Minecraft Still Gets Updates, Adding Crossbows, Shields, And More

Minecraft, the popular sandbox game that allows you to explore, build, and create, has recently received some new features. The game that keeps on giving has just been updated with a patch, which is set to bring some new items to your world.

Launched on March 19, the Bedrock Update includes items and weapons, as well as a new animal and mob.

The new items are a lectern, loom, and lantern; while weapons are boosted by the addition of a crossbow and shield. In terms of animals, you can now find Jellie, the cat voted for by fans, in your game.

In creative mode, you'll also find a new hostile mob, pillagers. The notes accompanying the patch suggest that you may want to practice crafting shields, as they'll eventually come to survival mode in a future update.

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In terms of the items, they are definitely a bonus. The lectern holds books, which multiple players can read at once in multiplayer mode, while the loom is used to apply banners and patterns. The lantern generates light that is slightly brighter than a torch and can be placed on top of or hanging from blocks.

A large number of Minecraft modders have made lanterns over the years, so it’s great to finally see some official ones added to the game.

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You can now also craft shields and crossbows. Shields were previously available in the Java edition, but are now accessible across all platforms. Meanwhile, the new crossbow functions as a more powerful bow. Though it takes longer to load, it shoots further and with greater accuracy.

The most anticipated animal, Jellie the cat, was added as a result of the Minecraft cat competition. Players were encouraged to submit photos or videos of their cats, which were narrowed down to three finalists.

These lucky cats were then voted for by Twitter users, with Jellie claiming the victory and being added to the game.

If you play on mobile, it’s worth noting that there is currently a known bug that affects HD texture packs on mobile devices. Activating them may cause your game to crash. Mobile users are being advised to disable the HD textures until a fix has been deployed.

The Minecraft Bedrock Edition patch is now available for Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

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