10 Best Mobile Shooters Out Right Now

Shooter games can offer some of the most thrilling, action-packed experiences in gaming. At any moment, you could be dead in a virtual war zone. While most shooter games are known to be played on consoles or PCs, the world of mobile gaming has made considerable strides in the past few years, allowing die-hard fans of shooting games to play on the go.

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For those of you who can't get enough of the action at home, here's our list of the 10 best shooter games for mobile devices.

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10 Fortnite

When Fortnite Battle Royale launched, it quickly turned the world of gaming upside down; with over 100 million players, everyone and their mom has at least heard of the game.

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It's no surprise that Fortnite made huge waves when it hit iPhones on March 15 of last year. Since then, the mobile version of Fortnite has been nominated for mobile game of the year and has made $300 million in revenue in just the first 200 days of launch. The Android version was also wildly successful, hitting over 15 million downloads within a month if its beta's launch.

Fortnite's success can be accredited to its bright and colorful graphics, its quick and addictive game play and its interactive nature of pitting you against 99 other players.

9 PUBG Mobile

Much like Fortnite, PUBG pits the player against 99 others as they duke it out in a battle royale. PUBG has a much more realistic and gritty style than Fortnite, looking more like a war zone and less like a cartoon.

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PUBG's mobile version launched last year, and looks and runs great on phones. Some have even said PUBG runs better on mobile than on Xbox. Some common complaints of its mobile version have been that loot from PC accounts cannot be accessed on mobile and that the mobile version only has one map. But for mobile shooters, PUBG is able to take the essence of its home console and PC experience and take it to the small screen.

8 Modern Strike Online

Much like Counter Strike, Modern Strike Online pits players on teams against each other to see whether the terrorist or the counter-terrorists can win. The game has stunning graphics, tons of customization of guns and decent controls.

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Modern Strike offers different game modes, but the game's 11 maps are most suited for 4v4 matches. The game also features free for all matches for the lone wolves out there.

7 Guns Of Boom

Guns of Boom is a team-based FPS with colorful, cartoonish art design that really pops on mobile. If you can't tell from the picture, Guns of Boom takes inspiration from Team Fortress 2, another popular team-based first-person shooter. This game pits players against each other in 4v4 battles. Controls are smooth, and the game feels very natural to play on mobile. Despite its supremely obvious and blatant name, Guns of Boom is a must-play when it comes to mobile shooters.

6 Unkilled

Unkilled is a guilty pleasure type of game. It's simple, it's violent, and most importantly, it's fun. The game puts you on a small map where your goal is to run around upgrading your weapons and killing zombies. The game automatically shoots for you when you aim at zombies, so raking in kills is a breeze. There's no BS with this game, just good, clean, zombie-killing fun - the essence of any good FPS.

5 Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 sets the player on thrilling missions in a futuristic sci-fi setting. The game has a story mode where players can upgrade their characters with better weapons and cool high-tech body implants. The game is good at what it does, even if it doesn't do THAT much that's new. For anyone looking for a solid, sci-fi shooter with light RPG elements, Dead Effect 2 is a fun time.

4 Modern Combat 5: Blackout

It's similarities to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare don't end with its name. Modern Combat 5: Blackout takes COD's style of FPS, offering a single player mode and an online multiplayer mode. In the single player campaign, you play as an elite soldier hellbent on gunning down terrorists.

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As far as mobile shooters go, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is near the top of every list. It's solid controls, realistic graphics and well-designed maps make it stand out from the competition. One its biggest flaws, however, is that you cannot play the game without being online: even single player mode requires internet connection. Unless you have unlimited data, this makes the game a little less mobile than a phone game should be.

3 Hitman: Sniper


Hitman: Sniper takes a step away from traditional shooter games. It's not another zombie apocalypse, its not a team-based face-off, and its not a battle royale. In Hitman: Sniper, you play as a sniper staking out a house party with a mission to kill specific targets without getting caught.

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The game takes the mechanics of FPS games and puts them into a slow-paced puzzle game. The game is very clever and makes players think; sometimes, you'll have to pick off a few guards before taking out a target. Maybe you'll have to wait for someone to walk away first. It makes you watch and wait, just like a good sniper should.

2 Critical Ops


Much like CS:GO, Critical Ops pits players on two teams: terrorists and counter-terrorists. Players must work together to defeat their opponents, while upgrading their weapons along the way. There are multiple rounds, and if players are not careful and get killed, they lose the weapon's they've built up. Fans of CS:GO and the like are bound to get a kick out of this game.

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What's nice about Critical Ops is that it's not pay-to-win. Taking a page out of Fortnite's playbook, Critical Ops gives everyone the same loot. The only things that can be upgraded with real-world currency are skins.

1 Deer Hunter Classic

Deer Hunter Classic takes players into the wilderness for some good old-fashioned hunting. All the fun of hunting on your phone, just without the beer and male-bonding.

Deer Hunter Classic's hunting is not restricted to only hunting deer; in fact, the game boasts over 100 different animals to hunt from around the world. Players can go hunting in the northern wilderness of America to the savannas of Africa. With realistic graphics that bring these hundreds of animals to life, Deer Hunter Classic is a great arcade-like time-passer.

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