Minecraft Has Sold Over 170 Million Copies

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Minecraft recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and the Xbox website announced that the game has sold over 176 million copies around the world. If these sales figures are accurate, then it's possible that Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time.

The Wikipedia page for the list of best-selling video games of all time puts Minecraft in the number one spot, with Tetris in second and Grand Theft Auto V in third. The problem with these results is that the Tetris figure is based on Gamespot article from 2010, which means that it's entirely possible that Tetris has sold more copies than Minecraft, due to the fact that it keeps getting ported to every system and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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It's still an incredible achievement for Minecraft to have sold so many copies within the span of ten years. The universal nature of Minecraft and the numerous devices on which it has appeared has allowed gamers from all over the world to build their own fantasy realms out of blocks or band together with their friends in order to explore the dark caverns beneath the earth.

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The question now is where Minecraft can go from here? Microsoft recently announced Minecraft Earth, which is an AR game that seems to be following the trend set by Pokémon GO by bringing the game into the real world. There is also Minecraft: Dungeons, which is an upcoming co-op dungeon crawler based on the franchise. Minecraft movie is also in development and is expected to hit theaters in 2022.

There is also the question of how Microsoft will use the Minecraft license in the future, as the company spent over two billion dollars to purchase it. Would Microsoft be bold enough to try and make Minecraft an exclusive to Windows and Xbox? It might seem like an insane idea based on the money that Minecraft brings in, but the game is easily the most valuable game property that Microsoft owns and preventing it from being sold on the PlayStation 5 or Google Stadia could be a tactic to try and drum up interest in the successor to the Xbox One. However, Minecraft fans all over the world would likely be furious.

Minecraft is a cultural phenomenon in a way that few other video games have ever achieved. There is no telling what other kinds of records Minecraft will have broken by the time it reaches its twentieth anniversary.

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