Metal Gear Solid: Fox-Hound’s 10 Best Agents, Ranked

Metal Gear Solid is a franchise that has been going for a very long time. It has a difficult story to follow for those who don't truly invest their time into it, so let's make it that little bit easier. Below is a ranked list of the greatest Fox-Hound agents that have ever been.

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When it comes to being a soldier, these are the best of the best, but some of them are definitely better than others. Time to take a look at how these agents all rank up next to each other.

10 Meryl Silverburgh

Being a woman that has spent her time since childhood training to be a great soldier, it should come as no surprise that she's on this list. However, she's been placed at the bottom as she doesn't show off any special powers that would put her higher.

Sure, she's a fantastic soldier and having her on the team is always a good sign, but that doesn't change the fact that she's can't read people's minds. This is a woman that only got called in as a reserve soldier, so she's not the best of the best!

9 Kazuhira Miller

This is one of the most iconic characters from the later Metal Gear games, but that doesn't mean he's as good as someone that infiltrate an area and leave without anyone knowing. This is a behind the scenes agent.

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This is a man that knows how to properly run an entire army, as well as having the expertise to train them while he's at it. However, that doesn't end up being particular interesting or deadly... Important to have around, but not the most exciting agent in Fox-Hound history.

8 Vulcan Raven

Nobody can deny that this man had a cool aesthetic, but does that make him the best agent? No. Just because somebody gets a bunch of raven tattoos, gets themselves a tank, and carries round a massive gun doesn't make them a great agent.

Sadly, he isn't able to use his tank to any sort of higher level, as Solid Snake makes his way through its defenses so quickly! He's clearly a good soldier, but the player never gets to see that sort of thing.

7 Sniper Wolf

The Metal Gear Solid series has included a lot of sharpshooter characters, but this Fox-Hound agent is one of the greatest snipers of all time. This woman can stay still for days, if not weeks, waiting for her target to move into the right position.

She doesn't need to eat during this time, subsisting entirely on Diazepam. This level of power is pretty amazing, but that doesn't change the fact that her powers mainly come down to the fact that she can lie still for a long time...

6 Revolver Ocelot

Ocelot may have swapped allegiances a lot of different times, but it doesn't change the fact that he was once a great interrogator for Fox-Hound. His obsession with torture made him a powerful ally, and a frightening enemy to anyone that came up against him.

The Metal Gear games show us that he did a lot throughout his life, but it's only in Metal Gear Solid that we see just how obsessed he had become with inflicting damage on an individual. However, Ocelot won't be making it any higher due to his only power being marksmanship.

5 Decoy Octopus


This agent was able to take over the personality of a human being so well that people couldn't tell the difference.

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He took the impersonation to another level, even going so far as to inject the blood of those he was trying to impersonate. Somebody who puts that amount of effort in, while also having such a high rate of success, has to be placed this high on the list.

4 Gray Fox

There's no way that this guy could've gone lower on the list. A cyborg ninja is always cool, especially one that seems to be able to move at the speed of light and take on enemies with a high frequency blade.

Nobody out there will ever forget the moment that he took off Ocelot's arm. When the player eventually got to take charge of this blade, it was amazing. There's no chance that this agent could've been placed any lower in this list.

3 Psycho Mantis

One of the most memorable fights in the history of video games was the Psycho Mantis. Being one of the best psychics in the world, he is able to read the mind of the player, or at least he can do under certain circumstances.

He can also fly and control things with his mind. There is no chance that this man could be any lower on the list, and the only reason he isn't higher is that there are two Fox-Hound agents that just edge it above him.

2 Solid Snake

While he may not have been in the best condition the last time that players saw him on the screen, it doesn't change the fact that he achieved incredible things throughout his life.

Throughout his time in video games, we saw him do amazing things. He was able to stop the complete destruction of the planet so many times, and yet was always willing to take a step into the background. He may be great, but there's no chance that he can take the top spot in this list...

1 Big Boss

Anyone that is handed the ceremonial title of Big Boss has got to be at the top of this list. Widely regarded to be one of the greatest soldiers of all time, people actually cloned this agent in an attempt to create the perfect soldier.

With so many successful mission on his record, there's no reason this man shouldn't end up at the top of the list. No soldier will ever be able to hold a candle to this man and the things that he managed to pull off!

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