10 Building Games More Fun Than Minecraft

When it comes to building and sandbox survival games, Minecraft is often considered the king of such titles. The blocky cartoon world of the game provides excitement for hours and days, but if you're looking for something a little more different or just more fun and varied in general, we have got good news for you. For any creative genius looking to build and survive (or just build), we have compiled 10 games that are more likely to keep you entertained than Minecraft ever will. This might sound like a tall order, but bear with us, as this list has something for just about any type of creative builder.

10 Kerbal Space Program

When it comes to building, some players prefer a more scientific approach to their gameplay. Rather than creating houses, Kerbal Space Program allows you to build space vehicles in a fairly realistic environment. The detail and complexity of the game is surprisingly good and is excellent for anyone who may have enjoyed making redstone contraptions in Minecraft, and who's just naturally good at making machines work. If you're into the physics of things, this is a must pick to satisfy your creative building needs.

9 Roblox

If you're looking to be part of a huge community of creatives and lovers of mini games, Roblox just might be the pick for you. The sandbox studio version of the game allows you to build and make your own creations for others to play through, or if you're more of a gamer yourself you can participate in other people's mini games, which include building games with a similar style to Minecraft. The cartoon look of Roblox is in the same vein was Minecraft, which makes it a great, more playful alternative.

8 No Man's Sky

While Minecraft is mostly about building once many of the end game areas have been unlocked and explored, No Man's Sky offers a pleasant survival and exploration of the vast and wide space.

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If the sound of building your own outer space base on an exotic planet far away from home sounds like a dream come true, this is exactly the game for you. After gathering enough resources you can freely design your future home by adding modules and rooms together and joining them together through halls and ladders like a real mini colony.

7 The Forest

If science fiction isn't your cup of tea but you've always dreamed of a scary version of Minecraft's survival mode with building included, The Forest is ideal for you. After crash-landing into an unknown forested area, the player must survive and defend themselves against creepy mutant cannibals by gathering supplies and building a base. How and where you make your new outpost is important against your new enemies, and there's lots of challenge involved, especially when night falls. Nor for the faint of heart!

6 Rust

Very similar in style and graphics to The Forest, Rust is another game where players must combine creative building with strategy and survival. Players spawn into the world with nothing on them and in a cutthroat survival environment against other players must gather supplies and make a base for themselves. Rust is extremely challenging, making it perfect for any ambitious players who want to test both their wits and imagination in building while being challenged by enemy players.

5 Garry's Mod

For those looking for the ultimate sandbox game, Garry's Mod is a classic must pick. This iconic program allows you, similarly to Roblox, create your own mini games or participate in games other people have created. Moreover, you can load up any open source game recognized by Garry's Mod and manipulate the props, physics and maps as you wish. The possibilities for building and creations are endless with Garry's Mod, although it can be a bit complicated to get into. However, with how much detail it has, it makes up for its complexity in all the things it can do.

4 Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark sends you right back to the prehistoric times, to an open world where the player needs to survive among dinosaurs by building a shelter and gathering resources. There are loads of options for builds, perfect for unleashing your creativity as a prehistoric survivor.

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Even better, the game lets you tame and ride dinosaurs, and even build pens for them. As you go through the game, you'll unlock better buildings and materials, going from wood all the way metal and eventually a mysterious futuristic material called "tek".

3 The Sims 4

Not all building games involve the same type of survival. If the idea of creating gorgeous houses for modern families to live in and then playing out their lives from start to finish appeals to you, chances are you're a born Simmer.

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The Sims 4 is a dream come true for any aspiring architect, with easy to use building tools and tons of decoration and color options. You have loads of different Expansions and Stuff Packs to choose from to spice up your experience, and there's also plenty of community created custom content out there to satisfy all your creative needs.

2 Terraria

Most well-known as the 2D equivalent of Minecraft, Terraria is great for those who loved Minecraft and all of its gameplay, but were left wanting something more after completing the game. Players can build massive bases of numerous floors and rooms in the game and even create cities if they so wish. On top of that, there's different biomes and dimensions to explore, with their respective enemies and bosses that add a bit of adventure to the crafting and creative side of the game.

1 Eco

This game tops our list for several reasons: it's magnificent graphics, environmentally conscious touch and great building mechanics. Eco is all about surviving in the wilderness while also respecting the environment around you and building yourself a house, and eventually saving the planet from an incoming meteor strike. This added pressure, along with the task of making sure the biodiversity stays intact, makes it a fairly challenging but still fun and creative game to get into.

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