Minecraft: Top 10 Survival Games Servers

Minecraft has evolved to feature a lot more than just world-building. Survival mode forces you to play the game differently, not just creatively.

Minecraft is a game that allows players to do basically anything. There are a ton of mods and different game modes that give players the ability to play this open-world sandbox game in any way they want. Whether that's building something or going on an incredible adventure through the world, Minecraft players are free to play however they want.

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There are also a ton of servers that Minecraft players can join in order to make friends and play with others. There are servers that are focused around a ton of different game modes but one popular one is survival. In a survival server, players have to gather resources and try to survive in the world.

Looking for a new Minecraft survival server to join? Keep reading to see the 10 top ones out there!

10 Safe Survival

Safe Survival is a semi-vanilla server that has been around for a few years now, meaning that it's gotten quite a few members that have joined. This is great for people that like to play with others when they join a Minecraft server.

Safe Survival's name is definitely fitting for the experience with this server. Keep items is turned on and Grief Prevention Land Claiming has been built into the server as players can use a simple command in order to set their spawn point should they die while out in the world. For players new to Minecraft that really just want to try out survival mode, this server is great!

9 Creeper's Lab

Creeper's Lab is a nearly vanilla Minecraft server that has been online for over five years. This server has quite a few active players and has active staff members online to help out new players, make sure that there's no griefing, and generally help the server run smoothly.

Creeper's Lab has a set of achievements that players can get while playing in this server, building contests for players to take part in and compete against the other server members, and mini-games that can be played while in this world. For Minecraft players that want to have fun with other people on a server, Creeper's Lab is a great choice.

8 FableMC

FableMC is a really unique server that offers quite a few features that are different from other Minecraft servers. If you're a player that feels bored with just exploring the world and wants to really become part of a community and feel immersed with what's going on in the server that you join, FableMC is a good choice.

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FableMC has a lot of unique features that add some fun aspects to the gameplay like player stores, an economy, and land claiming. For a player that wants to be part of a community and play on a more structured Minecraft survival server, this one might be a match!

7 AJGaming Network

AJGaming Network is a series of multiple different Minecraft servers. AJGaming Network has multiple servers across different game modes including some like creative, skyblock, survival, and prison. Within the survival servers, they have one dedicated to friendly PVE play, a McMMO server, and others.

If you enjoy the AJGaming community after checking out one of their survival servers and you get tired of trying to survive in that world, there are other servers dedicated to other game modes where players can have even more fun.

6 Wildcraft Serenity Vanilla+

Wildcraft Serenity Vanilla+ is a server that was established back in 2010 and has become a really popular server in the world of Minecraft for players that are looking to join an active, fun survival server.

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This server has a lot of fun plugins enabled that add a lot to the game and give players something to do and a fun challenge. This Minecraft survival server has regular contests, jobs, a land management plugin, player shops, and PVP mini-games, among other things. This server is a great Minecraft survival server for players that are looking to be part of a community and get really involved in the events of the server.

5 Vulengate

Vulengate is a Minecraft survival server that has quite a few unique features to help make the experience of playing in this server a little more fun. Although it is focused on surviving in the world of Minecraft, it adds some features that make the game more fun and help to foster a community in the game.

When a player joins this server, they're able to choose between three different worlds. All of them have the same features but have different people in them, meaning that there are different communities within the server. Some features in Vulengate include keep inventory, jobs, ranks, player shops, and scheduled events where players can win prizes.

4 Minewind

Minewind is a Minecraft survival server that's more popular with players that don't like their game to be incredibly strict or rigid and prefer to make their own fun. This play style is definitely not a fit for every Minecraft player but if you're someone that just wants to make friends and have fun, Minewind might be the survival server for you.

Minewind is a Minecraft survival server where players can do basically anything. There are regular events, but the server staff don't enforce any rules other than not allowing players to cheat or spam.

3 Aspiria MC

Aspiria MC is a survival Minecraft server that has been around for over seven years now, meaning that it's had plenty of time to grow as a server and have the staff really work out any issues and learn to run a Minecraft survival server really smoothly.

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Aspiria MC is a Minecraft survival server that has a large, friendly community and a lot of different features that make it a fun place to play Minecraft. Aspiria MC has a level up system, land claiming, no griefing, and player stores.

2 Wintercrest

Wintercrest is a semi-vanilla Minecraft survival server that is totally focused on the community aspect of playing together on a server. Minecraft fans that have been part of multiple servers before will know that many servers give special ranks and abilities to players that donate to help the server keep running.

Wintercrest is different in that all the ranks and abilities are purchased with in-game money that can be earned by being an active member of the server and participating in nightly events with the other members of the server. PVP is disabled and, for players that just want to have casual fun, they have a world for creative mode.

1 PickaxeMania

PickaxeMania is a Minecraft survival server that is semi-vanilla and has a lot of really fun features for players to enjoy like jobs, McMMO, and land claiming, among others. The server features an in-game economy and player shops in order to help the player rank up and grief protection for the players.

This server offers a really relaxed world for Minecraft fans that are looking for a new survival server to join and become part of the community.

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