Minecraft Earth Finally Available In The US

Minecraft Earth is finally available in the app store for early access in the United States, so American players can finally get in on the action.

With AR technology becoming more prevalent and games like Pokémon GO dominating the market, it was only a matter of time before Minecraft Earth finally joined the app store for early access in the United States.

Mojang revealed the title in May of this year. An onstage demo was revealed two weeks after its initial announcement, with which Mojang revealed how the game would play.

In the same way that Pokémon GO put Pokémon into a real-world environment, Minecraft Earth also allows players to build and save their own creations from the literal ground up in the world. The world is a canvas for anyone with a phone and a desire to build. During the next month, Mojang released beta signups for those who were eager to get into the game early.

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Early access for the game started in October. Minecraft’s objects are anchored to specific points of contact, i.e, real-world objects. In Pokémon GO, players can use AR technology to display Pokémon juxtaposed onto reality using their phones, but it's not exact and the Pokémon will slide a bit if the phone is moved.

If what we've seen so far is anything to go on, however, Minecraft Earth will provide much more stable bases for players to make their own creations.

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Minecraft Earth will certainly be a more immersive game than Pokémon GO or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite due to its AR-heavy nature. Without AR, Minecraft Earth cannot function since at its core, it's a game about transferring Minecraft to reality.

Instead of simply catching monsters and displaying them next to you, Minecraft Earth will bring anything players can build with blocks to the real world. Structures can be up to 256 blocks high, which means that for the most intricate structures, a large building location in the real-world will be required.

Minecraft Earth is now live, so those looking to get started can boot up the app store in the US, hit install, and see what they can discover today.

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