Warhammer MMORPG Announced For Mobile Devices – Will Feature Extensive PvE, No Auto-Play

The mobile marketplace is flooded with low quality MMORPG games, but the recently announced Warhammer Odyssey is looking to change things up.

The game’s website allows users to Pre-Register for the title and divulges a bit more information about what players can expect when it launches. There will be six playable characters to choose from; High Elf Archmage, High Elf Shadow Warrior, Dwarf Engineer, Dwarf Slayer, Human Warrior Priest, and Human Witch Hunter. Each of these is dedicated to a certain play-style based on the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Tank, Healer, and DPS.

Odyssey will take place in Warhammer’s Old World, starting with the city of Marienburg and its surroundings. New locations will be introduced through episodic expansions, both adding to the lore of the game and giving players more content to explore. The developers say that the game is a long-term project and that they have plenty of additions planned for the future.

via: WarhammerOdyssey.com

After perusing the site, however, we still had a few  burning questions. We reached out to a Warhammer representative who was kind enough to give us some more details about the game.

Here’s what we found out about Auto-Play:

“The game will not include autoplay. The kind of games we're passionate about making are very much in the classic MMORPG space... Expect a PC like experience on the go.”

It will also be very heavy on PvE content:

"Our primary goal is to create an excellent PvE experience and bring the Warhammer world to life, capturing the day to day of what it might be like to inhabit it."

As for PvP, the developers say they have plans for it, but it is still too early to discuss them publicly. It’s a safe bet that PvP will make an appearance, possibly as part of an episodic content update.

For now, we are optimistic. The developers are drawing inspiration from the likes of Everquest and Ultima Online, while optimizing the gameplay for mobile devices. The lack of Auto-Play might push away some players, but Warhammer Odyssey is seeking to recreate a true MMO experience; Auto-Play isn’t a part of that plan. How the game will be monetized has not yet been made public, but we wouldn't be surprised to see cosmetic microtransactions used as the primary method.

Warhammer Odyssey’s release date is yet to be announced. It will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

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