Metroid Prime 4 In Development For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo confirms that they are indeed working on Metroid Prime 4!

Nintendo has confirmed with a short, cryptic teaser that Metroid Prime 4 is currently being developed for the Nintendo Switch. This is the newest core installment in the Metroid Prime series in nearly ten years.

The trailer doesn’t offer much in the way of details, but the announcement itself is reason enough for Metroid fans to celebrate.

The trailer is a meager 42 seconds long, and features little aside from a title card announcing that the newest Metroid franchise installment will be Metroid Prime 4. The teaser also features a remixed version of the series trademark theme song, fraught with static.

Via: vg247.com

Although no details are immediately available, the fact that a new Metroid Prime is in the works is enough to make the Nintendo Switch a serious contender when gamers are considering picking up Nintendo’s newest console.


This comes with news of a 2D Metroid being developed for the 3DS as well; stoking the cooled coals of Metroid fans passion for the series after the lukewarm reception of Metroid: Other M and series spinoff Metroid: Federation Force. Players can expect the patented Metroid Prime gameplay from past installments; fast paced first person gameplay, different worlds full of nooks and crannies to explore, and multiple abilities that will (most likely), have to be acquired to get Samus back to full power. This is the first Metroid game announced for the Nintendo Switch and no further gameplay or release date details have been released. Hopefully Nintendo has come to their senses and decided to finally give the Metroid series and its beloved, badass bounty hunter the love they deserve. Although the details at the moment are scant, it’s hard not to be hyped for, what appears to be, a rightful resurgence of one of Nintendo’s most beloved series in the company’s storied history. It’ll be exciting to finally get behind the visor of Samus again for the first time since 2007 and the release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Although details are lacking, with no developer, gameplay, or release date, the game is currently available for preorder. Stay tuned in the coming months for more details on Metroid Prime 4.

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