Metro Exodus Adds New Game + And More With 'Ranger Update'

Metro Exodus has just launched a huge new update, adding New Game+ for players who complete the campaign, as well a host of improvements, bug fixes, and new play modes. The update has also added a complete Ukrainian localization of the game.

On March 26, the story-driven first person shooter added what it's calling the "Ranger Update". The biggest change is the addition of New Game+, which allows players who have already beaten the game to begin a new campaign with all the weapons and attachments they've unlocked in prior playthroughs. New Game+ also includes a new set of collectibles that players can find hidden throughout the world.

Players can also use New Game+ mode to personalize their playthroughs with new game modes and settings. Some are as simple as giving the player a crossbow, while others change the playthrough experience entirely. Many make the game more challenging, and some link the game's day/night cycle and weather with the real world, making the game more immersive.

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For players who want to know more about how the game was made, New Game+ includes a Developer Commentary mode. In this mode, players can find Green Tape Players containing developer commentary about the areas in which they are found.

The Ranger Update has also added a full Ukrainian localization to Metro Exodus. It's about time, considering Ukraine is the home country of the game's developer 4A.

In addition to the above changes, the Ranger Update has made some significant quality of life improvements for players on all platforms. These improvements include increased support for different consoles and PC, improved controller responsiveness, gameplay optimizations, and bug fixes.

The update has added keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One, as well as made improvements to RTX and DLSS support on PC and Dual Shock Controller Light support for PS4. The quality of life improvements were made based on bug and crash reports from players, as well as direct feedback and feature requests from the Metro Exodus community.

These improvements will no doubt be well received by players because, although the game garnered good reviews, it has a fair amount of bugs and glitches that make players' lives difficult. And life doesn't really need to be more difficult when you're already fighting mutants, cannibals, enemy soldiers, and radiation poisoning.

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