Minecraft: All You Need To Know About Llamas

Since Minecraft's 1.11 update, llamas have been a thing in the game, thanks to a community vote in which developers asked whether players would prefer llamas or alpacas. Now, these adorable and surprisingly ferocious spitting creatures inhabit the green blocky hills of Minecraft and are available for the player to tame for their own purpose.

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If you're curious about all the things you can accomplish with a llama as your friend or how to start a llama farm, for instance, keep reading and we'll uncover everything there is to know about these fluffy mountain-dwelling friends.

10 Savanna & Mountain Spawn

In order to acquire yourself a llama in the first place, the easiest and most straightforward way is to find a savanna biome with acacia trees. Llamas will also spawn in high altitude, so any type of mountainous area is a prime location for them to be appearing in herds.

Overall, they shouldn't be too difficult to find and remain a fairly common passive mob in the game, given you have the right biomes around your spawn location.

9 Wandering Trader's Llamas

In case you really can't find a savanna biome or a mountain near your starting area but still want to find a llama, the latest 1.14 update has introduced the Wandering Trader character, who will appear every once in a while to show his wares to you.

The trader always appears with two of his own llamas, and it's not uncommon for one of them to get unleashed as he walks around. Not only will you get a free leash but also a free llama in the process!

8 Spit When Hostile

If for whatever awful reason you'd like to kill a llama, it's good to keep in mind that these creatures might look cute but they really do pack a punch. Rather than running away from the hunter, llamas will instantly start spitting and following them around, even if they try to move away from the animal.

When killed, llamas drop a one to two pieces of leather and a little bit of experience for the player, but nothing significant to really justify killing these cute, noble creatures.

7 They Hate Saddles...

Once tamed, llamas can only be transported and moved around with the use of a lead. Unlike horses or donkeys, llamas cannot be equipped with a saddle. In order to make a lead, combine four pieces of string with one piece of slime. A group of llamas can also be leashed to each other to form a llama caravan of infinite llamas.

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Llamas are particularly useful for carrying items around if you're coming back from an adventure, with each of them being able to carry two chests. Keep in mind that these chests cannot be unequipped unless you kill the llama.

6 ...And Love Carpets

Even though llamas are unable to wear a saddle and let you ride them like horses, they can still be decorated with any color of carpet of your choice. Each color comes with its own unique pattern to truly jazz up your llama friend.

This is especially useful if your llamas are all carrying chests with different things and you need to color-code them to remember exactly what you are searching for. Make your choice carefully, however, since the carpets can't be unequipped unless your llama is killed.

5 Llamas & Hostiles

As already mentioned, llamas are different from most other passive mobs in the sense that they really do stand up for themselves and spit at anyone who might be hostile. If they happen to be the llamas of a Wandering Trader, you'll often see them standing up for their owner by attacking any zombies or other hostiles approaching the trader.

They'll automatically attack any evil version of the villagers, such as illagers, zombie villagers, and vindicators.

4 Hay Bales To Breed

If your dream is to become the owner of a successful llama farm, you'll be happy to know these creatures, like most passive mobs, produce adorable baby versions of themselves. In order to breed tamed llamas, make sure they are in close vicinity and then feed them hay bales to activate their love mode.

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It's possible to do so even if your llamas are leashed, as long as they're able to reach one another. In order to make a hay bale, you need 9 pieces of wheat, one in each slot of the crafting table.

3 Ride To Tame

With all this information, you're probably eager to find out how to go about taming a llama in the first place. Just like with horses, all you need to do is have an empty slot in your inventory selected and then right-click on an untamed llama.

The player character will hop on the animal's back and ride around for a bit, and then most likely be thrown off. Repeat this until hearts appear above the llamas head signaling that a successful mount is on the horizon. Congratulations, you've made a llama friend!

2 Feed With Wheat

As already mentioned, llamas will breed once they are fed hay bales. However, if a llama is hurt or you'd simply like to make them happy, then food is the best answer. Much like cows and sheep, llamas only need wheat to become satisfied.

Wheat can also be feed to small baby llamas to make sure they grow up quickly so they can be ready to do all the carrying for the player as soon as possible.

1 "So I Got That Going For Me"

For those playing on Bedrock, PlayStation, and Xbox, you have a fun llama related achievement available as well. If you leash five or more llamas into a caravan one after another, you'll unlock the "So I Got That Going For Me" achievement.

If on the Java edition, any of the animal-related achievements - for example, "Best Friends Forever" and "The Parrots and the Bats" - can be unlocked if a llama is tamed or if two llamas are bred to make a baby llama.

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