Metro Exodus Devs Reaffirm PC Games Will Always Be 'Heart' Of Their Plans Despite Angry Commenter

The teams behind Metro Exodus are performing damage control after the threat of no more Metro games on PC.

The teams behind Metro Exodus are performing damage control after one of the game’s developers threatened in an online forum post that future installments in the Metro series might not be released for PC, responding to the PC player backlash surrounding the decision to release the upcoming game through the Epic Games Store instead of Steam.

In a statement posted on the official Metro Exodus Twitter profile, it was indicated that the views from the rogue post were not reflective of Deep Silver’s or 4A Games’ view on the future of the Metro franchise, stating that a PC version for future games will always be a part of the plans.

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"The recent decision to move Metro Exodus from Steam to the Epic Game Store was made by Koch Media / Deep Silver alone," the post states. "The recent comments made by a member of the 4A Games development team do not reflect Deep Silver’s or 4A Games’ view on the future of the franchise. They do reflect the hurt and disappointment of a passionate individual who has seen what was previously nothing but positive goodwill towards his work turn to controversy due to a business decision he had no control over. We respectfully ask that any and all valid feedback over this decision is directed at Koch Media / Deep Silver, and not the developers at 4A Games. The future release strategy of the Metro series lies with Koch Media / Deep Silver. Our decision to partner with Epic Games was based on the goal of investing in the future of the series and our development partner at 4A Games. We have every intention of continuing this franchise, and a PC version will always be at the heart of our plans."

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It makes sense for the statement to have been made, since the developer’s post was likely just an immediate, passionate reaction to defend their work. The post makes light of this, as well as the fact that the decision was out of the control of the game’s developers.

The statement appears to have stemmed from Metro Exodus publisher, Deep Silver, which tweeted the same statement as the game’s Twitter page, versus the 4A Games profile, which retweeted the statement.

It is clear that the decision to move the game from Steam to the Epic Game Store has not sat well with gamers. Perusing through the Twitter comments will showcase that sentiment, as will a Reddit thread regarding Deep Silver’s statement. The more level-headed comments indicate an understanding for wanting to generate higher revenue (which the Epic Games Store provides over Steam), but most are unwilling to make the jump due to the Epic Games Store’s issues with security and account privacy.

They say that any publicity is good publicity, but the controversy surrounding Metro Exodus isn’t doing the game any favors as its February 15th release date approaches. It will interesting to see how initial game sales fare. The move to Epic might warrant a higher revenue on individual game sales, but that ultimately won’t matter if overall game sales don’t hit the mark.

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