Minecraft's Village & Pillage Update Has Players Literally Losing Sleep Over Villager Bugs

Minecraft's new Village & Pillage update is causing chaos, as villagers have been breaking into players' homes and sleeping in their beds.

Last week, Mojang released what they claim is “the biggest update yet” to Minecraftthe Java Edition 1.14, Village And Pillage update. The update has added many new features, objects, and animals. It has also implemented some community suggestions. It’s so huge, in fact, that the summary list includes 50 points.

Naturally, there are a few teething troubles in such a big update. In this case, it appears that the villagers have taken the updates to heart and are running around, quite literally, causing chaos in players' worlds.

via reddit.com (AstroHungry)

The new update changes the way villagers work, adding a mason profession, new skins, and even a daily schedule. There are also changes to village detection as well as to the abilities of villagers. Now, many of them seek work and even a bed. It's this last addition that appears to be causing the most issues, as villagers are unable to find their own beds and jobs in villages and are instead choosing to move into players' bases.

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Reddit is filled with several reports of villagers inconveniently sleeping in players beds.  Baby villagers have also been spotted breaking into houses. However, instead of sleeping, they seem to prefer jumping on the beds.

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Not even security measures can stop villagers from invading homes, as one Redditor reports that a villager managed to break in through a locked iron door. As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, some of them appear to be losing their heads in the process.

If you have an invading villager and don’t want to cause it any harm, then thankfully Twitter has the answer. User Tyler Patrick has discovered that you can fish for villagers. Simply hook them onto your fishing pole and move them gently off your bed.

However, strange villager behavior isn’t just limited to bed stealing. This video shows a speedy villager trying to make a getaway, racing through a village. It’s not all bad news, though, as several players have reported that the villagers are in such a hurry that they forget to take their llamas with them.

There are also reports of villagers claiming players' crops for themselves and struggling with the stairs. Most disturbingly, though, is the fact that some have been caught using a players' bookshelves as an impromptu love nest.

There is no new information available regarding fixes for any of these bugs. The Minecraft Java Edition 1.14 is currently available for PC. If you want pandas, pillagers, compost, and chaos, this is the update for you.

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