10 Things That Make No Sense About Minecraft

As engaging and relaxing as Minecraft is, this enduring, open-world sandbox game has a number of strange things about it that make no sense.

There's a reason why Minecraft has remained so popular throughout the years. With a simple yet engaging and relaxing gameplay, it's hard not to fall in love with the concept of an open-world sandbox that lets you do almost anything. From exploration to building to farming and adventuring, there's something for every kind of gamer in this game.

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However, while we don't mean to be nitpickers, there are a few things in the game that are a bit strange. Some of them don't seem to make any sense at all, if you really think about, and we're here to share them with you.

10 Doors Let You Breathe Underwater

When you dive deep underwater in Minecraft, unless you happen to be wearing gear that allows you to breathe underwater or consume a waterbreathing potion, you'll lose oxygen bubbles.

To counter this annoying feature that might result in imminent death, Minecrafters have discovered that placing a door underwater creates a 1x1 large area with a pocket of oxygen. If only we could just place doors down in real life as well when diving to the bottom of an ocean or lake! One can only dream.

9 Villagers Don't Care

Ever since the update that completely overhauled villages and introduced evil pillagers, villages have definitely become much more vibrant and interesting to visit. However, there's still something odd about simply pulling these poor people's crops out of the ground while they calmly watch us from the side.

You'd think any normal peasant would be sent into a fury when seeing a random adventurer walk into his house, destroy his bed and grab everything in his chest. We really don't think enough about the villagers!

8 The Bucket Of Lava

Lava is among the hottest materials in the world and could probably destroy just about any object it came into contact with - but not an iron bucket! At least, not if you simply fill it up with lava. If you, however, throw the same bucket into lava, it will get burned.

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So, why doesn't it burn when we fill it up with lava? These questions have our heads spinning at night, and there's yet to be a sensible answer. It might be a small detail, but it definitely breaks the consistency of the game. One can only make theories why this is the case.

7 Falling Into Water Never Kills You

Jumping off a skyscraper in real life, no matter what awaits you at the bottom, will usually result in death or at the very least, extremely severe injuries. In Minecraft, however, it doesn't matter how high you jump off. If you happen to have a pool of water waiting for you at the bottom, you'll be perfectly safe and sound.

We've even seen some daredevil Minecrafters jump down with a bucket of water, to see if they can place it down before their bodies impact the ground. Picture that in real life. Yeah, it would never work!

6 First Person & Third Person Hand

You know how your Minecraft avatar's right hand is always sticking out of its body? Well, it makes sense, since you're performing activities and you need to figure out how far you are to a block while mining it. However, what's strange is that once you switch over to third person view, your avatar's hands are perfectly resting to the side.

It's a truly weird feature, one that actually isn't unique to Minecraft. Many games struggle to realistically portray characters from third and first person perspective, which makes for hilariously unrealistic moments.

5 You Can Carry Anything

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to carry stacks upon stacks of dirt in your pockets? It just wouldn't work. At some point, our bodies would just collapse and give in. Not to mention, some things are extremely difficult to carry in large stacks.

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In Minecraft, however, it's perfectly acceptable to carry a bed, all of your food, three buckets of water, all your heavy iron tools, five million stacks of wood and stone, and a heavy armor on top of all that on your body. Our avatars must be incredibly buff for this to be even possible, so kudos to them for hitting the gym!

4 Infinite Water Source

Lack of water is one of the most pressing issues in the real world. In Minecraft, you'll never have to worry about such an important resource. Not only does your character never, ever get thirsty, but by placing two buckets of water in the opposite corners of a 2x2 hole, you have created yourself an infinite source of water.

Where does the water come from? How is this possible? We wish we could provide some sensible answers here, or even theories, but we're just as lost as you are when it comes to this trick.

3 Clashing Biomes


If you've ever traveled around the world or taken a class in geography, you'll know things get progressively hotter the closer you get to the equatorial line. You won't find deserts in Canada, and you definitely won't find lush jungles in the arctic tundra of Siberia.

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Minecraft, however, disagrees with this logic. Biomes spawn randomly, with no rhyme or reason. It's not uncommon to see a snow biome right next to a desert biome, or a frozen ocean with icebergs with polar bears in front of a large jungle beach inhabited by exotic birds and ocelots.

2 Eating Heals You

It should go without saying that eating is good for you, and it keeps us alive. However, if we're sick or have suffered an injury, eating a steak or a burger isn't going to magically make it go away.

Minecraft disagrees with our real life logic once more by saying that eating any type of food, even rotten meat or raw chicken, which could be deadly in real life, will restore your health and your hearts. Steve definitely has a strong stomach to be able to ingest all that and still heal within seconds.

1 Punching A Tree

If we were to see someone punch a tree in real life, we'd probably think they were either incredibly angry or just a little bit crazy in the head. If you've ever played Minecraft, however, you know this is the very first step to your survival, and also the most important one.

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With the power of our fists alone, we're able to break sturdy trees into conveniently chopped up wooden bits. Yet again, more proof that Steve is an absolute beast who goes to the gym and owns the strongest stomach in the universe.

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