Millennium Worth Millions: 15 Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards That Are Worth A Fortune Today

The world of Yu-Gi-Oh! revolves around the seemingly far-fetched notion that a card game can become the most popular and important mediums in their world.

Duel Monsters are used in this fictional world to do as much as settle disputes, establish social/business dominance, and even find a connection to beings beyond their realm of reality.

In this world, the cards are seen as priceless and are much more difficult to acquire in comparison to how they are in real-life, where anyone can just buy Konami booster packs or singles online.

That does not mean that collectors, players, and fans of the series have been afraid to spend a pretty penny to get some of the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in existence.

Whether these cards are expensive because of their worth in the meta at the time, or if their limited print has made them a rarity, these cards are startlingly valuable.

Even Seto Kaiba would scoff at some of the absolutely brain-stopping prices of these cards, even with all his wealth in KaibaCorp.

Be warned, as those who are not familiar with the way these cards are priced will be shocked to their core at just how crazy these fans are to collect their favorite cards.

A lot of players wouldn't even consider spending more than a quarter on a card, but these fifteen cards could cost a fortune for the sake of putting a smile on the face of a sultry collector.

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15 Judgment Dragon ( Turbo Pack Booster 1 ) – 70$


Judgment Dragon is a (relatively) modest way to start, and it represents how the rarity of the card goes hand-in-hand with the printed type of foil. In this case, they are referred to as Ultimate Rares, and feature engraved foil that is intricately in-line with the way the card’s artwork is drawn. Sure, it is not as expensive as the other entries on this list, but do not be mistaken. This card is a favorite in Lightsworn decks, and it would not be uncommon to have three of these in use at a time. It is a gorgeous card and represents the kind of expensive cards that pricey for both their usage and appearance. This could be considered the very core of what a trading game should be about.

14 Pot Of Duality ( Duelist Revolution ) - $125


This spell card that essentially draws one card out of three in the deck was one of the hottest commodities in the history of the card game. This is a case in which the card’s value has not remained consistent over time, but at its peak, it was nothing to sneeze at. Just seeing a set of these gorgeous cards would cause collectors to salivate over their pristine presence in the game. These cards were so popular because they can literally be used in just about any deck unless it revolved around mechanics that directly went against the other cards. Now there are other reprints that are much cheaper, but there is something particularly special about Pot of Duality that just strikes the right chord with duelists.

13 Rescue Rabbit (Photon of Light) - $150


Back in 2011, the landscape of the competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! scene was simpler and there was more room for cards to become universally popular. When Rescue Rabbit was initially released, it was immediately coveted for its versatility as a toolbox card for many decks. This meant that having a set of these would run you about $450 if you would have wanted to have a complete deck. Sure, the price of this card has dwindled since then with all the reprints that it subsequently had. But still, just mentioning the name of this card to veterans of the scene at the time and they will all tell you the fond memories of this card. It also represented a time where pulling packs was at its peak, and getting a Photon of Light pack and pulling this would have made any Yu-Gi-Oh! players day.

12 Tour Guide From The Underworld ( Extreme Victory) – $200


If pulling a set of Rescue Rabbits would have made a Yu-Gi-Oh! player’s day, pulling some of these Secret Rare Tour Guide From The Underworld cards would have made their career. As soon as these shiny pieces of cardboard hit the scene in 2012 it was an immediate hit with duelists with how overpowered it was to summon other cards. Most decks that were competitively successful at the time were running this card, and its status amongst duelists was almost legendary. It has since been reprinted, but like Pot of Duality and Rescue Rabbit, these were extremely sought after when they initially released, and they will never be forgotten. Faster cards have come along since then, but a lot of fans also consider this card to be the domino that knocked over the old era into the new one.

11 Shrink (Shonen Jump Championship ) - $300


Shrink is a simple card. It halves the attack of a monster on the field and it is a quick-play spell and can be activated at almost any time. This is probably what makes this prize card a fairly common one to find on the internet. It was given out to many participants that ranked high in the Shonen Jump Championship 2009 and found its way onto auction sites for a hefty $300. That is just the average, as some have gone as high as $1000 when they first hit the scene. Shrink is still competitively viable, but it is not as popular in the fast-paced modern era of Yu-Gi-Oh! and thus lost a lot of its value. Still, saving $700 reduced from a card price already sounds ridiculous enough.

10 Armament Of The Lethal Lords ( World Championship Series ) - $500


Some cards here are so rare that they were only printed once, and this is one of the most infamous cases of this. The Armament of The Lethal Lords is part of the duo with the Testament of The Arcane Lords card that was awarded at the 2006 World Championship Series tournament and was the only time they were printed. This explains the hefty $500 price that comes with buying this card. For whatever reason, it seems like Armament of The Lethal Lords is far more sought after than Testament of The Arcane Lords as that one just goes for short of $100. It is fairly uncommon to see brand new cards get a single, prized release and this price tag definitely reflects the extreme rarity of this Ultra Rare card.

9 Doomcaliber Knight ( Shonen Jump Championship ) - $700


Doomcaliber Knight is a staple for a lot of decks that use the dark attribute along with warrior-type monsters and is commonly seen in many duels. It has also seen many prints of it, so even the most gorgeous of rarities are usually in a more modest ballpark like the early entries on this list. This prize card from the Shonen Jump Championship Series is highly coveted and well-known as one of the prime examples of a rare card. It is unknown how many were printed, but the $700 dollars that it is worth in good condition much be far more than the cardboard that it is printed on. Seeing as Doomcaliber Knight is still in heavy use for many players, it would be a surefire bet that this card will probably never decrease in value anytime soon.

8 Gold Sarcophagus ( Pharaoh’s Tour 2007 ) - $1,000


The Pharaoh’s Tour set of prize packs hold some very coveted cards (as we will feature later in this list) and Gold Sarcophagus is a perfect example of this. The pack is given out at various competitions as prize packs and Gold Sarcophagus has somewhat of an important part in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! with how much it is used in the show itself. So when this card was released during the European leg of the competitive events in 2007, fans instantly looked to spend more than the cards actual worth in real gold. The card has bounced around on the Forbidden/Semi-Forbidden list but has retained its value on the card market for over a decade and counting. It would take an entire month of minimum wage just to afford this collector’s item.

7 Des Volstgalph ( Pharaoh’s Tour 2002 ) - $1,500


Another example of the extreme rarity that came with the Pharaoh’s Tour pack, Des Volstgalph is a card from the 2002 release of the prize cards. The card itself is an Ultra Rare card that features the holographic image with foil lettering but it has commanded some resoundingly shocking prices on sites like eBay. Getting one of these cards will run the buyer (on average) a costly $1500 dollars. This is a staggering price for a card that is relatively unusable in a lot of decks and it runs specific to dark beast-type decks. For some, $1,500 for a card is already crazy enough, but there is so much more ahead on this list that completely dwarfs a seemingly insane price as it already is.

6 Cyber Stein ( Shonen Jump Championship ) - $3,000


Cyber-Stein has got to be the first example of a card that someone would have to sell a 1990s sedan just to buy a piece of cardboard. This promo card that was released at the 2004 Shonen Jump Championship is extremely valuable and its price has fluctuated from the whopping $10,000 that it was once worth. The great thing about Cyber-Stein is that it has one of the most unique effects in the entire game as a monster that can ignore other summoning conditions with its effect. The new price tag of $3,000 (although it can reach prices up to $6,000 if it is in almost perfect condition) is probably there because of the recent changes to the Forbidden/Limited list have seen it get hit by Konami as too powerful of a card. The only thing that looks truly powerful from here is that staggering price that it fetches on eBay.

5 Skuna, The Leonine Rakan ( World Championship ) - $6,000


This prize from the 2009 World Championships went on record as being sold for just about $6,000 on eBay. Skuna, the Leonine Rakan has an extremely overpowered effect that allows him to end matches (winning an extra duel entirely) but it is reasonably illegal in any sanctioned Yu-Gi-Oh! duel. Sure, $6,000 is a lot of money for a card, but Skuna, the Leonine Rakan is completely unusable in a real competitive match so this is purely a collector’s treasure card. Like some of these cards we'll see soon, this card represents just how far these fanatics of completion will go just to get their hands on the rarest. Some of these cards that are seen in the list later on, this card represents just how far these fanatics of completion will go just to get their hands on the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in existence.

4 Number 106: Giant Hand ( World Championship ) - $10,000


Serving as another prize from the very same Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships, Number 106: Giant Hand is an XYZ monster that is definitely not an easy hand to grasp. The current price for this coveted prize from 2015 is just a clean ten thousand that commands the attention of the world with one of the most insanely priced modern cards ever. That is the kind of money that could change a life or even be invested into something more conventional like stocks and businesses. You could put a deposit down on an apartment and have a few months of rent with the kind of money that this card costs. It is truly a very expensive card in general, and it ranges in what the most expensive tournament cards are but it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ridiculous prices.

3 Blue Eyes White Dragon ( Shonen Jump Fest ) $13,000

eBay: j5427007

There really seems to be just a handful of monsters that are instantly synonymous with the series and the Blue Eyes White Dragon is no exception. Popularly used by Seto Kaiba in the original series and still in some of the modern dragon-type decks of today, Blue Eyes White Dragon will always be loved by lots of duelists around the world. This prize from an early competition in Japan is an absolute gem for collectors and usually fetches extremely high prices but the current price for one on eBay at the time right now is a modest-sounding $1,300. The card is beautifully constructed with foil perfectly imprinted onto the card with the parallel rarity sparkling on the artwork that represents the power and beauty of the Blue Eyes White Dragon.

2 Dark Magician Girl ( Shonen Jump Fest ) - $15,000

Sure, everyone knows about Yugi Moto’s Dark Magician and how it bails him out of every situation possible in the show. But Dark Magician Girl has no doubt become an absolute mascot for the entire franchise that pretty much sums up all that makes the Yu-Gi-Oh! community love the series. She is attractive, literally spell-binding and essential to the Dark Magician decks that can be competitively used. This prize from the same Shonen Jump Fest from 2000 that the aforementioned Blue Eyes White Dragon was from is close to being the pinnacle to what Yu-Gi-Oh! collectors would want to have. Right now, the price of this card is set at an amazing $15,000 dollars which is just plain ridiculous. That is not just money that could change lives, but it could alter futures with the possibilities.

1 Black Luster Soldier ( First Prize Ever ) - $10,000,000


Of all these cards, this one definitely stands out for a multitude of impressive reasons that do not necessarily explain this multi-million dollar price label but at least give a new reason to appreciate the game. This Black Luster Soldier from the first tournament ever in 1996 is actually cut from stainless steel and represents the dawn of a new era for pop culture as a whole. Sure, the actual card’ds worth should be closer to what the Dark Magician Girl and Blue Eyes White Dragon go for, but this is different. This is a piece of history, and not only does it represent the passing of time but it should be held close to the heart as an endearing testament to the impact of Yu-Gi-Oh! and what it has done to traditional card games all throughout.

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