Minecraft: Every Biome, Ranked

Each one of Minecraft's biomes is unique, but some are just more exciting or dynamic than others. Today, we're ranking them from worst to best.

The world of Minecraft is a large place, full of different secrets and new places to discover. The things that you can find are usually based around the biome that you are in. Biomes are the different areas that populate the world, such as plains or forests.

Today, we'll be taking a look at all of the biomes that can be found in the overworld and ranking them. Let's get into it.

13 Plains

Ooh, look at you, plains! You have the distinction of being the most boring biome in all of Minecraft. The plains biome is literally just... well it's a plain. Of nothingness.

The nice thing about the plains is that you can always find what you need to get started. Resources, animals, usually some trees are pretty close by. But that's it. Other than that, they don't do anything special.

12 Forest

The forest biome is second on the list because it's literally just a forest. Like, look, if you need wooden planks, there's nowhere better. If you're looking for anything else, big yikes.

Nothing here for you. Don't worry, there's a slightly better forest that you can go to if you're into that kind of thing. We'll get there in a minute.

11 Taiga

Taigas are so boring. They're one of the only biomes that don't have anything too interesting in them. You can sometimes find sugarcane. Cool, we guess?

The taiga is just boring. You can find foxes and wolves here easily, though. So at the very least, they have that. Other than that, there's not much going for this biome.

10 Giant Tree Taiga

The giant tree taiga is basically the same as the regular taiga, but big. It has bigger trees, some different types of dirt (ooooh) and mossy cobblestone, which is kind of interesting. Not THAT interesting though. A solid C- to you, giant tree taiga.

9 Swamp

The swamp is a pretty interesting biome, as it is home to some unusual things, such as slimes, witch huts and clay. That's about it though.

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The swamps are a nice area to look at, but beyond that, they're pretty tame. Witch Huts are probably the most important aspect of swamps, as you can get potions and cats! What more could you ever need?

8 Dark Forest

The dark or roofed forest is a forest but with jazz hands. You can find giant mushrooms in this biome, and also very rarely you can find a woodland mansion. Both of these things are really fun, even if they're not all too likely to spawn.

This biome is also very dangerous as hostile mobs can be found here, so proceed with caution. It's definitely more interesting than regular forests, that's for sure.

7 Snowy Tundra

The snowy tundra is a pretty biome. It's full of snow, spruce trees, frozen lakes and sometimes villages. The snowy tundra can also very rarely takes the form of an ice spikes plains biome.

These biomes are full of massive ice spikes, and are super pretty to look at, or even build your home near. There's not many useful resources in these biomes, but they're pretty.

6 Desert

The desert biome is a pretty boring biome to look at, that's for sure. However, the desert biome is full of secrets to find. There are desert wells and desert temples to find, both of which are rare, but also exciting when you do find them.

While the deserts aren't usually one of the better biomes, if you find these two structures, you're in luck.

5 Mountain

The mountain biome (previously the much better named extreme hills) is a biome full of massive hills. You can also find valleys, waterfalls and lavafalls because danger! This is the only biome that you can find emeralds in, and they're pretty easy to get to, as there are tons of caves you can get to in this biome.

Mountain biomes are a pretty area, and can lead to some nice discoveries if you fully explore things. You can also very easily fall off of cliffs though so like... don't do that.

4 Jungle

The jungle biome is certainly one of the cooler ones that Minecraft has to offer. The biome is incredibly dense, and really pretty too!

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Besides that, there are tons of exclusives that the jungle has to offer. There's ocelots, parrots, melons, and cocoa pods! Besides that, there are the rare spawns of jungle temples. The jungle is full of fun secrets.

3 Ocean

At first, the ocean biome might not seem interesting, because it's literally an ocean. However, the ocean biomes are actually really cool! While you can always find small islands, in the deep ocean biomes there are ocean monuments, tons of exclusive animals, and structures underwater.

The most interesting structures are the ocean monuments. If you venture out into the ocean, you'll probably be able to find something super cool.

2 Badlands

The badlands biome is this high on the list only because it's super pretty. In the badlands, you can find all sorts of different colored clays that paint the landscape. There are also above ground Mineshafts, woah!

You can also just find gold anywhere, so that's fun. The badlands biome is easily the prettiest one of them all, and can be great for finding resources that might be hard to get other places. This is a great place to build a settlement at!

1 Mushroom Fields

Mushroom fields biomes take the top spot on the list because literally why in the world is there an entire biome dedicated to mushrooms? Who decided that this is what we needed? In the mushroom fields, you can find giant mushrooms in place of trees, regular-sized mushrooms, and of course, the iconic Mooshrooms.

Mooshrooms are cows but they're red and grow mushrooms on them and when milked give you soup because... well, why not? The sheer absurdity that are the mushroom fields are the reason why this biome takes the No. 1 spot on our list of the best biomes.

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