Minecraft Classic Is Available On Browsers For Free To Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

Minecraft is about to celebrate its ten year anniversary and they are doing so in style, with a series of events planned. The latest to be announced is Minecraft Classic,  a 2009 version of the game which you can play in your browser.

This classic version of Minecraft is based on the very first iteration of the game and comes complete with all the original bugs. It features a staggering 32 blocks to build with, most of which appear to be dyed wool.

The game runs in your browser window and is playable for free, so everyone can build a masterpiece made of dirt, wool and gold. There are no enemies, nothing to fear and most interestingly nothing to craft.

As bizarre as it sounds the 2009 version of the game had no crafting mode. The Minecraft timeline tells us that crafting wasn’t introduced until a year later in 2010. It was only then that the game got the ability to craft; along with minecarts, dungeons, bricks, slimes, compasses, chickens and music discs.

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The dangers we encounter in the world were also absent from early versions of the game, with witches, bats, zombie villagers and wither skeletons all coming in a pretty scary update in 2012.

The last major changes to the game, before Mojang was bought by Microsoft, added new biomes and horses to the world in 2013.

Since the Microsoft takeover the game has faced even bigger changes, including the Update Aquatic, which introduced new sea creatures and the frankly terrifying Phantoms. Creatures which, for some reason I don’t understand, the community voted to add to the game.

Most recently Minecraft has had its biggest update ever; the village and pillage update, which came with some unprecedented side effects.

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The tenth anniversary celebrations are set to continue over the next week. Players are sharing their favorite Minecraft memories and the team are running a competition over on Instagram where you can win an all-expense paid trip to the Minecraft MoPop Exhibit in Seattle, Washington.

The Minecraft anniversary webpage also promises some anniversary sales and a “free bonus gift” on May 10th, followed by some big announcements on May 17th.

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