Metroid: 10 Samus Cosplays That Seem Impossible But Fans Pulled Off

Samus Aran is one of Nintendo's most popular characters, and all of these cosplayers manage to bring her perfectly to life.

Samus became a turning point in the gaming industry when she became the highest rated female avatar. Released by Nintendo in 1986, gamers couldn’t get enough of the bounty hunter protagonist and her fanbase has only grown since then. Through Samus’ various skins, cosplayers have showcased their ardor for the character by putting together some seemingly impossible cosplays. She’s remained a staple in the cosplay gaming community and her popularity continues to rise as new versions of the heroine have come out in Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid: Zero Mission, and Metroid: Corruption.

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Perhaps one of the most recreated versions of this character is her powered Varia suit, which was initially displayed in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The golden exoskeleton looks like an intimidating costume to take on, but cosplayers somehow get it done in order to bring out three-dimensional characterizations which are sure to be noticed both at conventions and on the internet.

10 KataMarija

Kata looks like she has struggled with a Metroid or two. This Samus cosplay is a perfect idolization of the ex-soldier and brings out her heroic persona in a real way. Her battle-damaged cosplay comes with all the various aspects of Samus’ power suit and the cosplayer wears it like a true warrior.

Kata’s other cosplays include Aranea of Final Fantasy and Kyoko Kirigiri of Danganronpa.

9 Phazon Pixie Cosplay

Claire, or Phazon Pixie Cosplay, is an accurate embodiment of the Metroid character. Her Varia suit became a hit on Instagram when she shared the armored rig earlier this year.

Samus is one of her staple cosplays and she’s taken to reworking the armor since she first premiered the suit. Claire is an accomplished cosplayer with video game cosplays appearing to be her specialty.

8 Amy Gii

Amy represents the best of both worlds as she shows off her Samus Zero Suit alongside the Varia suit. The Zero Suit is probably the most prominent form of Samus within the cosplay community, but Amy wears them both with finesse. On her left, she hoists the paralyzer gun and on the right, she has the unmistakable Arm Cannon.

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Amy is a fan of My Hero Academia, Disney, and Sailor Moon and can be seen cosplaying a plethora of characters from each fandom.

7 A Nerd With Makeup

Despite her handle, this cosplayer seems to have talent far beyond the end of a makeup brush. Her Varia suit has all the bells and whistles, including LED lights to really give it that power-up effect. The entire execution of this cosplay looks flawless. It would be interesting to know just how comfortable it would be to wear this monster of a cosplay throughout conventions.

Samus must hold a special place with this cosplayer as its the only cosplay viewers will see next to her animated artwork (besides her Wonder Woman cosplay).

6 PigTails Power

Another incredible work of Samus art. Ainsley is a cosplayer and sculpture who made this armored cosplay herself. The homemade suit premiered in 2015 and this cosplayer’s love for the character has only grown since then.

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In fact, Ainsley is currently working on Samus’ Gravity Suit, which she will debut later this year. If you are curious what all it takes to make these type of armor builds, check out her Instagram for her work in progress pictures.

5 Xephyr

If there were to ever be a real-life Samus, this is what she would look like. Xephyr is a 26-year-old engineer who uses her expert skills to print this 3D Samus cosplay. This polished suit is simply remarkable and an eye-catching cosplay to say the least.

Xephyr is a cosplayer and prop maker who’s costume skills hold no boundaries. She is currently in the process of making Moira from the game Overwatch.

4 Willow Creative

Willow Creative’s cosplays are consistently amazing and obviously have a lot of time and hard work put into them. How she is able to procure such a masterful costume is still a mystery. It can be presumed that it’s knowledge as a 3D artist and a costume maker that makes her results so killer.

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Willow’s Samus looks to have stepped right out of the screens of a Metroid game, with lights and gadgets fully intact. Willow hails from the Netherlands and is currently in the process of putting together a Demon Hunter cosplay.

3 Mii Souza

A Brazilian cosplayer, seamstress, and crafter, it seems inevitable that this Varia suit came out so perfect. Mii constructed this cosplay herself and she wears it with gusto.

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The entire suit was fashioned together with craft foam, paint, and LEDs. You can also find Mi cosplaying the likes of Zelda and Lucina of Fire Emblem.

2 Hendo Art

When it comes to Hendo, her cosplays never disappoint. The acclaimed cosplayer presents her version of Samus in a breath-taking light that definitely stands out in her portfolio of cosplays. Hendo is a well-known cosplayer who helps out her fellow creatives by making Youtube tutorials for makeup, foam work, and props.

Some of her other cosplay costumes are Spider-Girl, Joker, Raven, and Lara Craft. You name a character, and this cosplayer more than likely has it covered.

1 Cosplamy

If you want to talk creativity, talk to Cosplamy (get it?). Amy steps up the game a notch by making her cosplays completely out of Pearler beads (yes, those beads from the kids crafting section).

Her Samus proved to be a more difficult task with the rounded shoulder pads and the Arm Canon, but audiences would never know it based on the final result. Cosplamy’s first Pearler cosplay was the colorful original character that she put together in 2018. Her other Perler’s include Wonder Woman and she is currently working on a Buzz Lightyear completely made out of these tiny beads.

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