New Microsoft App Lets Players Stream PC Games To Xbox One

It has now become easier than ever for Microsoft fans to stream content from their PC to their TV, as the Wireless Display app can stream video to an Xbox One while retaining the ability to use the controller that is connected to the console.

According to The Verge, the Wireless Display app lets you easily show video content from a PC on whatever screen that your Xbox One is connected to, while also allowing you to use the controller to access functions on that PC. Players can stream video from almost any source onto the TV, but there are some limitations on what can be shown, such as anything from the Hulu or Netflix streaming services, which is classed as protected content.

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The functions of the Wireless Display app offer one of the best ways to play Steam games on different screens, so long as you already own an Xbox One. The app might be useful, but there are other methods of streaming content from a PC to a TV that don't require you to buy a video game console for several hundred dollars.

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It's only possible to use the controller using the Wireless Display app, which means that games that require the use of keyboard and mouse are out of luck for now. However, the Xbox One has slowly been adding keyboard and mouse support for different games, so it's possible that they may become compatible with the Wireless Display app in the future.

There are also several ways to stream PC content onto a TV that don't restrict the kind of content you can see, but the added controller support will be a huge benefit to those who use streaming exclusively for gaming purposes.

The push towards streaming services feels like its part of Microsoft's plan going forward for its next generation of consoles, with its cloud services being a huge part of the Xbox's identity in the future. The ability to stream games to multiple devices seems like a natural extension of this move and the Xbox One could be used as a proving ground for what comes next.

The Wireless Display app for PC and Xbox One is available to download now.

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