10 Quotes from The Metal Gear Solid Franchise That We Still Don’t Understand

The Metal Gear series has unfortunately simmered down to have very less momentum in the last few years after Hideo Kojima departed from the franchise, causing fans to cling onto the older games to remember its heydays. There are a lot of lessons one can learn about war and the world from the series, and these are delivered through quotes from characters.

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However, we’ve found many of these quotes to be conflicting with what they’re saying, as well as in conflict with the actions of the characters who utter these quotes in the first place. In this list, you’ll find 10 quotes from Metal Gear we don’t understand because we have different interpretations over what they mean. Read on through and see for yourself.

10 "I'm No Hero. Never Was, Never Will Be."

There’s a lot of grey area in the protagonists of the Metal Gear series in that their characterizations are dark enough for them to be more anti-heroes than straight up good guys. However, Solid Snake has prevented wars around the world from going off, so this quote can’t really be right, can it?

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According to the man himself, he can’t be looked at as a hero, and vehemently denied being one. This in spite of the fact that most of his actions can be dubbed as heroic, which makes this a quote we can’t wrap out heads around.

9 "I'm A Shadow, One That No Light Will Shine On. As Long As You Follow Me, You Will Never See The Day."

Solid Snake was always consumed by an inner darkness due to his origins and the life he led, making him believe there was nothing but an endless lack of hope waiting for him through his existence.

It’s hard to believe his words, however, considering Solid Snake did go out having several friends with himself. He was never alone, as a matter of fact, and had allies he could always count on. Perhaps it was his own insecurities talking, but we are certain he had many people following this “shadow” and still seeing the light.

8 "War Has Changed."

This has become an immortal quote as part of the series, as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots started out with these words. According to the game’s narration, war was more about the money and proxy battles now than any other agenda, making it different from the “war has changed” quote.

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And yet, if you think about it, war didn’t really change at all. In case of the Metal Gear series, Solid Snake still fought the same enemies and still endured endless battles. Perhaps the circumstances changed, but war in itself seems to be going through the same motions.

7 "What Little Time I Have Left Will Be Spent Living...As A Beast. A Shadow Of The Inside."

Sometimes you get the sense that the same guys who wrote The Fast and the Furious movies might have written dialogue for the Metal Gear games, because we have cheesy as heck lines like this.

Here, Solid Snake confessed he was finally going to be finding peace rather than a war for his final days, and intended to retire as...a beast? We get that he was trying to come across as enlightened, but this only made him sound more like Dominic Toretto.

6 "I've Never Fought For Anyone But Myself."

Seriously, there might not be a more cynical character than that of Solid Snake, who seems to have such a low opinion of himself that he feeds himself lies. That’s because this saying really has to be lie, considering Snake has most definitely fought for others.

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It’s hard for us to understand why he would say such a thing, considering Snake has been put in situations where he lays his life on the line so that people at large would be safe. Someone really needed to list Snake’s accomplishments to the man himself to change his opinion of himself.

5 "Building The Future And Keeping The Past Alive Are One And The Same."

This kind of makes sense, but also not really. The quote here is about preservation; the idea is that preserving what was and what it can be makes them the same thing, except it ignores how the future can always be made better by righting wrongs.

After all, our development as a species has hinged upon evolution and progressiveness, which makes it questionable what the Metal Gear series was going for with this quote. Perhaps it should be applied in a positive light rather than interpreting the negative.

4 "Snake...? Snake!!!"

Whenever the Snake character dies onscreen, be it Big Boss or Solid Snake, the person at the other end of the line providing him with support goes insane over it. Sure, it makes sense that they would be terrified that Snake bit the dust, but what is up with all that screaming?

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Clearly, Snake has died, and the repeated screaming of his name makes no sense considering that Snake isn’t around to hear them call out to him. This just makes us scratch our heads over what the point is of all that yelling.

3 "There’s No Such Thing In The World As Absolute Reality. Most Of What They Call Real Is Actually Fiction."

Things are up for your interpretation here too, as this quote can be applicable to a scenario where the implication is that the government manipulates us so much that whatever we see isn’t how it actually is.

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However, the quote also contradicts itself in that, should we agree that there is no such thing as an absolute reality, then we can’t even take this quote completely 100% since it would mean these words themselves are fictitious and not to be trusted.

2 "I Will Kill You Or You Will Kill Me. It Makes No Difference."

If you’re looking at the final result of a fight, then we understand what this saying means. It has to do with the clear result that there is always going to be a winner and a loser, and even if the good guy wins or dies, there’s still going to be a victor.

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And yet, there is still a world of difference in our opinion, considering that whoever does come out as a winner will be the one to influence what happens next. Should the protagonist Solid Snake win, then the world would be fine; the other possibility would have left the world in war - there’s a huge difference here.

1 "Even If A Pawn Becomes A Queen, It's Still Just A Playing Piece."

This is a very insightful quote in that it presents us the reality that it doesn’t matter which position of authority you find yourself as, you’ll still be someone who is controlled by a higher authority.

While we agree that it makes sense, what we don’t get is how it can overlook how a person can influence proceedings when they get in that higher position. A pawn can only have one move, a but a queen can do whatever she pleases. Sure, she’ll still be a piece on the board, but she would have the capacity to make her own choices.

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