Metroid: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Samus

Samus doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and we've managed to break down why.

In the world of gaming, I think Samus Aran from Metroid is one of the most important video game characters to ever be created. She was a female protagonist in a time where that was rare, and she proved to people everywhere that you could be a girl and you could still be tough and powerful. The revelation that Samus Aran was indeed a woman behind the suit changed everything in the gaming community.

And since then, this character has only grown in popularity. With the many games that have come out, we always look forward to seeing this awesome bounty hunter in action. We know that no matter what, Samus will do what it takes to complete the mission and take down whatever threat is up against her.

I think my favorite Metroid game was Metroid Prime. It gave us a whole new look into the world of Metroid and seeing Samus in all her 3D glory was pretty awesome. Plus, fighting as Samus from a first-person view was quite the experience. It just shows us how brave she is to be face off against all kinds of dangerous aliens all the time.

But that being said, while Samus is a pretty awesome character with an interesting backstory, there is a lot about her that doesn’t make much sense. Between all the different games and other media, there are some inconsistencies with this female bounty hunter, and there are some crazy elements to her that never really get explained.

So here are 20 things about Samus that don’t make any sense. Let's go be confused about our favorite space bounty hunter!

20 That’s One Crazy Suit

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One of the most iconic things about Samus is her famous Power Suit. It’s partially thanks to that suit that she’s managed to take on so many baddies and come out on top. Between the armor, the weapons, and its impressive morph capabilities, this suit is one you want if you’re a space bounty hunter.

But just how does this suit work? Apparently, it’s a suit that was built to fuse with Samus’ mind, body, and spirit. But it’s never said how that actually works. It’s crazy to think that there’s a suit that can meld with your body and soul. No wonder Samus is a pretty powerful lady, even if we don’t know how that suit actually works.

19 Physics Is Being Seriously Messed With Here

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One of the cool abilities of Samus’ Power Suit is that it can transform her into a ball. Yep, Samus can actually transform into a ball, known as the Morph Ball. This feature comes in handy when you need to squeeze into some tight places. But how does the Morph Ball actually work?

Considering how small she gets as a ball, it seems like it would be impossible for Samus to contort herself into that size without breaking her spine. It seems physically impossible, and there’s no real explanation how it works. Maybe it’s a crazy Chozo DNA thing (since Samus now has Chozo blood). Maybe it’s a mystery we’ll never solve.

18 Too Much To Contain

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While Samus doesn’t have to deal with as many items as other heroes like Link from The Legend of Zelda, she still has some items that we’re not sure how they fit in her Power Suit. While it may be a bit bulkier than other outfits, there’s not a lot of room for storing things. Like her missiles.

How does she carry all those missiles and bombs?

By the end of most games, Samus has quite a few missiles she can use. But where exactly is she storing them? How do they work? And let’s not forget that she can use bombs while she’s in the Morph Ball. How does that work? How does she have an unlimited number of bombs in that form? We just don’t know.

17 The Chozo Have Some ‘Splaining to Do

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Samus did have a pretty unusual upbringing, being raised by the Chozo race. And thanks to them, Samus became a very formidable warrior. But there are some strange things about the Chozo that don’t make a lot of sense.

For starters, how did they infuse Samus with Chozo blood and DNA? That process seems a little dangerous. And why are there all these Chozo ruins on various other planets? It is mentioned that there are other Chozo colonies, but we don’t’ hear a ton about them, and the most we see of them in games is ancient Chozo ruins and artifacts. It’s all just a little weird, and something’s not adding up.

16 A Strange Relationship

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The creation of the parasitic Metroid was probably one of the Chozo’s biggest mistakes. These creatures are incredibly dangerous and unpredictable. And they’re a hot commodity in the galaxy since they could make a very powerful weapon. But Samus somehow bonded with one.

In one of the games, Samus is around a Metroid hatchling who imprints on her and believes her to be its mother. This does end up saving her as the Metroid takes on Mother Brain and sacrifices itself to protect her. But how on earth did this crazy creature imprint on her? I get ducks doing that, but an alien parasite? That’s a bit strange.

15 Staying Alive (Somehow)

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Honestly, Samus should have perished many times by now. Even as a kid, she was the sole survivor of a space pirate raid, she was raised on the harsh planet Zebes, and she’s fought some incredibly dangerous enemies. How she’s not gone is frankly a miracle.

The fact that Samus is still alive is a miracle itself. 

There’s also that time that she got partially taken over by the parasite X, and there’s the time her body started producing phazon, putting her in danger all the time. And let’s not forget all the times in games where the suit’s been damaged. And considering that she joined the Galactic Federation as a teenager, she’s been fighting since she’s pretty much a child. How is she alive?

14 Isn't She A Little Young To Be A Bounty Hunter?

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Considering that Samus has been training since she was a child, it’s not surprising that she’s a formidable warrior. She really is one tough lady, but she’s also one tough young lady. In fact, she became a bounty hunter at the age of 17(ish).

But here’s my question: who thought that was a good idea? Did the Chozo not see a problem with this? And how was the Galactic Federation fine with it? And how does a teenager become a space bounty hunter? Did the Chozo just decide that she was going to be a warrior? And how is it that she’s this powerful teenager that can take on quite a few dangerous creatures? It’s all pretty crazy.

13 Crazy In The Brain

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According to the Chozo, you have to have a very strong mental fortitude to be able to even operate a Power Suit, since it binds to your body, mind, and soul. If your mental strength isn’t very good, the suit’s not going to work very well for you. And apparently Samus has a lot of mental strength.

But honestly, she’s been through so much that it’s kind of a miracle that she hasn’t cracked yet. She survived a raid, she’s faced some truly frightening things, and she’s lost a lot of people she loved. And let’s not forget the time she had to fight a dark version of herself. How is this girl still sane?

12 So What’s The Point Of Her Armor?

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Anyone who thinks that Samus is only powerful thanks to her armor obviously hasn’t played her in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In that game, Zero Suit Samus is actually more powerful than regular Samus. And that’s what doesn’t make a ton of sense.

How is she more powerful without her armor?

Yes, Samus does have some superhuman athletic abilities, and she’s a very powerful warrior. But her armor makes her that much stronger. The fact that she’s somehow more powerful without it in Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a bit confusing. Granted, she probably is a bit faster, but I feel like her armor should give her more of an edge than it does.

11 We Need To See This In Mario Kart!

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It’s no secret that Nintendo games like to make references to its other games. And Samus has shown up and made cameos in other Nintendo games, but not as much as you’d think. And one particular game really should have some reference to Metroid: the Mario Kart series.

The most recent Mario Kart games have some cool references to games like The Legend of Zelda and F-Zero. So why haven’t they included elements from Metroid? Even if you never had Samus as a raceable character, you could still include some worlds from Metroid as a race track. Come on, Nintendo, what gives? Do you know how cool it would be to race on Brinstar?

10 That’s One Young Soldier

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For most of Samus’ life, she’s been a fighter. And for a lot of her career, she was involved with the Galactic Federation. She started out in the Federation Police and then became a part of the Federation Army. But keep in mind that she was seriously young at the time. So how was this okay?

How did Samus even get into the Federation Police? She couldn’t have been much older than 14. Did they just allow kids that young to enroll? Were the humans fine with using child soldiers? Or was Samus a special case? They don’t really address it that much, so we’re all left wondering how an organization is okay with a young teenager becoming a soldier.

9 What Does She Actually Do?

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In her early years in the Galactic Federation, Samus has always seemed to have clashed with her higher-ups. She’s gone against orders many times, and she eventually breaks away from the Federation and doesn’t show up again for a few years.

Her role in the Federation is a bit unclear. 

Now, Samus is a bounty hunter, but her role within the Federation is a bit unclear. She doesn’t seem to work with them as closely anymore, but she still goes out on assignments for them. So how much is she working with the Federation? Does she still answer to them, or is she just a loose cannon? How do bounty hunters work? It’s not super clear.

8 Just What Happened To This Child?

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Most of us know Samus as the tough bounty hunter that’s ready to take on Space Pirates and Metroids, but what do we know about her early years? Some of Samus’ past is a bit shaky. We know that she was raised by the Chozo after her parents were ended in a raid, but we don’t know much about her time spent on Zebes.

We also know that she joined the Galactic Federation Army at a pretty young age, but we don’t know how old she was. And what about those years when she broke way from the Federation? What was she up to? How did she go from a Federation Army soldier to a bounty hunter? Considering Samus is a pretty private person, it’s not that surprising that we don’t know a ton of details about her past.

7 This Really Should’ve Ended Her

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Samus has had quite a few terrible things happen to her, but one that stands out is the events of Metroid Fusion, where a parasitic organism called X injected itself into her and started taking over her body. She survives, thanks to a vaccine developed by scientists that they took from Metroid DNA. And now Samus has more Metroid capabilities.

But here’s my question: how did that work? What is it about the Metroid DNA that neutralized the X parasite? And how is it that Samus then became part Metroid? I feel like injecting Metroid DNA wouldn’t be enough to change a person, but maybe it is.

6 Age Is But A Number

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We know that Samus isn’t very old when most of the events of the Metroid games happen. But do we know exactly how old she is? Actuallym we don’t. Samus’ actual age has never really been confirmed. We have guesses, like we figure she’s between 15 and 17 when she joins the Federation army, and she’s somewhere in her early twenties when the Metroid Prime series happens.

We don't actually know how old Samus is. 

But we don’t have an official age for Samus, which is a bit confusing. Why doesn’t Nintendo release her age? Does Samus even know how old she is? You’d think there’d be a record of it in the Federation Police and Army.

5 She’s Definitely The Strong Silent Type

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Those that think Link from The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most famous silent protagonists haven’t met Samus. While Samus has been known to talk a bit in some games, for the majority of games, she’s pretty much silent. Which does make sense since most of her missions are solitary ones, so she doesn’t really have anybody to talk to.

But even in games where she’s speaking or interacting with other people, she still doesn’t talk that much. And we’re not sure why. Maybe she’s not used to interacting with people. Maybe she’s just a woman of few words.

4 No Love For This Bounty Hunter

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You can’t deny that Samus is a very attractive woman. Between her training with the Chozo and her pretty active lifestyle, Samus is usually in the best shape of her life. Combine that with her awesome fighting abilities, and you’d think everyone would be interested in this bounty hunter.

And yet, Samus has never really had any kind of love interest. Maybe she’s just not interested in romance. (She is a bounty hunter after all, and she probably has more important things to worry about.) She’s also not the best when it comes to interacting with other humans, so maybe her social skills are a bit lacking. Still, it’s kind of surprising that our favorite bounty hunter isn’t getting any romance action.

3 How Do You Lose Your Upgrades??

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You’d think that with Samus’ abilities and fighting prowess that she’d be able to keep track of her gear and upgrades. But in some of the earlier games, Samus was constantly misplacing her upgraded gear, leaving you to go around to find replacements.

No bounty hunter would be that forgetful. 

Granted, this was a game mechanic that forced you to slowly find more upgrades, but it still didn’t make a lot of sense. A powerful bounty hunter wouldn’t be that forgetful. At least in the later games like Metroid Prime, they use the excuse that her suit got damaged in the beginning. Still, it’s a little weird to find way to explain why she’s only in her basic Power Suit in the beginning of every game.

2 She’s Got Mad Hops

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One of the cool things about Samus is that at some point in the games, she gains the ability to space jump, which pretty much lets her jump in midair, giving her more air time. It’s a handy ability that lets you reach places otherwise unreachable.

But how on earth does the space jump work? In some games, she even somersaults while she jumps again, which makes even less sense. Our best guess is that the suit itself seems to give her more of a push, but it’s never really explained how the space jump works. I guess its one of those things we shouldn’t question but just appreciate that we have it.

1 She’s Only Human (Kind Of. Not Really.)

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Samus may be human, but she often doesn’t act like one. And since we generally only see her in her Power Suit the majority of the time, she doesn’t even look all that human. And then there’s the matter of her abilities. Samus has some pretty superhuman abilities.

She’s tougher than the average human, she can take more hits, and she can fall greater distances and survive. And she’s stronger than a human. This is probably from the fact that she has Chozo DNA in her now, but it’s still pretty crazy that while Samus and the Metroid games claim for her to be human, she doesn’t really seem to be one anymore.

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