Metal Gear Survive Delayed To 2018

Metal Gear Survive has been delayed to 2018, Konami announced at E3 2017.

Konami announced at E3 that Metal Gear Survive has been delayed until next year.

Now, this is totally out of left field. A big name game, suddenly slapped with a huge delay? What is this madness?

These days, it seems that AAA blockbuster releases never arrive on time. It’s as though developers are just spitballing with their original ETA, or they do this intentionally to eke out a little more hype (and so a little more cash from gamers). After all, it’s always the celebrities who arrive fashionably late to the party that everyone pays the most attention to.

Snark aside, delays seem to be just a part of life in the industry now, a bugaboo we can complain about but are powerless to stop (see also: half-assed season passes). The latest victim of this epidemic is the much-anticipated Metal Gear Survive.

As Polygon reports, Konami announced at yesterday’s E3 showcase that the game had been “pushed back a few months.” They cited the usual spit-and-polish excuse, saying that this would afford them the opportunity to make Survive the best darn Survive it can be. As such, it has been shunted from its previous ‘late 2017’ launch window to an equally super-vague ‘early 2018.’

Via: pressakey.com

As irksome as this sort of thing always is, we can hope that this minor push-back will be the last of it. At any rate, Metal Gear Survive is shaping up to be the kind of unique gaming experience it’s worth being patient for. As you can see from the game’s official site, Konami are touting this one as a team-based survival action title set in an alternate Metal Gear universe. Friends will form squads to tackle the zombie-esque threat spreading across the world. Think Gears of War’s iconic Horde Mode, with that trademark stealthy twist. It’s all set in between the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but aside from that, the exclusive setting allows the team to pretty well go nuts in terms of enemies, areas and so forth.

Besides all of that, we can be grateful that the game is at least going ahead. Metal Gear fans are no strangers to release snafus, what with the Phantom Pain delays and the whole situation with Hideo Kojima. Delays are always a pain, and it sure sucks to have to wait a bit longer, but let’s count our blessings that Survive is at least going ahead. This one’s got a lot of potential and a great pedigree behind it, after all.

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