Metal Gear Solid: 10 Craziest Things To Happen In The Franchise

To a first timer, the Metal Gear Solid series may seem like a typical military game. It's easy to make the judgement based on solely the cover and back text that you play just buff guys and do war missions. However, you couldn't be more wrong.

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The Metal Gear series likes to be crazy. War has never been more weird from vampires, to cyborgs, to people who can control bees. Beyond the characters, the plot is insane and delves into what can only be summarized as the military industrial complex Illuminati. Also, of course, there is the meta mechanics. Thank you Hideo Kojima. Just choosing 10 things is hard when there are practically hundreds to choose from.

Here is our list of craziest instances in the franchise.

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10 Raiden's Parkour In Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Raiden is a character that started as a sweet novice boy and was dragged slowly into the craziness that is Metal Gear until he became an angst-ridden cyborg. He eventually got his own game where stealth didn't even matter anymore, and his abilities were jaw-dropping.

He made the parkour in Assassin's Creed look like a kiddie pool. It's hard to not laugh at how ridiculous his parkour was when jumped himself up oncoming missiles and ran from one to the next while they were flying to get to his target.

9 The Pain

 The entire Cobra Unit from Metal Gear: Snake Eater was pretty crazy, but The Pain felt especially out there since he could control bees. All we know is that he got this ability from being infected with parasites. Also the guy has the bee queen in his fanny pack.

Not only can he control bees, but he can shoot them from his mouth like bullets. From that you may ask, "There are bees INSIDE him?" And the answer is yes, yes there are bees inside the man. In addition to that, they bees can also hold him and make him fly.

8 Living On Through An Arm

As crazy as it may sound, ghosts and spirits are definitely real in the Metal Gear series. There have been many instances of them. The series just brushes over all of those instances.

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One very memorable piece of evidence has to do with possession. Revolver Ocelot loses his arm and gets a new one that used to belong to Liquid Snake. So of course Liquid Snake's spirit possesses Ocelot. Ocelot obviously wasn't thinking. This is all simple ghost math. Spirits are always connected to disembodied arms.

7 The End Of Peace Walker

Just trying to explain what happens at the end of Metal Gear: Peace Walker to someone shows how crazy the whole thing actually is.

So a powerful, nuke-bearing mech exists that can create a world-ending war. This mech gains sentience. That sentience is actually the ghost of The Boss, or her adopted persona of some manner that was put into the programming. That sentient robot commits suicide by walking into the sea in order to prevent the world-ending war. Wow.

6 Psycho Mantis

In Metal Gear Solid, Psycho Mantis blew a lot of minds. Back then, breaking the fourth wall in a video game was far less common than today. He displayed his telekinetic powers by making your controller move on it's own, making you think the channel accidentally changed by turning the screen black, and reading your memory card and commenting on games you've played and how often you have saved.

This was very memorable moment for Metal Gear fans, and it is definitely a prime example of what makes the series special.

5 The Colonel's Freakout In Metal Gear 2

Towards the end of Metal Gear 2, Colonel Campbell's phone calls start to get much more interesting. What's also funny is Raiden is running around naked while these phone calls are happening.

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He says things that border on nonsensical to fourth wall breaking from telling you to turn off the game to saying information from the first game that has nothing to do with what's going on now. Then there are just lines like "I need scissors! 61"

4 Letting The End Die On His Own

Another part of the kooky Cobra Unit, The End is an old sniper who makes for a very long boss fight in Metal Gear: Snake Eater.  What makes matters worse is he uses tranquilizer darts and carries you far away so you wake up and have to get back to his area as well as fight him again. You can defeat him like other bosses, or you can use fourth-wall mechanics.

The End can die of old age if you let a week pass in the middle of the fight or by changing the clock in your console's settings.

3 Johnny's Bathroom Problems

This poor soldier was sick for his mission in Metal Gear Solid 4 and constantly made a fool of himself by having to use the bathroom in the middle of a war-zone.

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The scenes are hilarious though. He tries to hid in a drum can but enemies can hear him and they are confused and they find him with his pants half-pulled down. The more we got to know Johnny, the weirder things got too. Under his mask, he was actually incredibly handsome and ends up marrying Meryl. Wow.

2 The Ladder Scene

In Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater, you get to climb one of the longest ladders to exist in a video game. It takes about two minutes to climb. That may not sound like much at first, but you must realize that short-seeming amount of time is a incredibly long time to just stare at a character climbing a ladder.

To make the moment even more weird, the song "Snake Eater" from the opening comes out of nowhere to serenade you as you climb.

1 Mexican Raiden

Possibly the most cringe-worthy scene in the entire franchise is when Raiden goes to Mexico and sports a poncho and sombrero over his cyborg body. He stands out like the biggest sore thumb in the world. Locals are all staring at him, obviously. He climbs into the sewers, looks at them, and says "Adios amigos." It was just so strange. Especially considering Raiden's new edgy characterization for the game. Apparently he will always be an awkward dork.

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