What Could Minecraft Be Planning?

Minecraft celebrates its 10 year anniversary this week and what a decade it’s been. Over the last 10 years, the game has evolved into a multiplatform sandbox game, which is still being updated with new content, all for free. The Minecraft team has been steadily ramping up the celebrations and we have been informed that May 17 will bring an exciting announcement. Many are speculating about what could it be.

The Celebrations So Far

As part of the celebrations so far, Minecraft has released Minecraft Classic, a browser game that is based on the very first version of the game. It features just 32 blocks, most of which are dyed wool, as well as all of the original bugs. The game shows us just how much Minecraft has evolved over the years.

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To prove just how much the game has changed, the Minecraft team also released a timeline, which shows us when some of the features we know and love came into the game.

Players are have been asked to share their favorite Minecraft memories on Twitter. Alongside this, the Minecraft Instagram account is host to a competition in which fans can win an all-expense paid trip to the Minecraft MoPop Exhibit in Seattle.

There are two boxes with question marks in them at the bottom of Minecraft's official website. Below this, there is a notice stating that there will be more to come on May 17.

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The image suggests that two big announcements are coming, so what could they be?

A Possible Sequel?

Minecraft has sold over 150 million copies over its lifespan and maintains 91 million active players per month. The team is still releasing regular updates, keeping the content fresh for new and old players.

With such frequent updates to the game still being released, it seems unlikely that a sequel will be on the cards. While Minecraft’s graphics may be considered basic, its old school look and feel is a huge part of the game’s charm.

A sequel would also mean a much more basic game.

As you can see from the timeline, the game has evolved dramatically. It doesn’t make sense to take all of these new features away and start over. If a sequel was planned, we doubt we would have seen the recent village and pillage update.

There’s also the fact that the game simply doesn’t need a sequel to make money, as the game is still being bought and sales are still consistent. Minecraft is a great earner for Microsoft, which makes money not only through copies of the game being sold, but also through Realms, the servers which players rent. Revenue also comes from merchandise, licensing, and any sales conducted through the Minecraft Marketplace.

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Minecraft Story Mode

When Telltale closed down last year, a skeleton crew was working on adapting Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix. The first season of the spin-off did eventually make it onto the streaming platform, but there is still a second season of the game that is not currently adapted... or is it?

Despite Telltale being closed, it seems more likely that we would get a second season of Story Mode adapted by another studio for Netflix than a brand new game. There is also the possibility that a third season of Story Mode might be released sometime the future. Both of these seem far more feasible than a sequel.

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A New Mobile Game

One thing we do know about Minecraft's two mysterious announcements is that one of them might involve an AR game of some kind, thanks to the trailer.

This trailer is the only available information relating to the announcement. It appears to show an augmented reality game, staring Minecraft mobs. However, this is all we know. It could be a collection game, in which players must find a range of Minecraft mobs in the real world, or it could be something different. It may tie into a Story Mode-style game, with players being forced to explore the real world to solve puzzles or complete quests.

So, What Could The Two Announcements Be?

Since Minecraft's site indicates two upcoming announcements, we're placing our bets on a quest or puzzle-based AR game and the second season of Story Mode coming to Netflix. You can see if we're right by keeping an eye out on May 17 for the official announcement.

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