Steam Users Get The Last Laugh: Metro Exodus Will Pre-Load On Steam, Not Epic Games Store

The buildup and anticipation for Deep Silver/4A Games’ Metro Exodus has not gone as well as the studio may have hoped and, unfortunately, the hits just keep on coming.

It was originally being reported that the game, which comes out this Friday, February 15th, would not allow pre-loading for Steam users who were lucky enough to pre-order the game before it was removed from the platform. The Epic Games Store was expected to be taking priority for the pre-load feature since, according to a Deep Silver support email response, most of the game’s traffic was anticipated to be through that platform.

However, it seems that Steam users are getting the last laugh after all, as a tweet from the Metro Exodus Twitter page has revealed that a pre-load will be offered for Steam pre-orders, but will NOT be offered on the Epic Games Store.

“Metro Exodus pre-load for existing Steam pre-order customers WILL HAPPEN, and we will announce expected start time in due course,” the tweet states. “We regret to inform that pre-load via the Epic Games Store is not planned.”

To catch you up to speed, the onslaught of negative feedback regarding Metro Exodus’ move from Steam to Epic resulted in a disgruntled game developer threatening no future Metro games on PC, which forced Deep Silver to do a bit of damage control, reaffirming PC will always be in the plans for the Metro series.

Metro Exodus is the second big-name title to announce the move from Steam to the Epic Games Store; the other title being Ubisoft’s The Division 2. However, Metro Exodus will be the first game to actually release through the Epic Store, but so far, all of the drama has not exactly been a ringing endorsement for other titles to make the platform switch.

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Deep Silver has not yet revealed when the pre-load for Steam users will be available, but the clock is ticking as release day rapidly approaches. Considering the game comes in at a whopping 60 GB, hopefully the pre-load will be available sooner than later.

Be sure to stay tuned to The Gamer for our review of Metro Exodus following its release this weekend for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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