Microsoft Is Releasing An Xbox-Branded Body Wash And Deodorant This Summer

With recent stories detailing the problems of cleanliness at certain gaming events, it appears Microsoft has decided to provide a solution to gamers everywhere by introducing an Xbox body wash and deodorant this summer.

Since the launch of the original Xbox console in November of 2001, Microsoft has made it a priority to produce loads of different merchandise bearing its namesake. While the company started out with producing glasses and mugs, it quickly branched off into apparel. Recently, the Xbox brand has also found itself plastered on all sorts of electronics from glow lights to power banks. As if this wasn't enough, Microsoft has decided that the company should branch off into hygienics, and has decided to release its own Xbox-inspired deodorant and body wash.

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While this might seem strange to some, it's not all that surprising when you consider that scores of game companies have lent their names to drinks and various forms of apparel in recent years. If the company manages to be successful in its latest venture, it could push other gaming companies to do the same, and we might see some rather interesting products on the market as a result.

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The news comes courtesy of Game Spot, who reports that Microsoft created the products in a partnership with Lynx. The new fragrance, as you might have guessed, is called Lynx Xbox and will be available to consumers in the form of shower gel, deodorant, and body spray. Through the product's description, we learn that the scent is a combination of green citrus, kaffir lime, and winter lime, mixed with a variety of other herbs. Consumers will be able to pick up the new product in select stores across New Zealand and Australia in July, but there is no information on when it will be available worldwide.

As strange as the prospect of game companies lending their names to hygienic products may seem, it does make a lot of sense economically. A brand like Microsoft has already achieved worldwide recognition, so even if their product isn't well liked when it hits store shelves, many consumers will buy it simply because of the novelty factor.

While this move isn't exactly a bad one, it would have made more sense for the company to first create their own brand and release products under it. Microsoft could simply market hygienic products to gamers, much like it has done with electronics and apparel in the past and create a product that is truly unique.

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