Mixer Changes The Rules, Now Allows All Streamers To Monetize

Streaming platform Mixer is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, and it is now offering its content creators a new way of doing things. Its latest announcement about monetization for all is set to have a huge impact on smaller channels.

The growing platform has just passed its two year anniversary and is starting to shake things up, just as streaming juggernaut Twitch is coming under continued fire.

The announcement is part of a blog post that outlines Mixer’s new initiatives, which it says are “aimed at maintaining a strong Mixer community” and “supporting streamer success on Mixer.” The decision has generated interest on social media after it was tweeted out by Lowco, who co-runs Streamer Square, along with tips and advice to streamers.

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Though not every decision Mixer has made has been a hit, these announcements could have a huge impact on small streamers in particular and change things for the platform.

The first set of changes seems to tackle toxic behavior and inappropriate content on the platform, with the aim of creating a safer space for both streamers and viewers.

Mixer will now make it easier to report abuse or code of conduct violations, as viewers will no longer need to scroll through menus. It is also aiming to introduce new moderation tools and a screening system, which will give streamers more control over their chat channels. New software is also being developed for Mixer’s own moderation team, which will allow it to remove harmful content faster. Mixer has stated that it has a commitment to increase safety for all, and these new initiatives support that.

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The monetization announcement comes as part of the wider range of programs that will support streamers. It will begin with Mixer’s currency, Embers, later this year and will extend to offering subscriptions and other ways for channels to monetize over time. No timescale for the full roll-out is currently specified, but the news is still great for smaller channels.

Mixer is also improving its analytics system and adding a progression dashboard, which will allow streamers to track their growth and monitor how close they are to earning other perks.

Finally, Mixer also unveiled Mixer Academy, which is set to release later this year. This is a learning system that offers support and advice for both streamers and moderators.

With all these initiatives, as well as the presence of Ninja on the platform, the future is looking bright for Mixer.

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