Minecraft Getting Crossplay, Mods, Graphics Upgrade

Massive Minecraft updates are in the works, including cross-platform play, mod marketplace, and a huge graphics update.

Minecraft is still going strong, with Mojang announcing big changes are on the way for everyone’s favorite polygonal pastime.

Coming this Summer is the Better Together update, which finally brings cross-platform compatibility to Minecraft. This means that Xbox players will be able to game with Nintendo Switch players, and both of them will be able to play with Mobile version players. The only exception to this is Sony, who for some reason gave Microsoft the cold shoulder when asked if they wanted PS4 users to game with the rest of the world. That’s not nice, Sony! Didn’t your parents ever teach you it’s always better to play together?

The cross-platform compatibility is going to be possible through the rollout of massive servers by Microsoft who will be able to take the player load. Minecraft servers have been a thing on the PC version for some time, allowing massive worlds with hundreds of players, but the summer update will finally bring that same ability to consoles.

The Better Together update will also bring the Community Marketplace, which will allow Minecraft creators to sell their creations to players for real money. The Marketplace will have things like custom texture packs, skins, and maps made by other players. Everything will be tied to your Minecraft account, so if you purchase a DLC on your Xbox it’ll also be available on your phone, your Nintendo Switch, or however else you play Minecraft.

Except for PS4, because they’re not playing nice.

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Also on the way is a phenomenal graphical overhaul called The Super Duper Graphics Pack. Coming this Fall, it will feature upgrades to Minecraft’s visuals such as dynamic lighting, improved textures, falling leaves and waving grass, better water animation, and more lifelike environments. It’ll still retain the overall simplicity one comes to expect from Minecraft, but it’ll look a lot more like the texture packs that already exist for download.

Oh, and of course, it’ll bring Ultra HD graphics to monitors (or TVs or small handheld screens) that can support it.

Minecraft remains one of the most popular games ever made, with over 55 million average monthly users worldwide. The latest updates are sure to bring a smile to each one of their cube-like faces.

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