29 Epic Minecraft Creations That Show Gamers Have Too Much Time

Minecraft came to us in 2009 from the developer Mojang and was founded by Markus Persson. The game has made leaps and bounds since launch, making it one of the most popular games of all time. Minecraft is the second best-selling game of all time, and the size of its community reflects that. Today, it's the community we celebrate! I'm going to be revealing twenty-nine of the Minecraft community's best creations that show gamers have too much time on their hands. The amount of work that must have gone into these entries is staggering. We'll look at creations that vary, from sixty-million block cities to the world of Middle Earth and even a giant Buzz Lightyear!

I first played Minecraft when it made its leap over to the console. The only thing that really entertained me was Survival, I could get lost for hours in my worlds. The idea that everything I make or use has been mined at some point (if I want to build something I've gotta work for it) was awesome. I applauded the game's achievements/trophies, and they keep giving us more expansions for free!

The Minecraft community is a humbled one, whether you're a first-time player or seasoned architect, you're a part of that community. Chances are you know someone or know someone who knows someone who plays Minecraft. It's practically a household name. After a deep swim through the communities archives, I've managed to find you some of the hidden talents within the realms of Minecraft. Pickaxes ready!

30 I Choose You Charizard!

Via: imgur.com

What kind of Minecraft creations list be complete without at least one Pokémon entry? Given that Charmander was my first ever starter Pokémon in Pokémon: Red, I was over the moon to see this recreation of him in the Minecraft world.

I wonder if its tail glows in the night?

Although this creator remains a mystery to the internet, let me thank you on behalf of all Minecraft and Pokémon fans everywhere! If you're out there somewhere let us know! Nevertheless, it's easy to see the painstaking effort the artist has taken to replicate an authentic looking Charizard that grips the community, I'd say they pulled it off.

29 Adventure Time's Candy Kingdom!

Via: minecraftforum.net

Adventure Time is one of Cartoon Network's highest grossing shows. It's no surprise that the show's location of Candy Kingdom has been recreated in the Minecraft world. This rebuild comes to you from the creative eye of Minecraft forums user Andrew04040202.

Now they've just gotta figure out how to make it edible.

The project has been going strong since 2016 and works hard to replicate the cartoon world of Adventure Time. It's unknown if the project is still underway or active but you can try to chase up the user on the forums.

28 To Infinity And Beyond!

Via: deviantart.com/nlcast

Standing tall and proud is one of the leading roles in Disney PIXAR's Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear is a fan favorite among many and comes from the mind of Deviant Art's nlcast. This artist is a huge fan of Buzz Lightyear in general, their page is littered with various drawings and sketches, it's no surprise to see how they pulled off this genuine looking Buzz with ease. Yet another fine example of how a little inspiration and love for your creations goes a long way!

27 Rise, Child Of Rome

Via: planetminecraft.com

A blast from the past, this epic Minecraft construct shows gamers have a keen desire to bring the past to life within the realm of Minecraft. With many great games been released with a historical setting, it's no surprise seeing something Roman related.

From left to right: Centurian, Trader, Centurian.

The creator Ayjayo was clearly inspired by the events of the Romans, I wonder what else they have up their sleeve? The funny story behind this is that the creator built this in someone else's world, that's creative license if ever we've seen it.

26 Petty Officer John-117

Via: Planet Minecraft

This recreation of Master Chief from Planet Minecraft user Divici. Here they masterfully captivate Chief in one of his generic poses, an Xbox icon has been given the Minecraft treatment. Halo just wouldn't be the same without Chief and every fan of the series knows it. In a way, monuments like this solidify our love of John and stamp out the idea he could die in Halo Infinite. Chief is no stranger to being sculpted. Madame Tussauds made Master Chief her first ever gaming-based artwork. Whatever happens in the Gaming Industry, Master Chief is one guy we won't forget!

25 Oriental World Of Cantamo

Via: Nerdmuch.com

This cleverly and elegantly pieced together oriental world is wonderfully showcased in this image. Created by Cantamo, this old oriental architecture works really well against the curved mountain tops and landscapes that really capture a look of Asia. Minecraft has its own Chinese Mythology theme pack and when used well, it can replicate creations such as the Oriental world of Cantamo. There's plenty of Asian architecture nuts out there who love using that theme in almost every world.

24 Merry Christmas

Via: Planet Minecraft

Seasons Greetings from your pal Santa! Okay, so it's not Christmas yet, but this entry is dedicated to the main guy in red. The sculpture was the first ever attempt at making a Minecraft sculpture by Minecraft Planet user, Z3N0N. You'd think the creator would've had a bit more experience under his belt with the looks of Saint Nick. A very well made sculpture that paints a Minecraft Santa perfectly. Keep making sculptures Z3NoN, you're talented at it.

23 Minas Tirith

Via: pcgamesn.com

Given the amount of time Minecraft has been around and the number of people it's attracted, it's hard not to find the classics getting reinvented. Such has to be said for this recreation of Minias Triath from J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth. Seen alongside the official Middle Earth server, but more on that later. This image of the city in all its glory is from Reddit user Cornbass. This would be an epic place to fight it out with friends, I'm thinking of a battle, Middle Earth style!

22 Middle Earth


If you actually want to play on the Middle Earth server, you can find it at mcmiddleearth.com. Although its founders remain anonymous, the project is the collaborated work of many hearts and minds. Despite the fact it's not yet finished, it goes to show how much time these players have on their hands. If you think you can lend your creative talents to the creation of Middle Earth, let the team know, I'm sure they'd be happy to hear from you!

21 Island Of Dragonstone

Via: pcgamesn.com

One great fantasy world remake deserves another. Here we have Dragonstone Island from the Game of Thrones series. A small part of a project to rebuild Westeros in the Minecraft world. This image is more of a glam shot for the area, even the sea has been rendered with a metallic shine to help heighten the atmosphere. But with that in mind, that's no disrespect to the level, it's beautiful. Every block reflects the length of time it must have taken to recreate the area. Be sure to check it out on the Westeros server if you're curious!

20 King's Landing

Via: mashable.com

Dragonstone Island isn't the only thing the Westeros server can offer you, look at this eye-catching reconstruction of King's Landing from Game Of Thrones. The work of the WesterosCraft server, it looks piece for piece spot-on. One of many good examples in this list of real teamwork paying off. Minecraft's ability to unite players is unrivaled by so many others. Be sure to check out the WesterosCraft server if this excites you. Go see it for yourselves!

19 Nether Been To The Cathedral

Via: mashable.com

Sinister and awesome, this Nether Cathedral was created by UltramarineXIII as part of their Ultracraft project. The mighty structure oozes with corruption and villainy, the perfect lair for a dark lord to manifest his presence. Definitely one of the darker structures in this list, I can't help but get to thinking how cool it would be to fight off wave after wave of zombies here. Clearly, a glory shot to heighten the intensity of the image, it looks suitable for a desktop wallpaper if nothing else.

18 Two-Million Block Cathedral

Via: pcgamesn.com

This Minecraft mega-structure is made up of two-million blocks! Built by GNRfrancis, the cathedral is available for download anytime. Although the structure looks good from here, it would look even better up close and personal. I'm up for jumping into Minecraft and creating megastructures as much as the next man, but this is something else. The arches, spires, and trimming of the Cathedral really make it stand out. One can only begin to fathom how many hours this piece consumed.

17 Sixty-Million Blocks

Via: pcgamesn.com

Welcome to the city of Adamantis, a whopping sixty-million blocks helps create this city. Its creator, jamdelaney1, spent three months creating the city. Safe to say, jamdelaney1's work paid off! The city sprawls up a hillside and features huge doors, mesmerizing architecture, and enchanting lighting.

I'd take a trip to Adamantis anytime!

At first, I thought Adamantis was under the sea! I had images of a Rapture-like, BioShock-inspired city. The city looks glorious against the darkened blanket of the night - bet the electric bill's not cheap.

16 Rainbow Dash

Via: flutterbatismagic.deviantart.com

My Little Pony's community is surprisingly larger than the Average Joe would think. Ever since the launch of the animated series, the number of fans is probably equivalent to a small army. This design of the pony Rainbow Dash comes to us from Deviant artist FlutterbatIsMagic. I picked this entry for its alternate design style. We all know that people associate My Little Pony with glitter and sparkles, well this rendition provides just that by using carefully selected color placement to bring this Rainbow Dash piece to life.

15 Miner's Edge

Via: mashable.com

Replicating both the visual styles and the mechanical components. This reinterpretation of Mirror's Edge has been renowned across the Minecraft community for quite some time now. Heck, it even featured in a Redbull Article about Minecraft creations! The community has made many valiant efforts to create their own parkour courses because of this. Although the creator of this world remains anonymous, the effects of his creation can be seen in a lot of world's areas. Parkour maps are now a plentiful sight on Minecraft. The more you look at this image, the more you could mistake it for the real thing! Who'd have thought Minecraft and Mirror's Edge work so well together?

14 Fable's Fairfax Castle

Via: pcgamesn.com

This beautiful landscape - designed by Reddit user Mikeack - takes inspiration from Fable's Fairfax Castle. Mikeack commented saying that "this is why I love playing Minecraft with friends." Looking at this picture, I can see why. Fable is a much-beloved franchise for the Xbox community, this rebuild is a charming treasure. One of Minecraft's many key features is to be able to play with friends. It really goes to show what various gamers can pull off when they coordinate and work together. With that, lies some of the most potent magic gaming can offer, solid teamwork.

13 Sonic CD?

Via: mashable.com

recreating the Sonic world or reaping some form of inspiration from it is inevitable, and here we find the most eye-catching of all the Sonic creations. reminding me a lot of Sonic CD, one of the very early, 3D, Sonic games. This is, however, a good thing of course!

It reminds me of a time when this was Sonic's go-to art style.

Nostalgic memories of sitting in front of the SEGA Mega Drive and playing the first Sonic games. Then getting to experience them again on the Xbox 360 with the Mega Drive collection, those were good times.

12 Peter Jackson's Kong Takes On A T-Rex

Via: Nerdmuch.com

Inspired by the 2005 hit, Peter Jackson's King Kong, this statue comes from the creative mind of Micko’s GamingRecreating a scene where Kong is about to slam a T-Rex, the image paints the scene perfectly. This build must have taken forever to finish, the attention to detail is somewhat staggering. Inspiration aside, the film itself also gave us a pretty good game to play. Making this rendition of King Kong one of his finest and, in turn, making this version of Kong selected in the Minecraft piece, perfect.

11 Project Aralith: Bayport

Via: Nerdmuch.com

Delicate balance and harmony collide in this Minecraft town. Bayport is a part of the Minecraft Planet User DaMastah's project Aralith. The projects primary aim was to keep the same level of consistency throughout all its build. Although this may be a challenge, a complex world full of cities, towns, and dungeons would be great if kept to this standard throughout. This glory shot render of Bayport was the work of project accomplice Rajkkor who did a phenomenal job captivating Bayport in all its charm.

10 Hogwarts School Of Minecraft And Wizardry

Via: youtube.com (SparkofPhoenix)

Harry Potter's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has had many remakes over the years Minecraft has been around. This particular rendition was found on the YouTube channel Sparkofpheonix. This version of Hogwarts is particularly interesting for its attention to detail. What caught my eye most was the extent of work put into the interior. And yes, before you ask, there is a Harry Potter Minecraft server. There're a few actually. One rather notable mention would be Dumbledore's Army.

9 Nintendo-Land

Via: Nerdmuch.com

Tickets now half price to Nintendo-Land! It's not difficult to see where this theme park Minecraft creation takes its inspiration from. Created by Nerdmuch user SixtyZombies, this theme park's vibrant setting glorifies Nintendo mascots in 2D pixel art. The rollercoaster is a nice addition, a good way to zip around the park and see what there is to see. Various smaller buildings litter the park's surface and one can only wonder what lies inside.

8 Lapras, Use Ice Beam

Via: youtube.com (inostupid)

Our second Pokémon list entry comes from the YouTuber inostupidA father and son team who have made some truly remarkable Pokémon statues in their time on the game. This Lapras is but one of many. I picked this entry for the sheer effort and time spent on capturing the features of Lapras. From the spines on her shell to the look in her eye, the sculpture rings true to Ken Sugimori's original style. This must have taken a long time to pull off. The fact that it was done by both Father and Son makes this piece very special indeed. 

7 Minecraft Earth...

Via: Planet Minecraft

What if I told you there's an actual project to replicate earth in Minecraft? This image of Earth goes to show the staggering amount of time and dedication that went into making this project.

Undeniable proof of flat Earth?

Recreating Westeros or Middle-Earth is one thing, but the planet Earth? that's amazing. In comparison to building and having fun like most people do, this is next level dedication. Can you imagine the potential of this, a Minecraft MMO set on our humble Earth?

6 Newport Notch

Via: pcgamesn.com

This attempt at recreating an authentic city experience from within Minecraft is called Newport Notch and was the work of two determined players: LG193 and ThatDutchLad. This towering city atmosphere is definitely a change of pace from the traditional fields and mountains we regularly see. Not only does the urban haven sport skyscrapers, city squares, and various constructs, it also has its own subway map! The world of Newport Notch has become so popular within the Minecraft community that it now has its own subreddit!

5 Taming The Kelpies

Via: youtube.com (Bigbst4tz2)

The Kelpies is an iconic landmark in Grangemouth, Scotland, Britain. This elegant reconstruct by YouTuber Bigbst4tz2The real Kelpies were constructed back in 2013 to help unite council communities in Falkirk. These two stallion heads have inspired much hope and creativity in the minds of the Scotish people and across the globe. There're many different builds based from "The Kelpies" but this one caught my eye for its size and attention to detail. Can't afford that ticket to Scotland? load up Minecraft and give "The Kelpies" a visit!

4 The Hills Have Eyes

Via: nerdmuch.com

Overlooking the hillside where he sits as king, this mighty guardian watches the land below. What a magnificent creation! The creator is unknown for this construct, just know you've done a great job, whoever you are. The style strikes me as somewhat Oriental, clashed with Nordic themes. The terrain build and fauna placement create an overall imposing atmosphere. Clearly, the creation of this statue was time-consuming,. Thanks to the persistence and dedication of the artist (or artists), we get bold artistic statements like this statue in the community. Beautiful!

3 Babylonian City

Via: youtube.com (Roi Louis loic)

Ancient recreations are something to behold with wonder and mystery enveloped around the creator's interpretation of the past. This Babylonian City was created by Roi Louis and you can download it yourselves on Planet Minecraft. The Babylonian's era was around 18th Century B.C (2,300 B.C) so who knows what this society really looked like. One thing's for certain, Roy Louis's interpretation of Babylon is one of the best out there. Its modern-day location is known as Hillah, Babil Governorate, Iraq.

2 Cleopatra's Palace

Via: Nerdmuch.com

Our final ancient reconstruction is of Cleopatra's Palace. An Egyptian themed creation pieced together by TeamMCFRArchitect. They attempt to recreate Cleopatra's Palace in its golden era before it was devastated by natural disaster and sunk to the bottom of the sea. Antirhodos was the name of the Palace in texts of old and many deep sea discoveries have been made to explore the Palace. Attention to detail by the team on this rebuild really brings upon feelings of immersion surrounding the Egyptian Mythology.


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