24 Mind-Blowing Confessions From Professional Gamers

It might come as a shock to learn that there are two different communities of gamers in the industry: the ones who play and the ones who get paid to play. The latter group is our focus this evening, namely Professional Gamers who have heard no end to the critique placed on their calling. This class of gamer-freaks work their behinds off in the name of making money doing what they’ll do anyway, all day, every day. The pressure to perform and compete is very real for these men and women, and so are the public humiliation and judgment.

This is why we decided to write a whisper-confession article that best outlines what professional gamers (in the strictest sense of their title) feel deep down, and have somehow managed to dredge up past their many geeky inhibitions and given it form via an online confession. Let’s see how the ‘other side’ lives, shall we?

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24 Can’t Take No More!

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It can get exhausting, to say nothing of how deeply your time spent online pursuing e-sports glory can affect your health. Bid adieu to sleep and good eating, by the way. If, despite all that, you still make it into the great beyond like our professional gamer here has, and been at it a couple of years, we can’t really blame them for giving up just before crossing the finish line. When it’s a battle between mental integrity and cash-pot fame, you’ll be surprised how many gamers chicken out and choose the former. Hey, better to live (in a manner of speaking) to fight another day. However, we also believe that this Whisper is a mere venting of inner angst. Our pro gamer is probably well on their way to greatness because only the rare fool of an assassin gives up when they’re this close to landing the kill.

23 I’m Sick Of This!

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This gamer must have quite a powerful metabolism to have gone without falling ill for six whole years. Then again, staying indoors for all of eternity can keep you locked away from the world’s dusty travails. When this pro-gamer eventually (as all humans do) fell sick, they probably sensed a strange limpness take over their joints that prevented efficient gaming; must’ve shocked them silly. It can get depressing, of course, and understandably so. After all, who in their right minds will feel glad to take a break from something they love to do, and which pays their bills to boot? Besides, when you’ve been playing long enough, a ceasefire can leave you with itchy trigger fingers. And our poor professional’s fingers are not in the mood to trigger anything, based on this Whisper confession. Get well soon, feller, we can’t have a professional falling ill on the job.

22 Almost Perfect

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This is true. Not all gamers are skinny or chubby geeks with an incredible or deplorable metabolism. Every now and again, there are people like this guy who work out and look fit so they can get all the attractive girls come convention season. The part about the grades is essential. After all, those might come in handy for when you can’t make big bucks playing Call of Duty. Also, we think he might be vying for a professional sponsorship in football and hockey-based games as well. But, apparently, a man doesn’t need to be a soldier to know how to fire a gun. Professional gamers are not just good at what they do, they’re bloody brilliant! No one pays for average talent, at least not that we know of.

21 The Tea Is Exceptionally Strong Today

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As casual as they are confident, this pro gamer seems to be at the top of their, um, game. Not only do the opinions of critics not bother them in the least, they can spontaneously indulge that Great American Spirit and drink their woes away because we have no clue what ‘teabags’ might actually mean in this instance. Then again, if the bags in question are your usual run of the mill ‘Chai’, then you’re looking at a clue here, non-pro gamers. You probably need caffeine to survive the world of professional gaming. Note, there is more caffeine in tea than there is in coffee; for the same quantity, and before brewing. Your fact of the week now set, are you ready to try your luck at pro-gaming again, this time with added ‘oomph’?

20 You Never Had A Friend Like Me

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No friends means nobody to cheer you on at competitions or contests. But hey, when you have an entire auditorium’s worth of geeky gamers screaming your name though they have no clue who you really are, then who can say you’re not on the right track. Think of it this way, if you win that four million huge you can buy your own friends, custom-style. Anyway, our professional here probably finds themselves lonely when all the action has drawn to a close and they are left returning home, following the after-party of course. In a way, it only makes sense that you need to budget your time if you want to be the best at anything. In the world of pro-gaming, you either play with your partner or go it solo online until you hit your mark.

19 Pressing The Wrong Buttons

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Only half an hour before his fuse is lit? Well, looks like our gamer-girl needs to train her hubby in the fine art of gaming. ‘Darling, remember the time when we discussed longevity in bed? That’s what I want, only for gaming. Now, go play with the kids, or something.’ Title-winning women are not uncommon in the realm of professional gaming, in fact, several superstars in this multi-million dollar industry are women; sometimes even teen girls. Proud as some gamers must be to count trigger-happy console-crazy women as part of the troupe, our gamer here seems to be redefining the word wed-locked instead. Might need to start worrying, pro-girl. He pledged to support you through sickness and in health, but the contract said nothing about online competitions and gaming galore.

18 Karter Vs. Smarter

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In a game, anything goes. Well, almost anything, at any rate. Non-gamers might probably sit in on a Mario Kart race and wonder if all the world’s rashest drivers go there to vent their road rage. Professional gamers, on the other hand, are a special class of people who seem so immersed in their game that they are brilliant at it, but not so much when it comes to its real-life counterparts. That said, we wish to convey that driving is no simple skill. You being responsible while on the road amounts to others being safe. We can only assume that this pro-gamer knows what they’re doing and that this Whisper confession is but a jocund twist on an otherwise serious subject. Drive on, Karter, but just remember to be careful when you are back in the leather-rimmed grip of reality.

17 Value For Gaming

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Gaming is a serious profession to several people, enough for them (like this player) to be able to pay their bills. By bills, we aren’t sure if they mean rent, electric, gas, food, debts, and parties, or just a reasonable portion of the whole. When ordinary people (who are the Muggles of the gaming world) do not grasp the concept of earning through playing, the debate-wagon is often set on a roll, downhill, and on fire, with casks of whiskey waiting to go up in a blaze of verbal glory. They want gamers to ‘get real’ and be part of a ‘real job’. Personal confusion and incapability aside, we say that if a person has proven themselves skilled enough to make a good buck playing games, leave well enough alone!

16 Be A Sport!

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We come once more to the hot topic of "gaming is not a real sport." Technically, those who are from this school of thought are correct. Wait, hold up, don’t throw rotten stuff at us just yet. Sports technically require physical exertion, active limb movement, increased heart rate, unblinking eyes, sweating, fist-pumping, cheering, cash prizes, and so on and so forth. If you’ve been to a quality e-sport arena, you’d most certainly witness all these things, and then some. Congratulations gamers, most of you qualify as actual sportspeople, and most among you get paid to play. So the next time someone walks up to you and says "gaming is not a real sport," just keep walking, you have an arena match to attend. It’s really not worth sweating over spilt sense.

15 This Girl’s Got Guts

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Guys have actually been called just as worse in-game by the... wait for it... losing team. Losers gonna lose, haters gonna hate. That said, this brave girl sure has gotten our vote for not just winning (often, as she claims) but also playing professionally against top-notch teams all over the world. In most such scenarios, people know the identities of the players they’re battling. This creates that ‘competition’ edge, you see. But gender-bias seems to keep raising its ugly head even in a community as supposedly open-minded as gaming. Grow up, people, it’s equal rights all the way. That's just the way it should be.

14 Foreseen Is Forearmed... Not!

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Looking at the world through professional eyes can make for ruinous viewing. Just ask this gamer, or wait, they’ve already told us exactly how they feel via this whisper confession. A pro-gamer enjoys their titles in ways normal gamers can only hope to do so. They delve, immerse, submerge, mingle, and metamorphose into their characters in-game, which is probably the reason they’re as good as they are. But oftentimes this ‘state of mind’ can be a double-edged blade. Boredom is all well and good, in fact, it’s curable. But when you know enough about your favorite game, that old adage ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ comes to the fore. In other words, professional gamers (like our confessor here) often lose interest in a beloved game to the point of displeasure. And this, more than anything, becomes a sad day in gamer-paradise.

13 Survival Of The Fittest

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We are unsure if this pro-gamer has prioritized their looks or their ‘profession,' but it feels like they’re trying to maintain the best of both worlds. After all, a fit gamer is as rare as they come (where do they even find the time). A professional gig in the gaming community equals hours and hours of ‘work,' which means beta-testing, competing, arena-battling, and online live-stream reviewing. You need to have flexible timings, else you could be replaced by another gamer who does (this one will probably be chubby or skinny). Five times a week sounds rather professional, so we’re looking at a gamer who hits the gym, uses their newfound energy to play all day, and then take a load off over the weekend.

12 The Breadwinner

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Super-practical logic like this makes for great opportunities. No wonder this gamer has climbed the e-sport mountain and lived to tell about it. The fact that ‘money is coming in, at least’ makes us admire this pro-gamer for figuring out a way to balance not just their passion/hobby but also their earning capabilities. A professional gamer needs to get paid to play, this is not an internship or part-time gig. For those who have no idea where this line of thought begins and ends, they will probably judge pro-gamers more harshly than they deserve, starting with family, and not ending with friends. While this whisper confession reads rather confident, we need to ask ourselves whether or not this gamer is really taking their own advice or if they’ve slumped back into an old self-deprecating routine. Sticks and stones, anyone?

11 Stop Buggin’ Me!

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Looks like this player is their own worst enemy. You can’t go around saying ‘girly girl’ and hope to be taken seriously. But then again, that’s like saying a professional gamer is only as good as their system. Not precisely, because the truly skilled among this class can work magic with just an average set-up. Proud thoughts aside, the sentiments surrounding female gamers in this otherwise brilliant community seems to serve as an anchor to progress. For one thing, it is often blatantly proclaimed that ‘girls can’t be gamers,' and we do hope such naysayers get a good dose of reality to set them straight. On the other hand, who out there (non-gamers, mind) can honestly say that they wholeheartedly trusted someone who said they were a professional gamer?

10 Gonna Make A Move To A Town That’s Right For...Gaming

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One good tip we received from this Whisper confession is that being a professional gamer means you’ll be called upon to travel. After all, major league competitions are not going to be held around the corner but in top cities with millions of viewers watching, either in the arena or online. This seems like a gamer-celebrity life that ordinary players can only dream of having, but this pro-gamer has confessed that it’s not something to go gaga over. Looks like the honeymoon (or whatever passes for one in the gaming realm) ended a bit too prematurely for this pro. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop our pro-gamer from making a name for themselves, and raking in some cash in the process. It’s only gonna mean a little travelling; yawn.

9 The Lone Wolf

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The coolant just hit the fan! No pro-gamer in their right mind (emphasis on these words) will share a Whisper confession this intense if they were merely trying to get attention. We can only imagine the sheer hours of game-time this pro must have invested to be able to forget that a real life actually exists with flesh-and-blood buddies to hang out with. Not that we feel sorry for them, on the contrary we are in awe of their horse-blinder commitment level. Not even one bestie in the real world, though? Well, that sort of makes sense, if you’re stabbed in the back enough times, you tend to keep yourself aloof. Then again, gamers see so many psychotic people online that it’s a ‘better the devil you know’ kinda deal to interact with onliners than offliners.

8 O Almighty Net, We Bow Before Thee

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This makes all the sense in the world, but isn’t the internet kind of a lifeline for almost everyone these days? Staying on topic, we find this Whisper confession as simple as it is to-the-point. Unless you reside in a place where power-cuts and black-outs are the norm (and you lack any power backup systems) you are looking at a healthy (and we use the term loosely) career in professional gaming. Not only do gamers absolutely need an internet setup to play online against competitors and such, they also need to maintain a stable presence on social media, especially if they are keen on streaming their games. Let’s just say, players like PewDiePie did not make it big by focusing all their attentions offline.

7 It’s Getting Lonely In Here

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Two of the biggest difficulties on this pro’s list have been checked. They’ve made it to the big-boys’ club and they are earning a goodly sum of income from their gaming ventures. However, another obstacle seems to be holding them back. They feel they’re not attractive enough. To be perfectly honest, we’ve seen genuinely bad looking folks hook up with seriously delicious partners, and we’ve seen average-joes captivating audiences with the way they speak. The charm is in the calm, as the saying somewhere goes. But, to be fair, we do understand the depth at which such a personal anchor can go. It will take time for our pro-gamer to realize that they are worth more than the shell they’ve been born in–pardon the Matrix reference, but hey, we’re big fans.

6 It’s All In The Ether

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We see a slightly more aggressive variation of an earlier internet-related point. To say that a pro-gamer’s very career, dignity, name, and fame depend on the World Wide Web is an understatement. Of course, the same can be said of more ‘serious’ professions out there, especially businesses that have recently gone online. In other words, anyone who depends on the internet needs it to be as reliable as possible. But from the tone of this person's Whisper confession, we can confidently say that this experienced player has suffered a terrible defeat due to interconnectivity issues. Well, no harm done. They’re back on their feet, cussing their way to victory in the world of online battling. Hopefully, something bad won’t happen this time, like a raven flying into the electric wire grid. One for sorrow, indeed.

5 Cheer-Crazy

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We have a feeling this is one of a rare group of high school athletes turned college game-thletes. Change is not always welcomed with open arms, which is something this player realized, that to be inspiring in one game does not mean the same rules apply in another. E-sports aren’t for everyone, and they are not as easily subject to that oh-so-mysterious herd instinct that has plagued humankind since day-one. Observe any holler-worthy sports session and you’ll grasp our meaning, people cheer and laugh and curse when the majority does so. It’s still much the same in e-sports, only people are more geared toward the technical side of gameplay rather than merely showing up to cheer random players on. Wait, the more we type the more we realize how wrong we are (!). They’re ALL the same, the whole grass-munchin’ herd’s the same!

4 Mommy Dearest

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First of all, why’d you go tell your mother about this? Second of all, there are extremely few moms out there who care for their kids playing video games at all, let alone someone who has what it takes to blossom into a professional. We do sincerely hope that she doesn’t pull the plug on the electric board when you’re deep in a game. Or spill something extra-special on your game-system and go "Oops, doll, my bad." Anyway, moms are sweethearts, when they strive to be. It looks like our pro-gamer wannabe needs to start locking up his room just to keep his mother from doing something drastic out of sheer concern for her child’s sanity. It’s not every day a parent hears something along the lines of "Mother, I’m gonna be a professional. A professional in the field of games. Not sports, Ma, GAMES!"

3 The Payment Problem

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Even small tournaments and money matches can rake in cash, which several normal jobs out there have proven incapable of doing. In e-sports, if you’ve got the skill and the determination to see things through (both of which are not as easy as they sound) then you are looking at a good career run. Well, at least until you are badly beaten and left out to dry. Friends are not always as supportive as you need them to be. In fact, they can be harsh while assuming that they need to be the bad guy in order to help you change your ways. What's worse is when those same friends rely on you for money...

2 I Have A Little-Big Secret

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This pro-gamer seems to have friends in their own player-based circles who want to cash in on their efforts. Or so this Whisper confession leads us to believe, because our pro says he’s keeping this particular career on the down low. It's hard when you know your friends wouldn't understand. Family seems to have escaped this gamer’s radar, for obvious reason. It’s difficult to hide a gaming career in plain sight. And of course, there are the ladies. This professional seems like he’d rather work at the most boring carwash in town, if it meant seeing a few choice chicks over the weekend. Sounds like he’s leading quite the mysterious life. Sooner or later, those spheres he’s juggling are going to tumble down onto his head. So here’s wishing you smart choices in the weeks to come!

1 Get A Whiff Of That

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Talk about setting the match on fire! This professional gamer seems to have taken to e-sports like some smoke-worthy athletes have to its non-digital counterpart. Smoking does more harm than good, to be honest. But it does have its benefits, at times, and in ideal circumstances. Take this player’s conundrum where the odds seem stacked against them, enough to push them over the edge. To take off the edge, they’ve opted for smokes of some kind. Whatever their choice of habit, this secret (if that) seems to a shared one, kept within the e-sport team to which this player belongs. Competitive games really could do with secret ingredients, and it looks like this team has theirs.

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