Men In Black: Global Invasion Is Another Pokémon GO Clone

Men In Black: Global Invasion hopes to stand apart from the shadow created by the revolutionary Pokémon Go.

Niantic's massive AR mobile hit, Pokemon GO, has been played by millions of people and was a full blown cultural phenomenon back during its 2017 release. Other developers are taking note, creating their own take on GPS-oriented AR games centered around pop-culture franchises, in hopes of capitalizing on the success of Pokemon GO. The latest entry in this list of Pokemon GO clones, Men In Black: Global Invasion, hopes to stand apart from the shadow created by the revolutionary Pokémon title.

Men In Black: Global Invasion aims to put you in the shoes of an MIB agent from the popular movie series, with the goal of hunting down and capturing aliens. You're given access to 40 different aliens from the films, as well as a handful of weapons. You can build your collection of aliens, and engage in turn-based combat against other MIB agents, where the best aliens win. Sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it?

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Granted, a Pokémon GO clone based on the Men In Black series does make a bit more sense than games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as the characters in the Men In Black movies actually had the job of hunting down aliens, similar to the objective of this game. Although it may be just a bit too similar to Pokémon GO, those that have played the game have reportedly enjoyed it, and it has been given a 4.3/5 on Google Play, and a 5/5 on the App Store.

It will probably be difficult for Men In Black: Global Invasion to stand apart in the saturated field of AR games, but it seems to be a bit more promising than some of the other less inspired entries. It could very well be the best thing with the Men In Black name on it for quite some time, as the latest movie in the franchise, Men In Black: International, was slammed by critics and bombed at the box office. If you're a big fan of the Men In Black universe, this might be the best thing out there right now.

Men In Black: Global Invasion is available now on both the App Store and on Google Play. It might be hard to convince Pokémon GO players to try out another AR game, but it's free to play, so you've got nothing to lose if you'd like to try it out. If only developer Ludare Games Group Inc. could use a neuralyzer and make us all forget about Pokémon GO with a quick flash of red light, they'd probably make a bit more money.

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