man 11 was a pleasant surprise announcement for fans of the Blue Bomber. For a long time, it seemed that Capcom had given their original mascot the shaft. There hasn't been a new Mega Man game since Mega Man 10 in 2010. Instead, Capcom had canceled promising titles, including Mega Man Universe, Rockman Online, and of course, Mega Man Legends 3. Although Mega Man 11 is probably not as ambitious as these canceled titles, the game should be welcome to both longtime and new players alike. With the release of Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 on the Nintendo Switch, many players are experiencing classic Mega Man for the first time. In that sense, Mega Man 11's timing is perfect.

The announcement trailer showcased the quality level design and boss battles the series is known for. Interestingly, the game's aesthetic is different than previous games in the classic series. This is the first time a 3D model for classic Mega Man is used; all other main entries used sprites. In that way, Mega Man 11 more resembles the later Mega Man X games.

Via Official Capcom UK - youtube.com

Going by the description page from the tweet above, if accurate, it reveals a couple of interesting aspects. One of course, is the "Double Gear system." It sounds like this will be a useful thing to have in times of peril, and knowing Mega Man games, that will be often. Of course, we don't know how this will apply in-game - will Mega Man have a meter that fills up after he hits an enemy a certain number of times, or will it be an item that appears in select areas? The "variety of difficulty modes" should be a good thing to have. If utilized properly, a hard mode could be great for longtime players, while normal for more all-around players, and easy for newcomers to the series.

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Mega Man 11 does not have an official release date yet. Perhaps at E3 we'll learn if October 3rd is accurate or not.

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