Did A Mobile Version Of League of Legends Just Leak?

A new Chinese video recently posted to YouTube depicts a fully playable version of League of Legends on a mobile device.

A new Chinese video recently posted to YouTube depicts a fully playable version of League of Legends on a mobile device. Riot has not revealed any official plans for a mobile port of League as of now, so if this is indeed an official port and not a fan creation (which seems likely to be the case) then this could be the first ever look at a mobile edition of League of Legends that will launch in the future.

The video's Chinese title translates to “League of Legends Mobile Game Test Version Film Outflow," which is also displayed on-screen above the footage of the game being played on a mobile device. The channel to which this footage was uploaded also hosts many videos of Chinese League tournament play.

In the footage of the mobile port, the player first accepts a match and selects a champion in a manner practically identical to the PC version of the game. Their champion is controllable with an on-screen control stick on the lower left part of the screen, and abilities are located in the lower right hand portion of the screen. Auto-attacking is toggle-able with a second control stick that can be moved in the direction of whatever unit the player wishes to target. Also on screen is a circle around the champion denoting the full area in which auto-attacks can hit that appears whenever the auto-attack stick is moved.

Additionally, champion abilities can be aimed by, after touching the ability icon, dragging your finger toward the intended target. Summoner spells are located just to the left of champion abilities, and a button to recall to the left of those.

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One major difference in this mobile version of the game is that the Nexus isn't protected by two turrets as it is in the PC build of the game. Given that, regardless of the nature of this footage, this is not a finished mobile port, this could just be a feature that has yet to be added. Alternatively, the number of turrets could have been reduced to shorten the length of individual games to accommodate for the fact that time spent playing mobile games is more often than not a method of killing small amounts of time throughout the day.

Earlier this year, a report alleged that Riot was developing a mobile version of League with Tencent, Riot's parent company and the developer of a number of successful mobile games. Given the playability of the port featured in the video, it wouldn't be surprising if an official statement was released in the near future.

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