Microsoft Plans To Create A Horizon Zero Dawn Ripoff

According to a job posting, Microsoft is developing an open-world game similar to Sony's Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn is already a contender for the best game of 2017, and now Microsoft is looking at their own open-world-crawling, robot-dinosaur-fighting, and strong-female-leading ripoff.

With a posting 2 months old, work must already be well underway for this upcoming title, and if it’s to have an environment similar to Horizon then we can expect some lush vegetation in whatever might be on offer. Could this mean we’ll also be in for some more robot-dinosaur combat? We can only hope.

via Gamespot

Horizon Zero Dawn is turning out to be quite the success story for Sony and its developer, Guerrilla Games. As of June Horizon has already sold 3.4 million copies, making it one of the best-selling games for 2017 and Guerilla Games’ best-selling title ever. It has already won 2016’s Game Critics Award, an awards ceremony held following E3, and expect to see Horizon take home many more accolades as 2017 goes on.

It seems only natural then that a competing game company would want to tap into demand for another visually stunning third-person action adventure game, especially considering the main complaint against Horizon was merely how short the game was. That said, Xbox players will be in for a bit of a wait on this upcoming IP. An interview with Waypoint has confirmed Microsoft has several games that are 2-3 years from release.

This year’s E3 has seen tons of story-driven AAA titles from all the biggest publishers. Sony has revealed Days Gone and Detroit: Become Human with two drama-filled trailers, while EA has shown A Way Out and several franchise entries that seem to have plots straight out of aHollywood movie. With the exception of Metro: Exodus, Microsoft seemed a little light on the games this year. It looks like this job posting will be the start of them trying to turn that around.


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