10 Hilarious Metal Gear Solid 4 Memes Only True Fans Understand

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots provided an excellent, emotional, and most importantly fitting end to what the first three Metal Gear Solid games had set up.

The game also continued the series tradition of combing serious storytelling with complete insanity. Hideo Kojima's popular franchise has never taken itself entirely seriously, and that didn't change in the fourth entry.

MGS4's willingness to laugh at itself rubs off on the community, as fans who love the game are willing to poke fun at it, often in the form of memes. This list features ten of the best memes fans have come up with about Metal Gear Solid 4.

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10 Stealth Is Just A Suggestion

It happens to every Metal Gear Solid player at least once, you try to play ultra stealthily and make Kojima proud, yet it all goes wrong. The pattern starts with one eagle-eyed guard spotting you, then as you try to silence him, others see you, so you have to end them too, and before you know it you've killed everybody.

In MGS4, Drebin is also partly to blame for your massacres, because he has plenty of cool weapons on offer right from the pause menu to tempt you, making it hard to stick with the tranquilizer gun and stun knife.

9 It Would Make A Good Movie Though

Really long cutscenes are a staple of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, but the fourth game took it to the extreme. As the meme hilariously suggests, at times Metal Gear Solid 4 does feel like a movie with its constant cinematics that can last between ten to thirty minutes.

Thankfully the game's story is interesting and successfully ties up most of the plot lines from the previous three games. Still, MGS4 could've done with a bit more gameplay to prove to people that it was indeed a game. At least the fourth installment cut down on Codec calls.

8 Patrick Star Imitating Old Snake

Who would've thought that the incredibly complex narrative of Metal Gear Solid 4 could be summarised in a few short words by Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants of all people? Joking aside, it's funny how close Patrick's comments are to the plot of Old Snake facing his mortality while pulling off one last job.

This meme also brings up an idea, if nobody ever turns Metal Gear Solid into a movie then maybe Spongebob can just make their own version, just think Squidward's unhappiness would make him the perfect option to play Raiden.

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7 Who To Believe?

The Fallout series' signature line "War never changes" was contradicted in Old Snake's very first line in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Luckily unlike Snake and Vault Boy in this meme, the franchises' respective fans haven't gone to battle (by battle we mean tweeting each other) over which of these statements is true, devoted fanbases have been in sillier arguments.

It is funny though how two equally iconic pieces of dialogue can mean completely opposite things, especially as Metal Gear Solid 4 came out the exact same year as the game that gave Fallout mainstream attention, Fallout 3.

6 Very Relatable

Anyone who goes shopping regularly will have faced this situation plenty of times. Three of the wheels on your shopping cart will be fine and doing their job properly, but then they'll be one that has a mind of its own that makes any sort of movement much more annoying and difficult.

Old Snake has to face the shame of being compared to the faulty wheel. However, at least Snake managed to still end the Patriots and defeat Liquid Ocelot despite his broken body, whereas all the wheel does is make people crash into things.

5 Nanomachines Explain Everything

One of the long-running jokes about Metal Gear Solid 4 is about how the game tried to explain and retcon a lot of things in the series using nanomachines. Explaining the supernatural with science worked for some things, but there were still some holes as the meme points out.

Vamp's nanomachines being the thing that keeps him alive kind of makes sense in a Metal Gear way, yet it doesn't explain how the supposed human being was able to walk and run on water in the second game. Nanomachines couldn't have made his body light enough to not sink, especially as he has no problems swimming underwater.

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4 Cyborg Ninja Or Fashion Icon?

It's unclear why the people who turned Raiden into a cyborg ninja decided to give him heels (tactical pumps). Yes, Raiden does use the heels when he holds a blade in his foot, yet is that a fair trade-off for making walking and running harder?

If only Metal Gear Solid 4 had shown the training Raiden had to go through to become a ninja, as before he practiced all of his flips and tricks, there would've been a fun scene of him stumbling around trying to get used to wearing high heels.

3 Snake Should've Cracked A Window

Every car owner has been there, the car's been left in the sun, and when you open the door, the heat hits you like that microwave hallway hits Snake. The usual strategy to ease the situation is to crank the AC and leave the door or window open for a bit before driving (if there is time).

Unluckily for Snake, in the microwave hallway, there was no AC in sight and leaving that door open for a bit wouldn't have made a difference. Although at least Snake knew what he was getting into, most people forget or don't realize they left their car in the sun until that door opens.

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2 The Iconic Final Battle

The final fight between Snake and Liquid in MGS4 is an incredible brawl that provides a fitting end to their conflict, and it is still somehow perfectly depicted by this meme.

It is a fistfight between two old men, one man that is a mixture of two people against someone who was on the verge of death before the fight even started.

Only Metal Gear can get away with this amount of ridiculousness while still seeming serious. Although even Kojima would've struggled to make the fight feel important if he had Snake bring a walking stick with tennis balls on it to the battle.

1 Liquid Ocelot's Lookalike

There is one way to make the final fight between Snake and Liquid even crazier, and that's by replacing Liquid Ocelot with the great Stan Lee. Ocelot in the fourth game does look a hell of a lot like the late comic writer.

Stan Lee may have been the master of cameos, but visually he would've made a fantastic Ocelot if they'd have ever made a Metal Gear Solid movie. Imagine if the movie had of been about the first game, Lee could've been doing all sorts of tricks with the revolver, that would have been cinematic excellence.

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