25 Mind-Blowing Things About Disney Movies That Make No Sense

Who doesn’t love Disney? It was pretty much part of everyone’s childhood at one point. Whether it be the princess films or films like the Lion King, we all had that one show or film that we love. Even now, Disney is dishing out all kinds of new films that will become a part of someone else’s childhood at one point. Heck, even adults still love all kinds of shows and films that were (and are) being dished out by the franchise!

However, no matter how mush we wish it, no franchise is perfect. Over time, the amount of jokes, questions, debates, etc. over all kinds of Disney things have increased, especially with the existence of memes and more than a few clever comics. By far one of the more popular topics to talk about for Disney is the amount of plot holes that can be found in their movies and shows. Really, the amount of logic memes about Disney is a little bit amazing, given how we somehow never noticed those problems before.

Honestly though, in terms of Disney films, with how they took on different fairy tales and had talking animals, there was always a chance of at least one little thing slipping by or a little puncture in their logic being found. When you really think about it, there were a lot of things in the classic and newer Disney films that left a lot of questions. Some have already been discussed tons of times before, but here are a few things that you may have missed.

25 Now, That Is One Big Stomach!

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There was a whole lot to the Pinocchio film, but the one thing I’m sure a lot of people still remember is that gigantic whale that swallowed Geppetto. Speaking of that, how did the guy bring so much stuff in there with him? He had not only the cat but the goldfish as well, still in its bowl no less. Just look at the picture: he may as well have brought everything but the kitchen sink with him! There's no way he was carrying this much stuff with him. And why would a whale want to swallow a boat, of all things? Was it so far away from its instincts? How come it was only bothered once there was a fire in his stomach? Even then, that raises so many questions. Heck, everything about the whale is questionable now.

24 Give The Girl An Award, She Evaded Social Conventions

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Many admired Belle for the fact that she had a love for books and didn’t care if others thought her strange, so long as she gets to immerse herself in her stories. That, and the fact that she tackled things head on and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Positive character traits! Here’s the problem, though. I personally love the character myself, but you can’t help but wonder: how exactly did she turn into a bookworm? Given the time period, it's highly unlikely she was allowed to go to school. Given how women were expected to care for the house, how was she given access to books? It can be argued that she had her father’s help, but he must have had resistance from people too. Seriously, she’s a lucky little bookworm!

23 Looks Like Shadow Magic Exists In Neverland

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Did we get any explanation at all about the shadow thing? I don’t think so, not in the film at least. The best we got was that whole scene of him trying to reattach his shadow... with a soap, of all things. Questions on the logic of that aside, the shadow itself is a question that needs answering. The being just about disappeared for the rest of the film, other than a few short appearances. Was it some sort of strange way to give him a friend in the beginning? Is the shadow some sort of separate entity? He seems a little different from Peter. Shadow beings are an interesting concept, but can we get some explanations please? It seems more like a second sidekick for him, who appears then conveniently goes away.

22 She’s The Queen, She’s A Servant, Banishment Is An Option

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Why even go through the trouble of trying to kill her and have her heart as a trophy/proof? She’s the queen of the land. If she wanted to be the fairest, she could have easily banished Snow White away to a different land. She had already made her into a servant! Has she never seen another woman before? It's weird that she never felt threatened before Snow came along. How many women live in this kingdom? She already has all the power, plus a magic mirror and the ability to change her appearance. Why make things even more difficult for herself? She had a lot of options here, but she chose to do the most difficult thing.

21 But It Was Just Meant For The Queen, Though

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Weren’t the triplets just adorable and hilarious when they were turned into little bear cubs? Well, they certainly helped move the plot along and even give some solid help in saving their mom. Cuteness and plot moving points aside, though, you have to question how the witch's cake was supposed to work. Sure enough, it did grant her customer's wishes in roundabout way but it's weird that she did it with bears. Was that the only spell she has? Plus, think about it. It was just sitting there in the open for a long time. Why did nobody else, human or animal, try to eat it?

20 She Only Needed To Look At The Corner Of Her Eye

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If there's one thing The Emperor’s New Groove was known for, it was its comedy. Personally, Kronk and Yzma were the better comedic duo of the film. Now, the evil plot of offing the current ruler in order to take over isn’t something new, but the way things ended up and how the villains inadvertently led to their own downfall is kind of funny. How different would things have turned out, though, if the villains had realized their mistake earlier? As shown here, the potion doesn’t just work on people, but apparently any other living thing. Ain’t that a curious thing? Really though, you can’t help but wonder how things would have turned out if Yzma had just looked out the corner of her eye and had realized.

19 A Sentient Ocean... I Feel A Headache Coming On

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From the clever minds of How It Should Have Ended, we get a rather legitimate question for Moana. Why didn’t the ocean do more? It was clearly shown to have sentience. It listens to Moana at certain points. How did it not become a major hero of the story? I mean, it’s understood that there is reason behind everything in the story, and the role of the ocean. But seriously, why was the ocean a sentient being? There are moments when it seems wild, and other moments where (for plot reasons) it helps them. Does Moana have some sort of secret mystical ocean-controlling force she hasn’t fully accessed, or is the ocean just some sort of troll? Honestly, though, a sentient ocean. Where to even begin?

18 Cyborg, Pirate, And No Recgonition

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He has a crew and infiltrated a ship, so how has the guy not caught the attention of authorities before this? I mean, there's no way that he had become a cyborg by accident. Let's not forget that he's got more than a few weapons for self-defense. Then there's the whole size of his crew to consider. And he burned down a whole inn to take what he wanted! How has he and his crew evaded getting caught, or at least having a bounty on them? Were they just so sneaky that they lurked in the shadows and nobody knew about them? Don't regular pirates even have bounties? Maybe space authorities really just don't care.

17 Behold The Powerful King Of The Forest... A Herbivore

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Bambi was a sweet and cute movie, for the most part. Disney's pretty well-known for their cute forest creatures. But really, the deer is the ruler of the whole forest? Okay, there's some sense in it, since it's one of the biggest creatures shown to live in the forest. But it doesn't make sense! They've made friendly bears in the past, so why not make a predator the ruler? There's all kinds of animals living in a forest. Still, it can't be denied that Bambi's dad is truly majestic. Maybe that's what they were going for. But it would have been fun to see someone else as the king. Like the owl, maybe! He'd be regal and just, and dish out wise words for everyone.

16 Oh Hey, She Looks Exactly Like The Princess In The Picture

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She was literally in front of the mural. So how on earth did nobody take a look at her and make a connection?! The mural doesn't even look new, so it's been around for a long time. Someone has looked at it before, and they've maintained it. There's dozens of people around, and there aren't a lot of bright, blonde-haired people in this village. Was not one person curious about who this lovely lady was? All she had to do was stand next to the mural, and I'm pretty sure someone would have made a connection. After all, there's so many similarities. And given what they're celebrating, it should have been obvious to at least one person in the crowd.

15 He Either Has Weird Luck, Or Weird Senses

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Okay, outside of this picture being true and a bit creepy, you have to wonder how lucky he was. She's just out there in the open, being mourned by dwarves. But out of the blue, this man comes through the woods like this big hero and gives her a happily ever after. How? Was he just walking around the woods and got lucky? Did someone give him a tip? Was he heading home and was like "oh, cool, a body" and just went for it? He didn't even have to fight a monster! It seems a bit unfair to the other Disney princes, if we're being honest. If anything, he just had to face a shy, pretty girl who talks to animals. Actually, speaking of...

14 Snow White, Animal Whisperer?

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It was with Snow White that the whole princess-talks-to-animals thing started. She gets them to help her clean a house! When you think about it, it's a bit creepy that she's able to make them do her bidding. Are they so charmed by her that they can't help themselves and just need to clean? Does she have some kind of hidden power over animals? There's no indication of this other than her singing, and them answering. Is that it? There's something with her voice? Sure, it's a pretty voice and all, but that just doesn't make sense!

13 There’s A School Of Fish, So There’s A Geography Class

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Remember the time when Marlin and Dory had to ask directions from a school of fish? Somehow, they didn't just know what Sydney was, but also had heard of the opera house. Sorry, what? Okay, we can get behind Dory somehow knowing how to read. But this whole group of fish understanding what/where a city is and what its biggest monument is? That's just pushing it. Why would they have ever gone through the trouble of finding out what this place is? Man, this is the kind of thing that could use a good logic meme. Imagine them having a class, and then the teacher is like "hey guys, today we're learning about this opera house you've never seen," and... I don't know. It's weird.

12 How Do They Know Anything?

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Just… how? It was clearly stated that Atlantis went underwater over hundreds of years ago, and it's highly unlikely that tons of people have found the place in the past. So how the heck do they know different languages there, like French and German? They've been missing for centuries, and even Kida herself says that their culture was dying. When and where did they get the opportunity to learn different languages? They've hidden themselves away for centuries! Is it some weird power of the stone? Did other people find them and then fail to come back? Have they been spying on people somehow? It really just doesn't make sense.

11 Was There A Demand For Donkeys?

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Pinnochio was the biggest warning to kids that Disney ever dished out. It had kids doing all kinds of illegal stuff, and it had scary men in it to scare them into listening to their consciences. When you really think about it, there were a lot of messed up/dark moments in here, from beginning to end. Most of us probably remember the scene where the boys turn into donkeys. And okay, as shocking as the scene was, there's a lot of questions that come with it. How do they turn into donkeys? Why do they turn into donkeys? We see them being shipped, so is someone buying them? Is it a black market? Wow, there's a ton of dark lines we might have crossed. Moving on...

10 None For This Prince

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We all got a bit teary-eyed when we watched that bridge scene between Mulan and Shang, where he let go. Who else felt that scene was ruined when we saw, just a few scenes later, that he not only survived the fall, but didn't really look harmed by it? Are you serious? This guy dropped tons of feet into a rushing current and didn't even get a bruise! Okay, sure, it's Disney, and we don't want to see the heroes get hurt. But come on, he should at least have a few scratches. And how did he manage to grab the reins of his horse (who was somehow there)? Too many coincidences here make the moment feel very off to us.

9 She Could Have Done Anything But Turn Into A Dragon

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She’s an all powerful fairy who made an entrance like a queen. She had strong magic on her side. And to think, everything could have been avoided if she had just been invited to a party. But I guess she had to lose somehow. But really? Turning into a dragon? She might as well have put a target on herself! She could have dragged out the battle with powerful spells instead. Personally, I was disappointed by this cliche scenario, with her being a dragon the prince had to slay. And looking at it today, there's no doubt that she had the most potential here, and deserved a better final battle.

8 He’s The Ruler Of The Dead

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Hades, Lord of the Underworld, brother to Zeus and Poseidon, and the overall bad guy. He tried to take over Olympus by releasing the Titans. Let's look at that, shall we? Lord of the Underworld, meaning, he rules over the place all the souls go to. He's the guy who has to watch over them, and at certain times, judge them. He seems like the devil you should never make a deal with. Still, the guy's job is pretty much just dealing with deceased people. So, how the heck did he not realize that Hercules was alive? Doesn't he have a monitor for this kind of thing? On the other hand, he tried to off a baby, which is pretty awful in itself. So, I don't know, Disney. I just don't know.

7 So, Magic Furniture... Connection?

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We all know the story of how the Beast got cursed as a child, but it was never explained as to why the servants also ended up cursed. It was understood that there was a spell placed on the castle. But otherwise? It's pretty much just left to our imagination. Seriously, why is there magical furniture? Was she hoping to spare them from being injured by the Beast? Most, if not all of them end up having no arms or legs. It's a nightmare! I don't know, it doesn't make any sense, and also seems more than a little cruel to them. Even if it allowed them to create a spectacular performance for Belle, they've got a dark story to them.

6 Where’s The Jungle Daycare?

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We all know that Mowgli was left in the forest, found by Bagheera. He was given to a wolf mother, who raised him. When he grew up, he is able to communicate with animals, wears a loincloth, and is able to walk on two feet. There's a lot wrong with that. For one thing, how would a wolf know how to take care of a human baby? They have no instincts to rely on, and there's no way that a wolf would know how a human works. Honestly, everything about this boils down to logic, nature, and nurture. It's impossible that Mowgli would have turned out as well as he did without also getting some feral qualities. And we don't see him having those, so it just doesn't make sense.

5 Mouse Civilization?

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Out of all the fairy tale films, Cinderella is the only film to show all these animals wearing clothing. They're also somehow able to communicate with not only the princess, but with other people. Really? I get that there's a need for her to have a companion, but these animals shouldn't have a higher than normal sentience. They know how to wear clothes, and trap an animal. There's a difference between stretching things and throwing everything we know out the window. What's more, they shouldn't know how to sew. Did they watch people and learn from them? How else do you explain how they know how to draw? Wait, if Cinderella knew them since she was a child... well, it's best not to go down that route.

4 Why Be A Princess When She Could Be A Queen?

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Ursula was a villain who isn’t just remembered for her song, as catchy as it is. She also had a plan! Of course, like any villain plan, it didn't work out in the end. But hey, in comparison to others, she was a step ahead. And then we see that she's able to actually transform herself and... Hold the phone. She's able to transform other people, yes, but here we see that she can change into a beautiful young lady. Why go through with this whole plan at all if she can do this? She could have just transformed herself in the first place and charmed her way to the throne. If that didn't work, she could have mixed in some hypnotism. People say that she's actually Triton's sister but... well, aren't there other kingdoms in the sea?

3 Her Curse Is On Her 16th Birthday? Let’s Bring Her Back Then

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It was one thing for her parents to senselessly Not invite the most dangerous and powerful fairy to the party and miss their chance for redemption; but for them to actually think it was okay to bring back their daughter on the day her curse was said to enact? I’m not sure if they deserve the genius award or the parents of the year award. Seriously, they know three fairies and think that their best bet is to burn all the spinning wheels then send her away fro safety? Ok the second part was good on them but then they break that nice little right apart in the end. They could have at least waited a few hours after, placed her in a protective bubble maybe. Yea this picture is pretty accurate seeing as the fairies also have a fault of their own in this.

2 The All You Can Use Magic Wand

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It was all because of Fairy Godmother and her magic wand that Cinderella was able to go to the ball, meet her prince and gain her happily ever after. Now, people know that the slipper doesn't really make sense, but that's not why we're here. In the third movie, Cinderella's happiness unraveled, all because her stepmother got a hold of Fairy Godmother's wand and used it to change things. This opens a whole new can of worms. Isn't the wand a magical item? How is it able to work for the stepmother? Does she have magical blood? There's so many questions here, we don't know where to start!

1 Look At All This (Indestructible) Stuff

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“Part of Your World” is one of the most iconic songs in the Little Mermaid film, next to “Under the Sea” and “Poor Unfortunate Souls.” Anyone who grew up with the film can’t help but sing along when the song comes out. But has anyone ever noticed something… a little off in the middle of the song? Just as she sings about being ready to know what the people know, she opens and flips a book. Pause, rewind, what? Okay, Disney slipped on quite a few things when it came to this film. From the controversial cover picture to the questionable fact of her communicating with Eric through writing, there's stuff that doesn't make sense. But breaking the law of physics with books that can flip and undamaged paintings UNDER THE SEA? This is where we need to draw a line.

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