Microsoft Teaming Up With Taco Bell For Free Xbox One X Promotion

Microsoft announced a new way for you to acquire their upcoming Xbox One X console. They have teamed up with Taco Bell for a promotion that will offer fans a chance to win a free Xbox One X system.

The promotion begins on August 31, 2017. Anyone who purchases a $5 Steak Quesarito box will receive a code that needs to be texted to a specific number, in order for the customer to earn a chance at winning an Xbox One X. This system will come with a copy of Forza Motorsport 7 and a three-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. The promotion will be running from August 31, 2017, to October 4, 2017, with a new potential winner being drawn every ten minutes.

Anyone who wins an Xbox One X will have to wait for the system's official release in order to claim a console. The Xbox One X is launching on Nov. 7, 2017, with a price tag of $500. With a price point that high, it might be worth it to just buy one hundred Steak Quesarito boxes and hope that you get a winning code.

Via: mcvuk.com

The Xbox One X will be the most powerful console on the market when it releases on Nov. 7, 2017. It will also become the most expensive by a wide margin. Microsoft might be falling into the same trap that Sony fell into when the PlayStation 3 was first released. $500 is a lot of money to ask for a console that will play identical titles to PlayStation 4 and other Xbox One models (with some improvements) which can now be purchased for around two hundred dollars cheaper.


Microsoft is no stranger to fast food sponsorships that concern gaming franchises that are exclusive to the Xbox brand. The Halo franchise has been sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew on several occasions, which culminated in the infamous "Dew XP" campaign that offered free in-game experience point codes on the label of the bottle. Fast food and energy drinks have become closely associated with gaming, though not every major publisher is so quick to align themselves with the purveyors of unhealthy meals. Microsoft first teamed up with Taco Bell to promote the release of the original Xbox, so this new promotion is almost like a sequel.

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