10 Hilarious Ways Minecraft's Economy Makes No Sense

Typically when someone thinks of Minecraft they think of endless mining, massive builds, and lots of exploration. A player can accumulate a vast fortune via mining and craft a grand castle to store their wealth.

But underneath it all is an economy at play that while beneficial for the player doesn’t hold up under any kind of scrutiny. Whether it’s undervalued currencies, bizarre cost comparisons, or some of the laziest NPCs in gaming, here are some of the many hilarious reasons why Minecraft’s economy doesn’t make any sense.

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10 Diamonds Make The Best Armor

Diamonds are certainly the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet, but that doesn’t qualify them to function as armor. First of all it would weigh so much the wearer couldn’t move and just because it’s a hard substance doesn’t mean it’ll deflect any incoming damage, a Creeper explosion would probably shatter the thing.

In reality diamonds would be traded for a significant amount of iron and the player would want a suit crafted out of that instead. Let’s not even talk about making something ridiculous like a diamond shovel or a diamond hoe.

9 Diamond = Emerald

While many think diamonds are the most valuable ore in the game, emeralds are actually worth more given their increased rarity and use as a currency with villagers. Sure, you can craft the most powerful armor in the game out of diamonds and they make the best beacons, but a chest full of diamonds won’t bring home the porkchops.

But what’s odd is that diamonds and emeralds are given the exact same value by the villagers. A single diamond trades for a single emerald. It’s an exchange that’s great for you as diamonds are much easier to find, but it makes you question the villages ability to handle the value of their currency.

8 Emerald = Lapis Lazuli

The value of emeralds gets even more absurd when you realize that a single lapis lazuli is worth the same as a single emerald. This is an absolute steal for the villager if the player ever buys that single lapis lazuli with an emerald.

Why is it so expensive? Lapis Lazuli is only used in enchanting and decorating, neither of which the Cleric engages in so why does he put such a high price on them? For that matter why would a player ever buy one when they could go on a mining run and have a whole stack for the price of one iron pick?

7 Clerics Buy Rotten Flesh

Speaking of Clerics another odd trade they engage in is buying 32 pieces of rotten flesh from you for one emerald. It’s a good trade as rotten flesh is only useful as a terrible food source, but this begs the question why the Cleric wants them?

It causes hunger, it’s ripped from the corpses of zombies, and it’s hard to imagine that it tastes any good, so why does the Cleric buy this? Perhaps he’s the head of a secret cult? Maybe he’s trying to find a cure for the zombie plague? Either way be very wary the next time you join him in communion.

6 Wandering Traders

In your travels you may come across a Wandering Trader who’s more than happy to sell his random assortment of items. Granted some items can save you some exploration, but it makes you wonder what his overall plan is.

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The price of items doesn’t vary dramatically between villages and he doesn’t appear to be trading in what a village is lacking or abundant in anyway, so what is his purpose as a wandering trader? Also, apart from two spitting llamas this man has no protection from the numerous horrors that appear at night so how is he still alive?

5 Farmers And Shepherds

The other villagers engage in trade that makes sense. If you trade the Butcher enough raw chicken he’ll eventually be able to sell you cooked chicken. But the Shepherd buys wool and the Farmer buys crops. Isn’t that what they’re supposed to be selling?

Why doesn’t the Shephard have his own sheep he can shear wool from? Why does the Farmer need to buy your wheat when there are communal farms he can go to gather his own? Seems like they fail to understand what their responsibilities are.

4 Where Are The Breeders?

Even more absurd is that the Shepherd isn’t selling his own sheep. Many players would happily buy a few sheep off of a Shepherd rather then gather their own in the fields. In fact any animal that’s domesticated and sold would make for a great business yet there aren’t any breeders around.

There's no one to breed and sell horses, cows, sheep, cats, pigs, parrots, or llamas. The llamas are especially strange considering Wandering Traders have them. Where on earth did they buy them and why aren’t they breeding these tameable mobs and selling those instead of wandering between villages not trading with other villagers?

3 Leather Cap > Iron Helmet

The prices of items in villages are absolutely insane even without the strange currency conversion rates. The best example is an iron helmet sells for one emerald, but a leather cap sells for five emeralds.

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Iron helmets provides twice as much protection but are worth a fifth the price of leather helmets. Sure, leather is hard to obtain when your village doesn’t have any breeders, but there certainly aren’t any miners either and digging into the earth looking for iron has to be harder than finding a cow and slaughtering it.

2 No Potions

Potions are arguably some of the most powerful items in Minecraft. The can make you immune to lava, fall damage, allow you to breath underwater, and regenerate injuries in seconds. Yet in-spite of this cash cow of a product no one is interesting in selling or buying them.

Maybe there’s a stigma with alchemy and that’s why Witches are exiled to the swamps, but you’d think they’d overlook some of those long held stigmas if it means increasing the odds of survival in this hostile environment.

1 Villagers Are Lazy

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of the economy is that villagers are incredibly lazy. All they do is wander around their village gathering crops and waiting for someone to come along and trade with them. They won’t even breed until the player has bought enough of their stuff and gifted them some food.

When a zombie horde appears all they do is hide in their houses and wait for the undead masses to knock down their doors. The village weaponsmith who can trade you enchanted diamond swords doesn’t use it to defend himself. Even the Armorsmith who can sell you a full suit of enchanted diamond armor will die without ever making the effort to put it on when a zombie attacks.

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