Someone Modded Minecraft To Look Like Lego

The hero we didn't know we needed was Reddit user Strideyy, who shared the result of his work on the Minecraft subreddit on Thursday.


For years, the elevator pitch for Minecraft had been "if Lego were a video game." It was such a widespread idea that when Lego started making Minecraft-themed sets back in 2014, there were plenty of people who thought the idea was kind of... redundant. And yet, somehow it took until 2019 before someone modded the game to look like its toy-based counterpart.

The hero we didn't know we needed was Reddit user Strideyy, who shared the result of his work on the Minecraft subreddit on Thursday.

Strideyy provided a link to his custom texture pack on planet Minecraft, where he boasts that the textures use the official Lego color palette in order to simulate the Lego look. While he warns that the mod is nowhere near complete (only five percent by his reckoning), anyone with a desire to live in a Lego Minecraft world is free to download the mod and give it a go.

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Strideyy isn't kidding when he says it's not finished, however. So far, he's only created seven textures: the grass, grass blocks, grass paths, stone blocks, oak logs, oak leaves, and dirt. While those are the most-frequently-seen textures in the game, it does mean that anything else that players run across will still have the original Minecraft textures.


He also changed the sounds for some blocks, but he noted that those sounds are probably going to be replaced in the future.

Strideyy isn't content to leave the texture pack as-is, however. His ultimate goal is to make a Lego genuine version of everything in the game, from cows to creepers, mushrooms to magma. There also have been some major issues with the mod's in-game performance, since Strideyy has not yet taken the time to optimize the mod in a way that doesn't cause some CPUs to melt.

But, assuming Strideyy sticks to his goal, and assuming Lego (which has released a competing game) doesn't send out a cease-and-desist order, there should be plenty more content and improvements on the way.

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