14WORST: Cyborg Ninja

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Gray Fox is an incredible character. His relationship with Solid Snake is one of the most interesting things about the latter’s person. He only has a big role in Metal Gear Solid and the original Metal Gear games, but Gray

Fox made an impression on the franchise that could never be forgotten. It’s a real shame about his boss fight, though.

On a thematic level, the Cyborg Ninja fight is great. If you played the original Metal Gear duology then it’s an excellent and emotional callback to Snake and Gray Fox’s fight in Zanzibar. If you’re new to the series, then it’s an awesome introduction to an awesome character. Unfortunately, the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. The whole boss boils down to punching Gray Fox three times, waiting for him to try to attack you, and then punch him three times again. There’s little to no variety whatsoever. Chaff grenades make the fight a bit more manageable, but it doesn’t make it fun.

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