Metal Gear Solid Recreated By Player In PS4’s Dreams

MGS Remake

Someone is recreating Metal Gear Solid in PlayStation 4’s latest puzzle sandbox, Dreams.

Dreams recently released on PS4 for Early Access, and it’s already making waves in the gaming community. The core game itself is a pretty standard sandbox puzzle where the play controls an “imp” that tries to solve problems by possessing characters, manipulating objects, and using magic to conjure items.

But the big deal about Dreams is less the puzzle part and more the EXTREMELY robust level creator that comes with it. Players can create their own custom levels (called “dreams”, hence the name) where the entire “imp” thing can be tossed out in favor of pretty much anything the designer wants.

For example, rather than controlling an imp, the player could control Solid Snake as he makes his way past guards just after arriving by submarine at Shadow Moses Island.

Which is pretty much what Bearly Regal has done. A Dreams player from the UK who moonlights as a community manager at Traveler's Tales (the LEGO games developer), Mr. Regal has taken it upon himself to faithfully recreate the very first scene of Metal Gear Solid.

That’s the one where Snake has just gotten out of the water and has to wait for an elevator to arrive while avoiding the guards. It serves as a semi-tutorial section so that players can familiarize themselves with the game’s stealth mechanics without too much consequence if they get it wrong.

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Bearly has done a great job of recreating the level itself, although Snake seems a little...off. While the animation is roughly similar to what it looks like on the original PlayStation game, it just seems odd to see it on a character model that has way more polygons.

In the latter half of Bearly’s teaser video, he explains that will be fixed in later iterations of the dream, as well as adding in working controls, guards, rats, and other little fixes. The life gauge and ability to pick up items seems to be working just fine, as is the alarm for when the elevator is due for arrival.

We’ll keep an eye on Bearly’s progress to see when he’s recreated all of the original Metal Gear Solid in Dreams. With the number of people offering to help, it's only a matter of time.

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